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Weather & Best time to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

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    1. Weather in Hanoi

    The climate of Hanoi is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate, include 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Although there are 4 seasons, Hanoi weather is divided into two main seasons: hot season and cold season.

    The hot season starts from mid-April to mid-September. The climate is hot and humid, the rain is cool and dry in October. The cold season starts from the beginning of November to the end of March. From the end of November to January, cold and dry, from February to the end of March, cold and drizzly in each period. In late September to November, Hanoi has some cooler weather days due to some cold air.

    Today, due to the effects of climate change, Hanoi winter is getting colder and summer is getting hotter. However, due to the strong influence of the monsoon, the start and end times of each season are unevenly distributed between the years, so the division of months is only relative.

    To see the Hanoi weather forecast for 7 days, 14 days, 1 month and even longer, you may visit AccuWeather to make the decision when to go and choose the best time to visit.

    2.  Best time to travel to Hanoi

    Hanoi attracts lots of visitors every time of year. Therefore, you can visit Hanoi every time you want. At each time, there have something special for you to enjoy.

    a. Hanoi in spring (February, March, April)

    Lasting from February to April, Hanoi’s spring is humid and wet season with drizzles. The average temperature normally ranges from 15°C to 20°C. With this kind of weather, it is suitable for the plants to grow and flowers to blossom. Therefore, spring will be the best time for tourists to witness the vitality of tropical nature. Also, spring is the time for Tet holiday – the most essential and longest Vietnamese festival of the year. If you travel to Hanoi at this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy everything related to traditional Tet in Vietnam, it will be awesome.

    b. Hanoi in summer (May, June, July)

    Summer starts from May to July. June, July are the hottest months, with temperatures known to reach 40 °C. Heavy rain is one feature of Hanoi’s summer, so don’t forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving home. Moreover, be ready to be sweat under the sun during the day and a thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. Walking is not a good idea in summer but eating and drinking are more exciting. Even Hanoians have not discovered all the food and drink in Hanoi so do not worry. Street food in Hanoi is one of the best things you can discover.

    c. Hanoi in autumn (August, September, October)

    With many people, autumn is the best time to visit Hanoi because of this comfortable weather. This season is quite short, typically from the middle of September to the end of November,  is considered the most beautiful and romantic time. With the average temperature is 25°C, Hanoi’s autumn is charming with warm sunlight, cool breeze, and a dry atmosphere. If you love seeing the leaves change color, enjoying some local autumn specialties such as young green rice, living slowly for a to appreciate the beauty of your life, you definitely should come here in autumn.

    d. Hanoi in winter (November, December, January)

    The cold weather of Hanoi will start from December and may last until late February, with the average temperature of 16°C. However, sometimes it may drop to below 10°C, and the high humidity will lend a hand in making the weather bitter cold. Bring some serious warm clothes is necessary if you do not want to get a cold when visiting a tropical country! Hanoi’s winter is also famous for many delicious street foods that can warm you up on a chilly day.

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    About Hanoi How to get to Hanoi, Vietnam

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