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Ta Hien Street Hanoi, Vietnam 2023 - Best 5 things to do

Ta Hien Street Hanoi, Vietnam 2023 - Best 5 things to do

Ta Hien Street Hanoi, Vietnam 2021 - Best 5 things to do

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    About Hanoi’s most popular Bia Hoi Junction

    Throughout the year, Ta Hien street has been called by many names. To begin with, it is called Hanoi’s Bui Vien street, because just like Ho Chi Minh’s Bui Vien street, this place is the station for all kinds of sins you can imagine. But Ta Hien is 100% Hanoi, proven by the fact that Ta Hien street is also often spoken of as “Pho Tay” (foreigners street) because Hanoi locals do not frequently such chaotic environments. 

    Nevertheless, if you come to Ta Hien street with the common purpose of getting wasted, all you need to know about Ta Hien street is that it is Hanoi’s largest Bia Hoi Junction and that it has opening hours of early morning to 2 A.M every day. On the map, Ta Hien is just a small street connecting Luong Ngoc Quyen and Hang Buom street, but its energy is one of the most interesting in Hanoi

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    1. Take advantage of Hanoi beer street’s morning serene

    The quiet side of Ta Hien street

    Although known for its boisterous nature, Ta Hien street is quiet and calm in the morning. It always surprises people to walk by Hanoi’s most famous beer street in the morning and see not a single party-goers insight. 

    Ta Hien Street in the morning
    Ta Hien Street in the morning

    In the clearness of daylight, the Hanoi Bia Hoi junction is as respectable as any other streets of the Old Quarters. Instead of the nightly excitement, the street is full of visitors admiring its antique beauty, visiting food vendors, even taking wedding photos, and drinking beer, but in a much calmer fashion. So if you’re wishing to see a different side of Ta Hien street, go visit it from 7 A.M – 2 P.M!

    Ta Hien street - the architectural gem of Hanoi

    Speaking of Ta Hien’s beauty, not many tourists know that this beer heaven is on the map of Hanoi’s architectural gems. Ta Hien street is one of the only places in Hanoi that still preserves the antique architecture of adjoining houses. The antique houses here (from 22 Ta Hien to Dinh Liet street), although look to be old and downgraded, are national treasures. Ta Hien street, similar to other areas of Old Quarter,  is to be preserved at an enormous budget. Therefore, if you’re going to Ta Hien street before the opening hours of bars and pubs, don’t forget to idle around a bit, slowly take in the unique Hanoi vibe that made this place one of the most popular destinations in Hanoi

    2. Go to town at Hanoi’s most insane nightlife scene

    When you come to Ta Hien street, what you would expect is endless opportunities for drinking and entertainment. But among these hundreds of choices, what would you do to have the best time at Hanoi beer street?  

    The problem is how much Bia Hoi can you drink?

    In a developing country as hot and humid as Vietnam, affordable beer and food is of course an endless supply! Vietnamese people (mostly men) usually gather with friends and colleagues to enjoy a beer after work, around 5:30 P.M till midnight. This happens not only in Ta Hien street but also anywhere that serves beer in the country.

    Bar street in Hanoi

    In Vietnamese, this cultural activity is called nhậu. At nhậu party, refusing to drink and refusing to drink a lot (22 bottles being the average) is not an option. So depending on who you’re going to Ta Hien with, as long as you’re holding a cup of bia hoi (Vietnamese tap beer), you would be kept busy for at least four to five hours here. 

    How to entertain yourself at Ta Hien street

    Besides drinking alcohol, Ta Hien street also offers many other nightlife entertainments such as street music performances and many other types of entertainment. However much fun you had, do keep in mind that marijuana, prostitution, and many types of “entertainment forms” are pretty much banned in Vietnam, and Ta Hien - Dinh Liet is not one area that Vietnamese police go easy on. 

    3. Try “crazy” Vietnamese street food

    Drinkers know that alcohol needs to be consumed with some salty, spicy, or sweet food. In western cultures, these can be roasted peanuts or olives. In Vietnam, however, drinking food is a totally separate genre of cuisine that can be explored at Ta Hien street. Here, make sure you’re drunk enough to put in your mouth pickled chicken feet, whole roasted birds, or fried chicken knuckles. 

    Such unique food culture is also why Ta Hien street makes the perfect meeting place between foreigners and Vietnamese. Having Vietnamese locals (either tour guide or friends) who order interesting dishes and explain how to eat them is one unforgettable experience of your Vietnam trip.

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    4. Snap the coolest photos of Old Quarter’s magical nightlife 

    Snap the coolest photos of Old Quarter’s magical nightlife

    In the morning, Ta Hien street is full of people taking wedding photos, but only at night did this place become the ultimate studio for street photography. Ta Hien is a small street with many curious-looking alleys, half-lit with dreamy neon light from shops and bars, half-adorned with antique French-style buildings and food vendors. This is the perfect setting for an out-of-this-world Instagram post, or really artistic street photography of Hanoi and its people. With such perfect lighting and subject, photography at Ta Hien street is an art that doesn’t require any editing.

    5. Follow the crowds into Ta Hien’s most famous street bars

    If you’re wondering why hasn’t this article mentioned Ta Hien’s most famous street bars yet, it‘s because bar going is the last activity you should do at Ta Hien street. Only after the beer stalls close at 12 P.M do Ta Hien’s bars and pubs become energetic with dancing crowds. 

    Bar in Ta Hien Street

    For those who feel overwhelmed at the long lists of bars and pubs at Ta Hien, here are some of the choices we think you should check out!

    1900 Le Théâtre

    • Address: Number 8B Ta Hien street
    • Prices: 100,000 VND ~ 400,000 VND/ person
    • Opening hours: 8:30 P.M - 1 A.M
    • About:1900 Le Théâtre (or 1900) is a new club that has gained popularity recently. Unlike many fancy bars in Hanoi. 1900 club has a very chill, young vibe with excellent music and food, according to reviewers. As Hanoi’s youth’s newest playground, 1900 Le Theatre has also hosted many important music events in the city.
    • Website:

    Funky B (Buddha) Bar

    • Address: Number 2 Ta Hien street
    • Prices: 100,000 VND ~ 400,000 VND/ person
    • Opening hours: 8 P.M - 12 P.M
    • About: Unlike 1900 club, Funky B Bar is a smaller pub with older customers and incredibly caring staff. If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out, talk, and not mingle with too young people, Funky B Bar is the way to go. 

    Fat Cat Bar

    • Address: Number 25 Ta Hien street
    • Prices: 80,000 VND ~ 300,000 VND/ person
    • Opening hours:  8 P.M - 12 P.M
    • About: Situated at the intersection between Luong Ngoc Quyen and Ta Hien street, Fat Cat Bar is a popular and local choice. New visitors often complain about the lack of ventilation, but those who have come here many times always praise its good drinks and friendly atmosphere.

    All in all, Ta Hien street is the odd part of Hanoi’s quiet, serene image. Go there and its energy will surely leave you wanting more. If you ever visit Hanoi, go to Ta Hien street, have some beer, and have the best time of your life!


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