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Mekong river cruise: 7 Best cruises in Mekong Delta

Mekong river cruise: 7 Best cruises in Mekong Delta

Mekong river cruise: 7 Best cruises in Mekong Delta

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    1. Aqua Mekong cruise - Best Mekong river cruise in Cambodia

    Cruise line: Aqua Expeditions

    Launched: 2014

    Type: Luxury Cruise, sharing

    Cabin info: 20 cabins, 2 decks

    Destinations: Cambodia, Vietnam

    Good for: people who love discovering culture and history

    Duration: 4 days/3 nights, 5 days/4 nights, 8 days/ 7 nights

    Price: From VND 70,462,000 (USD 3,062)/person (3 night itinerary)

    Being launched in 2014, Aqua Mekong Cruise is the first luxury small cruise which travels upstream from Phnom Pend – the Kingdom of Cambodia to Saigon (Vietnam) – the "Pearl of the Far East", and vice versa.  Aqua Mekong River boasts the sophisticated and elegant décor which was designed by the talented architect – David Hodkinson from Noor Design Company. 

    1. What makes Aqua Mekong Cruise different?

    Both outdoor and indoor lounge of qua Mekong Cruise features the modern and convenient facility. The outdoor space is located on the Observation Deck. With the comfortable sun lounger and open space, this lounge offers you the perfect area to enjoy the tranquility in the early morning and admire the beauty of the Mekong River shimmering in the sunlight. The indoor lounge is equipped with contemporary chairs which can be easily sunk into; therefore, you can watch the vibrant landscape of Vietnam and Cambodia streaming through the window.

    In addition, Aqua Mekong Cruise has a private screening room where you can entertain yourself with a lot of classic movies about the regions, private lecture videos, and documentaries about the fascinating cultures of the community in the surrounding.  What's more, Aqua Mekong Cruise is the only Mekong River Cruise which boasts a shopping area on board. No need to travel, customers can easily buy a wide range of Vietnamese and Cambodian handicrafts, jewelry, and souvenir. 

    Another highlight of the Aqua Mekong Cruise is the professional and friendly staff. They are not only fluent in English but also have a profound knowledge of the local culture, all famous Buddhist temples, Catholic churches, and the Hindu Community. That's the reason why Aqua Mekong River is the ideal Mekong River Cruise for those people who love discovering culture and history.

    2. Itineraries & Route of Aqua Mekong Cruise

    Itinerary 5 days/4 nights (Available all year)

    Ho Chi Minh City → My Tho → Binh Thanh/Sa Dec → My An Hung → Chau Doc → Vinh Xuong → Ka'om Samnor Border → Koh Oknha Tay → Preah Prosop

    Itinerary 8 days/7 nights (Available from August to November)

    Ho Chi Minh City → My Tho → Binh Thanh/Sa Dec → My An Hung → Chau Doc → Vinh Xuong → Ka'om Samnor Border → Koh Oknha Tay → Preah Prosop → Phnom Penh → Koh Chen → Kampong Chhnang → Sap Lake → Chhnok Tru → Moat Khla → Tonle Sap Lake → Prek Toal → Siem Reap

    3. What makes Uniworld Mekong River Cruise different?

    Uniworld Boutique is the company specialized in the river cruise line. It has made its reputation in Europe and decides to expand the market to Asia. Thanks to the magnificent beauty, the Mekong River in Vietnam was chosen to be the next destination of Uniworld. To show the appreciation to the customers, Uniworld Mekong River Cruise offers special promotions and great benefits to guests such as welcome-gift, the small gift on the pillow every day, complimentary in-room fruit platter, complimentary launch dry service, exclusive Riverview E-magazine, and the special cocktail party on board. 

    Another reason why you should choose Uniworld Mekong River Cruise is culinary excellence. Uniworld Boutique takes pride in offering you fantastic local foods. Al food is made with a fresh, high-quality local ingredients as well as prepared with an impressive attendance of the professional chef. Especially, Uniworld Mekong River Cruise offers a special menu of healthy, low-calorie food and a wide variety of vegetarian options. All of your specific meal preference is thoroughly taken care of by the willingness of the chefs.

    In addition, the fascinating entertainment provided every evening will make your trip unforgettable. You will have chances of enjoying the traditional dance performance presented on the spacious sun deck. 

    At the bottom of the line, many people voted Uniworld Mekong River Cruise as the best one due to the personal connection with the local guide. Not only excellent at English, but the local guide is also knowledgeable and wholehearted. They know like the back of their hands all of the national history and culture and are fiercely proud of them. 

    Itineraries & Route of Uniworld Mekong River Cruise

    3. Mekong smile cruise - Best Mekong river cruise Laos

    Cruise Company: Mekong Smile Cruise

    Type: Deluxe, Sharing

    Passenger Capacity: 45 passengers

    Destinations: Laos, Thailand

    Duration: 2 days/1 night

    Price: From VND 3,000,000/pax

    a. What makes Mekong Smile Cruise different?

    In terms of facilities and amenities, Mekong Smile Cruise has almost nothing better than other deluxe Mekong River cruises in Laos. It's only a small, simple boat that is limited to 45 seats. The equipment is mediocre. The service is limited which means that you have to do almost everything by yourself. However, people still favor and highly recommend Mekong Smile Cruise because it helps them to find out many meaningful lessons. 

    b. Activities & Services of Mekong Smile Cruise

    As Eva – the owner of shared in her blog, she's really surprised at how educational it was. For example, when the boat stops at Huay Palam, she found out that this a hill tribe village was the only and one place selling pieces of stuff to the foreign tourists. The locals here are honest, friendly, and they never try to sell anything to tourists if they don't need it. One of the most interesting facts is that they make use of bird droppings to make gunpowder and make the barrel from metal pieces of remnant bombs during the Indochina War.

    Eva also felt lucky when she knew how hard the locals had to work to make ends meet. The children, especially the girls even cannot afford higher education. Most people only complete the primary school program because all the secondary schools are located in the city which is very far from home. Actually, they don't have enough money to pay for school. In spite of poverty and living on the dirt floor, the children still happy and creative. They create many interesting games to cheer themselves up, for example, use the inflated plastic bags to make them float on the river. 

    Another valuable experience of this two-day trip is discovering the Pak Ou Caves. Only reachable by small boats, Pak Ou Caves boasts thousands of Buddha statues. Remember to bring or rent a flashlight or a headlamp because it's dark inside the caves. Don't be surprised if you find some monks inside the caves because Pak Ou Caves are the important religious sites. At the end of the trip, you will have experience of admiring the beauty of the sunset from Phu Si Hill.

    People often say that "Money can buy happiness", but I believe the experience can bring happiness too. A two-day trip with Mekong Smile Cruise will support me to prove this statement

    c. Itineraries & Route of Mekong Smile Cruise

    Check out the Intineraries & Route here:

    d. Contact Information of Mekong Smile Cruise

    Tel: (+85) 620 5851 3555



    Facebook: Mekong Smile River Cruise

    4. Scenic spirit - Best luxury Mekong river cruise

    Cruise Company: Scenic – Luxury Tours & Cruise

    hill tribes" existed solely to sell stuff to tourists.

    Launched: 2016

    Type: Luxury, Sharing, 5-star, All-inclusive

    Cabin info: 34 suites, 4 decks, 56 crews

    Facilities: A restaurant, a cafeteria, a bar, a swimming pool on the sun deck, a wellness center, a sauna center, gym & fitness center, library, laundry, elevator.

    Passenger capacity: 68 pax

    Destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia

    Duration: days/ nights, 5 days/4 nights, 8 days/ 7 nights

    Price: From VND (USD)/person 

    a. Scenic Mekong River Cruise boasts cutting-edge design & sophisticated déco

    Launched in 2016, Scenic Mekong River Cruise is famous for its excellent design which offers the celebration of the region – the Mekong Delta. Only on the Scenic Spirit Boat can you find the foyer of fragrant local flowers, huge urns filled with purple orchids, and a lot of Bonsai Trees. You also find here the giant vase filled with pink lotus blossom – Vietnam's National Flower. The Asian impression touches every surface of the boat, from the floor of the dark, polishing teak to the shady aft pool verandah. Another highlight of Scenic Mekong River Cruise's design is the elegance of the glassed-in space which can be opened up and transformed into the verandah. In addition, you'll be impressed with the Balinese-style day bed which is suspended from the ceiling of the boat.

    b. Scenic Mekong River Cruise offers excellent, comprehensive services

    Scenic Spirit Cruise has three types of suit including Royal Panorama Suite, Grand Deluxe Suite, and Deluxe Suite. The butler services themselves increases when you upgrade your suit. However, whichever type of suite you choose, you can access to the 24-hour in-room dining, beverage service as well as the valet service. It means that upon your requests, the butler will bring you tea, coffee, and cocktail immediately. Please take it into consideration that the in-room dining is prompt but limited, you only can order some basic food such as the sandwich, burgers, salads, ice-cream, dessert, and some Vietnamese simple dish including spring roll and soup.

    Moreover, Scenic Mekong River cruise provides the extensive spa service. You can easily book and enjoy the spa treatment at the very reasonable prices. You just have to pay about VND 659,000 for 45 minutes of Vietnamese traditional spa massage, VND 617,000 for 45 minutes of Kaffir lime body scrub, and about VND 727,000 for a mani or pedi. Besides, you can enjoy the relaxing moment in the steaming room and sauna which is available all day long. But remember to book in advance to receive the best care.

    c. Scenic Mekong River Cruise features modern & excellent facilities

    The highlight of Scenic Mekong River Cruise is the pool on the Sundeck. Despite having modest size, this outdoor pool is perfect for disturbing both in daylight and after the night falls. Just imagine how awesome it's when you immersing yourself in the cool water, enjoy a cocktail while admiring the intriguing beauty of Mekong River. You also can opt for French wine or Scottish single malts at the floating bar of this cruise. The bartenders here are really awesome as he can whip up many drinks of choice. Upon your request, you can enjoy Mojitos, Martinis, and a wide collection of Cocktails, just the way you like. The floating bar of this Mekong River Cruise also offers a lot of local drinks such as Kingdom Pilsner, Saigon Beer, Laos' Beer, Mekong Margarita, and Khmer Coffee.

    d. Daytime activities & Itinerary are designed with an impressive attention

    Do Tai Chi on the Sundeck in the early morning, then join the cooking class and tasting table in the morning, take the in-depth tour in the afternoon, and enjoy the special performance of the local children in the evening, etc. There are countless interesting activities for you to experiences, which makes your long trip memorable. Let's check the itinerary and the table of activities below to imagine how amazing your trip will be when cruising with the Scenic Spirit Cruise.

    e. On Scenic Mekong River Cruise, almost everything is inclusive

    At the time of your booking, almost all on-land reservations from restaurant to transfer car completed. Therefore, you don't have to worry about anything. Almost everything is wrapped in your package. You only have to pay extras for launch dry, spa treatment, silk scarves, and souvenirs bought from the small gift shop on board.

    f. Accommodations are spacious and convenient

    Scenic Spirit Cruise has four decks, all of which are named after jewels namely, Diamond, Sapphire, Jewel, and Sun Deck on the top. The Diamond Deck, below the Sun Deck, is where you find the Royal Panorama Suits – the most luxurious ones. Being 80 m2, each Royal Suite features a separate lounge, a full sized bathtub, Jacuzzi, and a walk-in dressing room. Remember to book in advance if you want to keep this suite because the most expensive suite often is filled up first. The Grand Deluxe Suites are also located on the Diamond Decks. This type of suit is 40 m2. There are eight suites in total, but you also book as soon as possible. The Deluxe Suite – the 32-m2 suit are on the Jewel and Sapphire Decks. All of the accommodations are equipped with the modern equipment

    g. Itineraries & Route of Scenic Mekong River Cruise

    Name of the tour Duration Itinerary
    Luxury Mekong & Temple Discovery 11 days Siem Reap → Kampong Kdei → Kampong Thom → Wat Hanchey → Kampong Cham → Kampong Tralach → Oudong → Kho Chen → Phnom Penh→ Tan Chau → Sa Dec → Cai Be → Ho Chi Minh City
    Treasures of the Mekong 13 days Siem Reap → Wat Hanchey → Kampong Cham Kampong Tralach → Oudong → Kho Chen → Phnom Penh→ Tan Chau → Sa Dec → Cai Be → Ho Chi Minh City
    Journey along the Mekong 18 days Ho Chi Minh City → Cai Be → Sa Dec → Tan Chau → Phnom Penh → Kampong Tralach → Oudong → Wat Hanchey → Kampong Cham → Siem Reap → Champasak→ Luang Prabang
    The essence of Vietnam, Cambodia & Luxury Mekong 22 days Hanoi → Halong Bay → Hoian → Hue → Ho Chi Minh City → Cai Be → Sa Dec → Tan Chau → Phnom Penh → Kampong Tralach → Oudong → Wat Hanchey → Kampong Cham → Siem Reap
    Indochina Explorer & Luxury Mekong 22 days Hanoi → Halong Bay → Hanoi → Vientiane → Luang Prabang → Siem Reap → Wat Hanchey → Kampong Tralach → Oudong → Wat Hanchey Phnom Penh→ Tan Chau → Sa Dec → Cai Be → Ho Chi Minh City

    h. Activities & Services of Scenic Mekong River Cruise

    Siem Reap Visit the colossal Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom Explore the multi-faced Bayon Temple, Prohm Temple Discover the temple of Banteay Srei, Landmine Museum, Beng Mealea temples, and the Artisans D'Angkor Handicraft Centre (Optional)
    Wat Hanchey Visit the ancient hilltop pagoda and monastery Meet the resident novice monks Kampong Tralach
    Oudong Experience oxcart ride through the local village Visit the nearby pagoda and monastery Observe the lifestyle of local monks and learn how to pray at a Buddhist Pagoda
    Phnom Penh Pay a visit to the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Experience tuk-tuk ride to discover the French architecture and Central Market Visit the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda
    Ho Chi Minh City Visit Cu Chi Tunnels, War Remnants Museum, and Reunification Palace
    Hanoi City Visit History Museum, Ho Lo Prison Enjoy the puppet water show
    Vientiane Explore the golden temples, Wat Sisaket Monastery, and Haw Phra Kaew,
    Luang Prabang Join in the morning alms and donate foods for the local monks Visit the Royal Palace, Wat Xieng Thong, and Wat Mai Explore the beauty of Pak Ou caves

    i. Contact Information of Scenic Mekong River Cruise

    Tel: (+855) 517 1200

    Hotline: 1(+857) 216 7852





    high-quality private cruises on waterways untouched by popular tourism. Most Mekong Delta tours take travelers to the same busy areas, but they avoid the usual tourist trail to allow their clients to experience the Delta as it should be – peaceful, laid back, friendly and natural.

    n-depth local knowledge/experience, and dedicated staff & crew to give you a cruise you will never forget, along river routes that remain untouched by commercial tourism.




    Cruise Company: Mekong Delta Boutique River Cruise

    Launched: 2016

    Type: Deluxe, sharing

    Cabin info: 4 upper deck suits (18.5 m2), 12 superior cabins (11.5 m2)

    Passenger Capacity: 30 pax

    Destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia

    Duration: days/ nights, 

    Price: From VND 3,100,000 (USD 138)/single sup (3-day itinerary)

    What makes Mekong Eyes Cruise different?

    People favor the Mekong Eyes Cruise because of the wide range of activities it offers. When you're on board, you can enjoy cool drinks at the elegant bar while watching the river scenery through the panoramic windows. You also relax on cozy, comfortable lounge while immersing in the sunlight. Alternatively, you can try the massage services or join the Yoga and Taichi which are available upon request. In addition, Mekong Eyes Cruise features additional recreational amenities facilities such as board game, board library, and a fascinating collection of the movie.

    Moreover, Mekong Eyes Cruise Operator has designed an amazing, special itinerary and outdoor activities for you including bicycle tour, sampan ride, and cooking class right on the board. You will have chances of visiting the local markets, buying the fresh ingredient on your own, and learn how to make the local dishes from the talented chef.  Experience Mekong Eyes Cruise to know that luxury is not the only way to explore our beautiful world. 


    Activities and Service of Mekong Eyes Cruise



    Cai Be

    Take the sampan boat

    Visiting the local houses, fruit orchards, and ship-building  yards

    Following the canals to discover the nearby town following, or

    Take the bicycle tour to local town

    Cai Rang Floating Market

    Marvel at the bustling ambiance of the market, the abundance of fruits, flowers, vegetables, and handicrafts

    Phu Quoc

    Enjoy the paradise holiday 

    Contact Information of Mekong Eyes Cruise

    Tel: (+84) 292 3783 586 

    Hotline: (+84) 9333 60 786

    Fax: (+84) 292 3753 786

    Email: moc.seyegnokem@ofni



    Cruise line: Viking River Cruise

    Launched: 2012

    Type: Luxury, Sharing

    Cabin info: 2 suits, 28 staterooms 

    Passenger Capacity: 56 

    Destinations:  Vietnam, Cambodia

    Duration: 15 days/14 nights, 

    Price: From VND 102,900,000 (about USD 4,499)/pax

    Viking River Cruise has taken pride in being the leading river cruise line for many years. All the cruises of this line feature the unique designs and itinerary, which brings their guests' countless wonderful experience. Since 2006, Viking River Cruise Line has received a lot of honorable titles and awards such as World's Best Cruise (2015, 2016) (from Fodor's Travel), World's Best Awards (from Travel + Leisure's Readers), Best River Cruise Line"  (from USA Today's 10Best Readers' Choice Awards), and Best Luxury River Cruise Company (for the fifth time from Luxury Travel Advisor).

    What makes Viking River Cruise Mekong Different?

    Launched in 2012, Viking River Cruise Mekong remains to be the best luxury Mekong River Cruise. Like many other cruises of its line, the itinerary and design of Viking Mekong River Cruise are customized to help you discover and engage with the destinations (Vietnam, Cambodia) through the cuisine, culture, history, and customs, 

    The design reflects the essence of the destination

    All cabins of Viking Mekong River Cruise are inspired by the beauty of South East Asia country. Instead of being built with the white, minimalist aesthetic wood like the European ships of the same line, all interior furniture, windows, floor, outdoor deck… of Viking, Mekong River Cruise is made of gleaming teak decks and mahogany wood. The gleaming brown reminds people of the wooden house of Central Vietnam and the tile roofs of some small villages in Laos and Cambodia. In addition, you will find the Asian essence touches every accommodation. The wood carvings, silk sheet, pillow are Asia-inspired, which brings the feeling of warm and intimate.

    The food is impressive and the restaurant is amazing

    Viking Mekong River Cruise boasts a spacious restaurant with panoramic views. Therefore, you can enjoy delicious food while admiring the beauty of nature outside. You will have chances of tasting many regional cuisines such as Tom Kha Kai (Chicken coconut soup) – a specialty of Thailand and banana-leaf-wrapped fish- the famous local dish of Mekong Delta Community in Vietnam. If you're brave enough, you can try some special, a bit weird dish such as deep-fried spiders. However, you don't have to worry if not adventurous. Viking Mekong River Cruise also offers a wide range of American dishes such as eggs, sandwich, steak, and salmon.

    Almost everything is inclusive

    With a reasonable price, almost everything and services are wrapped in your packages such as Wi-fi, unlimited beer, house wine at lunch and dinner. Besides, the excursion led by knowledgeable, local tour guide; cycling tour; rickshaw ride; and entrance fee to the monastery in Phnom Penh are included. 


    Itineraries & Route of Viking River Cruise

    Hanoi → Siem Reap → Kampong Chang → Phnom Penh → Tan Chau → Sa Dec → Ho Chi Minh City

    Activities and Service of Viking Mekong River Cruise

    Contact Information of Viking River Cruise Mekong

    Itineraries & Route of Mekong Eyes Cruise

    Itinerary 2 days/1 night from Saigon to Phu Quoc

    Saigon → Cai Be → Cai Rang → Phu Quoc → Saigon


    Itinerary 2 days/1 night from Cai Be to Can Tho

    Saigon → Can Tho or Cai Be → Cai Rang or Cai Be Floating Market → Saigon


    Itinerary 3 days/2 nights from Cai Be to Can Tho

    Saigon → Can Tho or Cai Be → Cai Be or Cai Rang Floating Market → Saigon


    Itinerary 3 days/2 nights from Saigon to Phnom Penh

    Saigon → Can Tho or Cai Be → Cai Be or Cai Rang Floating Market → Chau Doc→ Phnom Penh → Saigon



    Name: The Riches of Mekong River

    Cruise Line: AmaWaterways Cruise

    Launched: 2015

    Type: Luxury, sharing

    Cabin info: 14 suites (34 m2), 62 staterooms (23.3 m2), 2 luxury suites (46.6 m2),

    Destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia

    Good for: people who love sightseeing

    Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights

    Price: From VND 41,800,000/person


    What makes AmaWaterways Mekong River Cruise different?

    To begin with, Amawaterways Cruise is the ideal choice for those people who love sightseeing. All the accommodations of this beautiful cruise have two balconies including the French and an open outside one. After ending the trip, many customers of Amawaterways shared that they had been engrossed in admiring the beauty of the river and the magnificent scenery of the riverbanks for hours. 

    Besides, Amawaterways is a wonderful cruise for women. This cruise offers the beauty - wellness services and the indulgent spa treatments. It also boasts a stylish lounge, a state-of-the-art fitness room equipped with the advanced equipment, and even a swimming pool on the Sun Deck. Therefore, all the customers, especially the ladies can take care of their fitness and beauty whenever they want. 

    What's more, AmaWaterways Mekong River Cruise features a sophisticated Saigon lounge which consists of an elegant bar and spacious public area where you can chit-chat with your friends and admire the vibrant scenery streaming through the window. Moreover, thanks to these top-of-the-line facilities and amenities, AmawaterWays brings you the comfortable feelings during the long trip

    Itineraries & Route of AmaWaterways Mekong River

    8 days/7 nights itinerary

    Prek Kdam → Kampong-Chhnang → Kampong-Tralach → Oudong →  Oknhatey Village → Phnom Penh → Tan Chau → Sa Dec → Xeo Quyt → Cai Be


    Activities & Services of Aqua Mekong River Cruise






    Take a motorboat excursion into the lakeside wetlands where you can admire a stunning variety of birds

    Visiting the floating village and busy markets

    Take the ox cart ride through the local village

    Take the motorcoach to Oudong which is the royal capital of Cambodia from the 17th century 

    Visit one of the largest Cambodia's monasteries

    Oknhatey Village

    Visit Oknhatey Village which is widely known as the Silk Island

    Visit the local elementary school

    Observe the traditional silk weaving and the process of making silk handcrafts

    Phnom Penh

    Try traveling by tuk-tuk

    Discover the beauty of the city's French Colonial Architecture and Angkorian Architecture 

    Visit the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum 

    Discover the highlights of the city including the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and National Museum

    Tan Chau

    Experience traveling by trishaw (xe lôi)

    Visit the rattan mat workshop

    Sa Dec

    Xeo Quyt

    Cai Be

    Take an excursion to Xeo Quyt Town

    Visit the colorful local market

    Visit the famous house of Mr. Huynh Thuy Le

    Join the candy and paper making workshop

    Discover the Kiet Old House


    Contact Information of AmaWaterways Mekong River Cruise

    Tel (Toll-Free): 1800 626 0126

    Fax: 818-871-9737





    Featuring the length of more than 4350 kilometers and draining 810,000 km2 of land, Mekong River is known as the biggest river in South East Asia, the 7th biggest one in Asia and, the 12th biggest one in the world. Running from the Tibetan Plateau, Mekong River is divided into major parts including the upper and the lower one. Flowing 1,955 kilometers through a long, narrow valley, the upper part of Mekong River traverses Southern China, and then skirts Myanmar. The lower part of Mekong River forms the natural boundary between Laos and Myanmar, hugs the Thailand Border in the northeast, and cuts through Cambodia before pouring into the South China Sea via the distributary channels in Southern Vietnam.


    No one can deny the vital part which this river plays in the daily lives of the locals here. Up to now, there are more than 90 million people who depend on this river for sanitation, cooking, and irrigation. Mekong River is not only the abundant source of protein of Cambodia with approximately 850 freshwater fish species but also the biggest rice bowl of Vietnam which pumps out more than one-third of this country's annual food crop.  Moreover, the river and canals system of Mekong River is the major transportation route used by the local people of 19 provinces in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. In addition to the notable contribution to the economy, the Mekong River is the place where the culture, tradition of the downstream countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia mingle. 



    Mekong River is the biological treasure trove

    The Mekong Basin boasts the second richest biodiversity in the world, following the Amazon River Basin. Mekong River is rich in life of 20,000 plant species, 430 mammals, 1,200 birds as well as more than 850 freshwater fish species. Especially, Mekong River is the home to many iconic species namely endemic Mekong giant catfish, giant freshwater stingray, smooth-coated otter, and Siamese crocodile. In addition, Mekong River is renowned for being the last stronghold of magnificent and extremely rare freshwater dolphin. When cruising to Mekong River, you will feel a bit dizzy amongst a delta carpeted in a variety of green. After that, you'll be amazed at the abundance and plethora of beautiful birds, mammal, and even snakes. Some cruises even offer you chances of watching and joining with the indigenous people to catch fish. If luckily, you can even catch the big snakes.


    Mekong River is the miracle land of fruits

    Mekong River has formed a miracle delta. Thanks to the nutrient-rich soil as well as flood-borne alluvial sediment, Mekong Delta is the largest rice bowl in South East Asia. In addition, Mekong Delta is famous for its exuberant fruit orchard and green sugar-cane groves. Mekong River supports the locals to yield about 4 million tons of fruit every year. 

    Therefore, cruising to Mekong River will bring you a chance of enjoying countless types of fresh tropical fruits at the surprising prices.  Do you know that with VND 10,000 you can buy a big watermelon, a kilogram of rambutan, or 2 kilograms of pitaya?


    What's more, many cruise operators arrange from half to two days for you to visit the fruit orchard, the pick and enjoy as much as you like. You also have chances of experiencing the daily life of the farmers here when watching and joining with their family to take care of the tropical fruit gardens.


    Mekong River throbs and vibrates from twilight to after dark

    Like many other deltas in the world, the life on the river here is much busier and more vibrant than in land. Considered as the specialty of Mekong Delta, floating markets are where people sell and buy fish, coconut candy, vegetables, flowers, and tropical fruits from the early morning to the sunset. In the daylight, floating market is with the plentiful mixture of sounds. When the night falls, the floating markets are said to produce balls of lights which has imprinted in minds of many people. 

    When cruising to Mekong River and visiting the floating markets, you can truly get a taste of the busy life of indigenous people. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of local cuisines; listen to the beautiful folk songs, and glimpse into the future of the delta when watching the stunning smiles on the faces of the local children. 


    Mekong River is the cultural hub of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

    Mekong River means more than the economic development and environmental stability. It's the river that has connects many distinct cultures for millions of years. Mekong River has inspired a dazzling array of ritual, musical, and artistic expressions of the communities surrounding it. Mekong River helps to form Kmhmu – the old-age culture of the highlands of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. This river is one of the reasons why the Kmhmu people heavily use the bamboo on the river banks to make the instrument, while Myanmar favors playing music with can or "reed mouth organ" together with mawlam. Moreover, the Mekong River is the source and root of countless literary works. If you're passionate about traditional cultures, don't miss out cruising down the Mekong River to listen to many wonderful stories from the local tour guides. 



    General weather in the Mekong Delta

    Classified as the tropical monsoonal area, the lower Mekong Basin is almost hot and humid all year around. From March to August when the climate is warmest, the average temperature ranges from 30 to 35oC. The weather is cooler from October to February with the average temperature is between 23 to 28oC. Some regions at the higher elevations of Laos, the temperature decrease to 15oC.

    The small rainfall starts soaking Mekong Delta from the middle of May till the end of August. After that, from September to November, the strong rains pour down, which bring tropical floods and many other negative climate consequences. Every year, Laos and Cambodia receive the highest rainfall which is about 3,000 mm. Meanwhile, the plateau in the northeast of Thailand has the lowest precipitation which ranges from 1,000 to 1,600 mm.


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