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Hanoi - A city of past and present

With a history of 1000 years and more, Hanoi is now developing at an impressive and rapid speed. Yet, it still maintains the traditional beauty of Vietnam’s Capital - the Capital of thousand years of civilization.


Untold stories behind Hanoi’s must-visit location

From great to tiny, each and every detail of Hanoi makes this city completed

This center of culture, politics and economy represents a variety of styles including Eastern, Colonial and French through houses, building complexes and community spaces. Ancient houses still have the look of old architecture. Fences or tenement houses are living witnesses of Hanoi’s history.
In today’s living pace, these small details bring back the old look of Hanoi.

Hanoians lifestyle -
ways to enjoy the moment

Riding bikes on tranquil streets of Hanoi

Seeing the life in Hanoi on a bike can evoke special emotions. Take the long street around West Lake or enjoy the beautiful streets of Hoang Dieu and Phan Dinh Street where hundreds-year-old trees are planted. Get on a bike, wander around and let this city of Hanoi surprise you.

Where to go in Hanoi

A sip of iced tea on the pavement

There is no better way to make new friends and get closed to others by sitting on the tiny plastic chair, drinking iced tea and chatting till dawn.

Things to to in hanoi

The Old Quarter: Hanoi’s mixture of ancient and modern

Let’s wander around Hanoi Old Quarter corners

Fast living pace blends in with the calming scenery and people, creating a unique highlight of this capital of Hanoi. Not to mention the little hidden alleyways that will amaze every visitor with its charm.

Blow up taste buds with a food tour around the Old Quarter

Explore the quintessence of Vietnamese traditional folk art: Dong Ho Painting

Take a sip of signature Vietnamese coffee

Immerse in the water puppet show

Discover the French architecture in Hanoi’s buildings

Street food is the best way to get to know Hanoi cuisine. Phở , bún riêu , bánh cuốn , bún chả and bánh mỳ … are all destined to steal your heart. And never forget to mention cốm - the perfect gift for your friends and family