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Best time to travel with Mekong River Cruises

Best time to travel with Mekong River Cruises

Best time to travel with Mekong River Cruises

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    Best time for taking Mekong River Cruise

    From the end of November to February

    The best time for cruising down to Mekong River is from the end of November to February. During these months, the weather is cooler with a temperature of around 25oC. The tropical rain has already ended; therefore, you don't have to worry about the tropical floods. The river and canal systems are still full of water, which is perfect for a trip of discovering the Mekong Delta on a boat. It's also a perfect time for the floating market.

    From February to Mid-May

    Another wonderful time for getting the Mekong River cruise is from February to the middle of May. During these months, the weather is hot and humid. The temperature gradually increases and can reach a peak of 37oC. But you don't have to worry. The temperature amongst the forest and fruit orchards is still pretty cool. In addition, under the dazzling sun, the floating markets are much more colorful and vibrant. This period is the shoulder season; therefore, you can enjoy the tranquility in the morning and stay away from the bustle and hustle cities. The prices of accommodation and other expenses are also lower, which can help you save a little money.

    Must-know tips when taking Mekong river cruise

    • Never forget to bring and apply insect repellent cream or mosquito block spray
    • Always bring with you malaria pills and be ready to use Deet
    • Apply sunblock cream, or else you will get burned by the sun
    • Those people who get trouble with walking may consider carefully because most of the itineraries require you to walk along the uneven paths to the temples and climb a lot of steep steps.Even getting on and off the boat at some of the stops during the trips requires some agility.
    • Sit down carefully on the boat, sampan boat, especially when you discover the floating market
    • If you’re not adventurous, ask the staff or chefs about your food. You might feel terrible during the trip after finishing the meal and find out that you have eaten spider or snake
    • Almost all river cruise requires no dress code. You can wear whatever as long as you feel comfortable. However, remember to not wearing skirt, shorts when visiting Vietnamese pagoda and temples.
    • Watch your mouth, keep quiet, and act carefully when visiting Buddhist Temples
    17 Feb 2020
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