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4 reasons that make Trang Tien Plaza special

4 reasons that make Trang Tien Plaza special

4 reasons that make Trang Tien Plaza special

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    If only talking about beauty, besides Trang Tien Plaza, Hanoi has many other beautiful places, but this destination is always one of the names recommended by many tourists when coming to this capital city. The question is that: Is there anything special about this place that loved by many tourists? Let’s read the article below, you will have the answer right away!    

    The Trang Tien shopping center with historical value

    Trang Tien Plaza Mall
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    Trang Tien Plaza is known as one of the oldest shopping malls in Vietnam. Tourists, whether domestic or international, are also impressed with Trang Tien Plaza’s luxurious and modernity. However, the Trang Tien shopping center still exuding a classic appearance and somehow expressing Vietnamese culture. The long-standing value of Trang Tien Plaza is reflected right from its name. This building has existed since the early 19th century, formerly a workshop, until 2002 officially became the current Trang Tien shopping center. During the development period, from workshop to department store and today’s luxury shopping mall, this building is called by many different names. However, the official name of today’s shopping center is back to the very first name of this building, is Trang Tien.   

    Beautifully designed Trang Tien shopping center

    Trang Tien Plaza is famous not only because of the age of the shopping mall but also because of its impressive mixing of modern and classical architecture. Entering Trang Tien Plaza, you will easily notice that the white and gold color tones are mainly used. Trang Tien shopping mall was originally designed in the Western architectural style, combined with the color tone mentioned above, making Trang Tien Public Square even more luxurious. Wide halls and corridors are suitable to welcome a large number of visitors and also help all visitors have the best experience in the Trang Tien shopping center. Small details such as the banisters and the floors can impress every visitor because they are delicately engraved with beautiful patterns. Because of the luxury interior space, Trang Tien Plaza is also considered as one of the indispensable check-in points when arriving in Hanoi. Some visitors even joked that when coming to Trang Tien shopping center, visitors may not be able to buy anything, but surely he or she must have many beautiful photos.   

    Trang Tien mall with diversified products and brands

    If at first glance, because Trang Tien Plaza is designed in European style so it is considered a quite classic shopping mall. However, if you have a chance to visit the overall space inside it, you can realize that, despite the classic architecture, the equipment here is among the most modern. The luxurious that Trang Tien Plaza brings is not only in terms of appearance but also the actual quality of all stores and displayed products. Trang Tien Plaza is the place of selling a variety of items to maximize the visitors’ demand. If you are a shopaholic, the first floor of Trang Tien Plaza will surely be your paradise because it brings together a lot of high-end fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior, Converse.

    If the first floor of Trang Tien shopping mall is the place to display all boutiques from luxury brands, the remaining floors are the areas where mid-range brands being concentrated at more affordable prices. Trang Tien Plaza is such a luxurious shopping center, but not only for high-end ones but also for a place that suits and serves all types of customers. This is also one of the reasons that make Trang Tien Public Square more and more attractive to visitors.  

    Trang Tien Plaza - a venue for many special fashion shows

    In addition to the regular trading activities of a shopping mall, the Trang Tien shopping center is also known as a venue for many special fashion shows. Most of the fashion shows at Trang Tien public square showcases new collections of brands. Besides, Trang Tien Plaza is also the venue for some special fashion shows that create opportunities for everyone to become true fashionistas. The time of fashion shows at Trang Tien Plaza is usually not fixed at any specific time. So if you want to schedule a visit to Trang Tien Plaza and intend to attend those types of fashion shows, do not forget to check the show information on the official Facebook or the official website of Trang Tien Plaza  

    Be the first and only luxury shopping mall in Vietnam, Trang Tien Plaza is famous not only for the variety and quality of products but also for the luxurious of the overall mall’s architecture. So, if you have the opportunity of traveling to Hanoi, do not forget to visit Trang Tien Plaza to experience the best shopping time in this luxury shopping mall in Vietnam.

    02 Nov 2020
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