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A symbol of Ho Chi Minh City - Bitexco Financial Tower: Anything is Fun?

A symbol of Ho Chi Minh City - Bitexco Financial Tower: Anything is Fun?

By John Davison
A symbol of Ho Chi Minh City - Bitexco Financial Tower: Anything is Fun?

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    Address: Bitexco Financial Tower, 7, 2 Hải Triều, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

    Open Hours: 

    • 8 AM - 11 PM from Monday to Saturday
    • 9:30 AM - 11PM in Sunday

    Entrance fee:    

    • For adults, the entrance fee is 200,000VND / person
    • For the elderly over 65 years old and children under 12 years old, the fee is 130,000VND / person
    • The entrance fee is free for children under 3 years old


    For a smooth visit to Bitexco Financial Tower: What needs to be prepared?

    Bitexco Financial Tower’s entrance fee and the opening hours are the most common questions of visitors planning to visit this building.

    Bitexco Financial Tower & Sky Deck

    Bitexco Office Tower entrance fee and booking method

    The entrance fee of Bitexco Office Tower is divided into many categories, so you need to pay attention to make it easier in ticket booking as well as planning your visit schedule.

    -       For adults, the entrance fee is 200,000VND / person

    -       For the elderly over 65 years old and children under 12 years old, the fee is 130,000VND / person

    -       The entrance fee is free for children under 3 years old

    The above basic entrance fee includes admission to Bitexco Financial Tower’s Saigon Skydeck Observatory, free use of binoculars. In addition, you will also receive a free bottle of mineral water and free wifi during the visit.

    The entrance fee information provided above is just a basic one. In addition, the Bitexco building’s entrance fee also changes flexibility based on the number of visitors that you want to book a ticket for. Therefore, if you are traveling in a large group, the entrance fee for per capita will be cheaper.  

    Regarding how to book tickets, you absolutely can buy directly when visiting the Bitexco building, the ticketing counter is located on the 49th floor of the building. In addition, if you want to prepare well for your trip, you can book tickets in advance via the hotline: 84 (28) 39 156 156.

    Things to remember while visiting the Bitexco Skyscraper center

    Bitexco Financial Tower opens from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, and the building serves visitors all day of the week, so be sure to arrange your itinerary to visit this interesting place once arriving in Ho Chi Minh city.

    In addition, you should also remember some little things when visiting the Bitexco Office Tower including:

    -       No food and drinks from outside

    -       Do not bring objects that cause injury, fire, or explosion

    -       No chewing gum allowed in the building

    Standing at Bitexco Financial Tower: What do you see out there?

    Known as the tallest building in Ho Chi Minh City, visiting Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck is the chance for you to have a panoramic view of this beautiful city.

    Ben Thanh Market

    Ben Thanh Market is still a place that attracts many tourists, but the beauty of this destination becomes more different when admired from the top floor. With a characteristic red tile roof, the view from Bitexco Financial Tower to Ben Thanh market is more prominent than ever.

    Read more: Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh– The Essential Travel Guide 2020

    23-09 Park

    If the red tile roof is the characteristic of Ben Thanh market when viewed from the top floor, the green color is the highlight belongs to 23-09 Park. Known as the largest green area in the city center, when viewed from Bitexco Skyscraper center, the whole green park will surely impress you.

    Saigon River

    The impressive winding image of the Saigon River will be even more sparkling if you admire it in the evening. Famous destinations along the two riversides such as Nha Rong harbor, Bach Dang harbor when the city lights up will also make visitors excited when admiring Bitexco Financial Tower Skydeck.

    For the best experience in the visit to Bitexco Financial Tower: Any tips? 

    Bitexco Office Tower is an interesting place that every tourist wants to once visit. However, not everyone knows the tips to have the best experience during the visit.

    Skydeck and other tips to visit Bitexco Financial Tower with a limited schedule

    Many visitors questioned whether it is possible to visit Bitexco Skyscraper center in just one day because the building is considered to have too many interesting things to experience. In this section, we will help you to list the most interesting areas of Bitexco Financial Tower, so you can easily visit this interesting building even when your travel schedule is quite tight.

    The first destination that you must definitely experience when coming to Bitexco Financial Tower is Saigon Skydeck Observatory. Here you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City through modern binoculars.

    Bitexco Financial Tower food court is the second must-visit destination when coming to this building. Located on the 4th floor of Bitexco Office Tower, this area is considered as an international standard food court with modern space decoration as well as the quality of food. The Bitexco Financial Tower’s restaurant systems bring together many world-famous culinary brands from Vietnam, America, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. Therefore, in Bitexco Financial Tower’s food court, you can enjoy a variety of dishes from many countries around the world.

    The final destination we recommend for you is the Elle Coffee Shop, located on the ground floor of the building. As a garden cafe, visiting Elle, you will have the opportunity to sip a cup of coffee in a very green space. In this coffee shop, you can also enjoy a street view while relaxing with melodious music.  

    Ideal time to visit Bitexco Office Tower

    Many tourists wonder what time of the day is the best to visit the Bitexco Skyscraper center. Visiting Bitexco Office Tower at any time of the day has its own interesting features, but if possible, you should visit this building in the afternoon, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City along with the beauty at sunset.

    Set up an ideal schedule for that day

    Bitexco Financial Tower is located in the city center, so when you plan to visit this building, you can completely combine visiting some of Ho Chi Minh city's famous destinations such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh market, Saigon Central Post Office.

    Bitexco Financial Tower is not only the symbol of Ho Chi Minh city, but it is also a symbol of the city’s modernity in particular and Vietnam in general. So, if you have a chance to travel to Ho Chi Minh city, do not forget to list the Bitexco Skyscraper center on your itinerary. 

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