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Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam - 2023 Travel Guide

Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam - 2023 Travel Guide

Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam

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    I. Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam: Getting from the center to the airport

    Hong Kong International Airport, located on the island of Chek Lap Kok, is the main airport in Hong Kong. It has an important role as a passenger hub, a regional transshipment center, and gateway for destinations in Mainland China and the rest of Asia. The airport is known as the world’s busiest cargo gateway and one of the world’s busiest passenger airports. A wide variety of public transport services operate to and from Hong Kong International Airport every day. You can take an overlook of the options below to determine which service best suits your needs.

    1. Traveling to Hong Kong Airport by Airport Express-The fastest way to the airport

    The Airport Express is no doubt to be the best direct way to the city. Passengers can travel comfortably between the central and the airport in just about 24 minutes on the Airport Express. Visitors considering using Airport Express will most likely be interested in the architecture of Hong Kong Station, which is located in the main parts of the city.

    Although the Airport Express is the fastest means of transportation to the city, it is far from the cheapest one.

    Departure Station Ticket price (Child) Ticket price (Adult) Octopus (Child) Octopus (Adult)
    Hong Kong Station HK$ 57.5 HK$ 115 HK$ 55 HK$ 110
    Kowloon Station HK$ 52.5 HK$ 105 HK$ 50 HK$ 100
    Tsing Yi Station HK$ 35 HK$ 70 HK$ 32.5 HK$ 65
    AsiaWorld-Expo Station HK$ 3 HK$ 6 HK$ 2.7 HK$ 5.5


    • Octopus is a contactless smart card, used to pay for rides on transportation in Hong Kong)
    • Trains departure is 10 minutes each, from 05:54 to 23:28 and approximately 12 minutes from 23:28 to 00:48 daily. To see a detailed schedule of the Airport Express, please click here
    • The Airport Express will bring passengers a very efficient method to get to the airport from the Kowloon Station and Hong Kong Station, providing check-in service and luggage drop off for most major airlines.

    2. Traveling to Hong Kong Airport by Public Bus – The inexpensive way

    Hong Kong International Airport is served by a large network of public bus routes. The Bus from the central to Airport Terminal Two takes about 50 minutes. The bus departs every 30 minutes however, it may be longer in peak hour. Three providers serve their bus service in Hong Kong, conclude Citibus, Long Win Bus, New Lantao Bus.

    These routes take more time to travel to the airport than the train but have more drop off points, potentially close to your hotel. Popular bus services include route A21 (HK$ 33 for adults, HK$ 16.5 for children) which takes about 45-50 minutes from the center of Kowloon and route A11 (HK$ 40 for adults, HK$ 20 for children) which takes approximately 50-65 minutes from the central areas of Hong Kong Island to Hong Kong International Airport. 

    You can see this link for Bus routes from various locations around the city to the airport.

    3. Traveling to Hong Kong Airport by Taxi – The comfortable way

    If the price is not the problem and you are quite tired or in hurry, a taxi might be the best way for you to travel to the airport, instead of using Airport Express or the public bus. Hong Kong taxis have their own color-coded according to their operating areas. Separate rows are entitled to different taxi types: Urban taxis (red) run in almost every area s in Hong Kong (except partial of Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau). New Territories taxis (green) primarily drive in the north-eastern part and north-western part of the New Territories. Lantau taxis (blue) serve only on Lantau Island and Chek Lap Kok.

    All taxis are allowed to park at Hong Kong International Airport. Taxi fare is approximately HK$ 200-250 from destinations in Kowloon and HK$ 280-330 from almost all areas in Hong Kong Island. Hailing for a cab directly from your hotel to the airport will allow traveling directly point to point with no need for stopping at any onward connections. You can check this link for published taxi fares from different locations around the city to the airport.  

    It is easy to hail a cab on the street or ask your hotel receptionist to book one. However, you can contact yourself by one of those following taxi operators:

    • Urban Red Taxi Tel: (+852) 272 882 82
    •  Lantau Blue Taxi Tel:  (+852) 298 413 28
    •  New Territories Green Taxi Tel: (+852) 265 722 67

    4. The transportation from the center to Hong Kong International Airport

    Besides all the means of transport below, another transportation can be used for traveling from the center to Hong Kong International Airport include Hotel Coaches and Transport for Special Needs ( for passengers with mobility difficulties).

    Average duration Cost (HK$) Service hour Service Schedule Contact
    Airport Express About 26 minutes HK$ 11-13 Every 10 minutes Airport Express Schedule
    Public Bus 47 minutes HK$ 4-6 Every 30 minutes Bus Schedule
    Taxi About 27 minutes From HK$ 60- HK$ 400 depending on your location Any time Urban Red Taxi:(+852) 272 882 82 Lantau Blue Taxi: (+852) 298 413 28 New Territories Green Taxi: (+852) 265 722 67
    Uber Hong Kong About 27 minutes 7-Seater: HK$ 45 - HK$ 55 UberBLACK: HK$ 45-HK$ 55 uberASSIST: HK$ 30-HK$ 40 uberX: HK$ 30-HK$ 40 On demand
    Transport for Special Needs On demand Rehabus: (+852) 810 086 55 (Overseas visitors) (+852) 281 781 54 (Hong Kong residents) – Easy access bus: (+852) 277 273 01
    Hotel coaches On demand Hotel coaches Schedule (+852) 218 668 83

    II. Traveling from Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam by the airplane

    Average flight duration: 1h59m

    Flights departure: Hong Kong International Airport

    Flights arrival: Hanoi International Airport (Noi Bai)

    Distance: 850 kilometers (527 miles)

    1. Choosing an Airline brand from Hong Kong to Hanoi

    There are approximately 144 direct flights between Hong Kong International Airport and Hanoi International Airport per week, averaging 19 per day with various brands. There is the one-way ticket price of some popular Airline brands that serve Hong Kong to Hanoi route:

    • Vietnam Airline: from HK$ 1490
    • Jetstar Pacific: from HK$ 800
    • VietJet Air: from HK$ 1300
    • Hong Kong Airline: from HK$ 1176
    • China Airline: from HK$ 1000
    • Malaysia Airlines: from HK$ 1176

    2. Booking a flight ticket from Hong Kong to Hanoi

    A process to buy a ticket from Hong Kong to Hanoi is very simple. The best way to find a great deal on airfare is to search multiple websites. If you want direct information about airline tickets, check on the website of each airline brand. On the other hand, there are a lot of well-known websites that can suggest cheaper prices   including Traveloka, Kayak, etc…

    Low priced flights are usually accessible by obtaining between about one and two months in advance. To purchase online tickets, you can refer to some information below:


    Airline Website Tel Number Facebook Address
    Vietnam Airline (+84) 243 832 032 0 VietnamAirlines No.200 Nguyen Son Street, Bo De Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Jetstar Pacific (+84) 190 015 50 Jetstar VN
    Vietjet Air Vietjetair (+84) 190 018 86 Vietjetvietnam No.302/3 Kim Ma Str, Ngoc Khanh Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
    China Airline China Airline (+852) 286 822 99 China Airlines (in Hong Kong) Suites 2701-2705 Devon House Taikoo Place 979 King’s Road Quarry Bay Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Airline Hong Kong Airline (+852) 391 636 66 Hong Kong Airline 7th Floor, One Citygate, No.20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau,Hong Kong
    Malaysia Airlines (+60)130 088 300 0 Malaysia Airlines Subang, Shah Alam, Malaysia

    III. 3 ways of traveling from the Hanoi international airport to the center

    The distance from Hanoi International Airport (formerly known as Noi Bai Airport) to Hanoi Center is about 30 kilometers. There are 2 Passenger Terminals:

    • T1 Terminal (Domestic Terminal): Serve all domestic flights; include some Airline brands as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air và Jetstar.
    • T2 Terminal (International Terminal): Serve all foreign flights; conclude some brands like Emirates Airway, Hong Kong Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, China Airlines, etc.

    There are various means of transport for you to choose from, the four most popular transportation include Taxi, Public Bus, Noi Bai Bus, Shuttle Bus of Airline brand. For your convenience and reducing cost, we will provide you with some means of transportation from the airport to the center:

    1. Getting from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi center by taxi

    It is the most convenient, comfortable and fastest transportation to travel from the Airport to Hanoi center. Before getting into the taxi, please ask for the price and request an all-in price from the airport to your destination. There are about 12 taxi brands are permitted to operate their business at Hanoi International Airports. All of them are organized to wait for customers on the 1st floor – the public area to the Terminals T1 and T2.  Below is the list of the taxi brands that are allowed to pick up customers at Hanoi International Airport:

    Taxi Brand Telephone Price (with 5 seats-cab) Approximate Price
    Airport Taxi (+84) 243 886 6666 Open door: VND 9,600 VND 320,000
    Noi Bai Taxi (+84) 243 886 8888 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 320,000
    Mai Linh Taxi (+84) 243 822 2666 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 320,000
    Thanh Cong Taxi (+84) 243 257 5757 Open door: VND 8,000 From kilometers 31th: VND 9000 VND 310,000
    Sao Ha Noi Taxi (+84) 243 256 5656 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 290,000
    Dai Nam Taxi (+84) 243 884 6666 The First 30 kilometers: VND 13,500 VND 300,000
    Venus Taxi (+84) 243 527 2727 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 300,000
    Group Taxi (+84) 243 851 5151 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 340,000
    San bay Taxi (+84) 243 563 6666 Open door: VND 6,000 VND 300,000
    ABC Taxi (+84) 243 219 1919 Open door: VND 5,000 From kilometers 31st: VND 10,000 VND 290,000
    Ba Sao Taxi (+84) 243 636 3636 Open door: VND 10,000 VND 300,000
    Hoang Phong Noi Bai Taxi (+84) 243 886 8788 Open door: VND 9,600 From kilometers 31st: VND 10,500 VND 320,000

    However, you should notice that all these brands usually work till 22:00 and they can not assure to give you a taxi at midnight even be you have called before. Besides all the brands above,  many individuals or companies have their car driving on the Hanoi Airport – Hanoi Center way. Although they are also for renting or hiring, they do not have the taxi board on the roof, so that they are called the unofficial cab. Using this kind of transportation is as polite as the normal taxi so many passengers want to select this option. The approximate price is about VND 300,000– VND 350,000 due to the kind of vehicles.

    Grab taxi is also a good choice for your traveling from the airport to Hanoi center. The price of Grab for this route is quite expensive, from VND 300,000- VND 400,000 (besides the awaited fare). Besides that, there are not so many Grab drivers who choose to drive this route so you will find it difficult to use this platform. Above is the referential price information on taxi fares at Noi Bai International Airport. We will continue to update the latest info you can easily choose a suitable taxi for your journey.

    2. Getting from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi center by shuttle bus

    Vietnam Airline, Jetstar, and VietJet Air provide their shuttle bus to gather passengers from Hanoi Airport to the center. After getting through the airport gate, you can find this kind of bus easily in the bus stop area of  Terminal 1. Moreover, the bus ticket price is at the number of VND 40.000/person

    Information about the destination, ticket price, pick up time of each provider:

    a. Vietnam Airlines:

    In the Airport: Bus Parking area – in front of T1 Terminal

    Last destination: No.1 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

    Ticket price: VND 40,000/person/one way

    Frequency: 30 – 45 minutes/travel (Fix due to vacation time)

    Arrival Time: From 5:00 to 22:00

    Route: The Airport – Vo Nguyen Giap Hiway – Nhat Tan Bridge – Quang Trung Street

    Bus kind: 16 seats

    Phone number: (+84) 438 250 872

    b. Vietjet Air:

    In the Airport: Outside lobby E, First floor

    Ticket price: VND 40,000/person/one way

    Frequency: 60 minutes/travel (Fix due to vacation time)

    Arrival Time: From 5:00 to 0:00

    Route: The Airport – Thang Long Bridge – Hoang Quoc Viet Street – Dao Tan Street – Nguyen Thai Hoc Street

    Quang Trung Street – No 69 Tran Nhan Tong Street

    Bus kind: 45 seats

    Phone number: (+84) 439 416 270 – Hotline: (+84) 968 360 022

    c. Jetstar Pacific:

    In the Airport: Outside lobby E, First floor (30 minutes after the landing)

    Ticket price: VND 40,000/person/one way

    Frequency: 30 – 45 minutes/travel (Fix due to vacation time)

    Arrival Time: From 5:00 to 21:00

    Route: The Airport – Thang Long Bridge – Pham Van Dong Street – Hoang Quoc Viet Street – Nguyen Van Huyen Street – Dao Tan Street – Ngoc Khanh Station

    Bus kind: 45 seats

    Phone number: at the Airport: (+84) 438 840 496 and at Hanoi:  (+84) 438 250 872

    This kind of buses only pick up passengers at the bus stop, and they do not pick up other customers in the middle of the way. The ticket is sold at the bus stop at the airport and the last destination (it will be the start point if you move from the center to the airport). Moreover, the bus will start after full. The passengers have to pay for the ticket when on the bus. You could travel by any of three buses, no matter what airplane brand you use, as long as the route is suitable for you

    However, using those kinds of buses means that you can not arrange your schedule actively. Although each brand has its own frequency, it will be long-awaited cause the bus only starts full of passengers. If your destination is not on the route, you have to take a cab or catch another bus when stopping at the last destination.

    3. Getting from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi center by public bus

    Public Bus is one of the most popular means of transportation in Hanoi. The networking of bus stops is widespread all over this capital city to serve people, especially students and workers. There is three bus route that runs on the way from the Airport to Hanoi center wards:

    a. Bus Route No.07 (From the Airport to Cau Giay Ward)

    Arrival Time: From 5:00 to 21:30

    Frequency: 15 – 20 minutes/ trip

    Ticket Price: VND 8000/ person

    Bus route: Hanoi International Airport (The way to T2 Terminal Parking) –Bus stop for passengers in T2 Terminal – Vo Van Kiet Highway – Thang Long Bridge – Pham Van Dong Street – Hoang Quoc Viet Street – Nguyen Van Huyen Street – Nguyen Khanh Toan Street – Tran Dang Ninh Street – Cau Giay – Cau Giay freight station  – Cau Giay Parking Area

    b. Bus Route No.17 (From the Airport to Long Bien Ward)

    Arrival Time: From 5:00 to 20:30

    Frequency: 10 – 15 minutes/ trip

    Ticket Price: VND 8000/ person

    Bus route: Hanoi International Airport (The way to T2 Terminal Parking) – National Highway No.02 – Phu Lo Town – Dong Anh Town -National Highway No.03 – Duong Bridge – Ngo Gia Tu Ward – Nguyen Van Cu Street – Chuong Duong Bridge – Tran Nhat Duat Street – Long Bien freight station

    c. Bus route No.90 (From the Airport to Kim Ma Street)

    Arrival Time: From 5:30 to 22:30

    Frequency: 20 – 30 minutes/ trip

    Ticket Price: VND 8000/ person

    Bus route: Hanoi International Airport (The way to T2 Terminal Parking)  – Vo Nguyen Giap highway – – Nhat Tan Bridge – Vo Chi Cong Street – Nguyen Hoang Ton Street – Lac Long Quan Street – Hoang Hoa Tham Street – Van Cao Street – Lieu Giai Street – No.1 Kim Ma Street

    If none of this route over past your destination, you can get off the bus and get on others to keep traveling. You can check the Hanoi bus route on these sites or maybe download the Apps “BusMapHN” (for Android) and (for IOS) to your smartphone, instead.

    4. Getting from Hanoi Airport to Hanoi center by Noi Bai bus


    a. Bus route NB01 (05 buses) from the Airport to Dao Tan Street

    Frequency: 75 minutes/ trip

    Route: Hanoi International Airport (T2 Terminal) – T1 Terminal – Vo Van Kiet Highway – Vo Nguyen Giap Highway – Nhat Tan Bridge – Xuan La Ward  – Lac Long Quan Street – Buoi Street – Dao Tan Street

    b. Bus route NB02 (06 buses) from the Airport to Time City Urban Area (only serve for the airport)

    Frequency: 90 minutes/ trip

    Route: Hanoi International Airport (T2 Terminal) – T1 Terminal – Vo Van Kiet Highway – Vo Nguyen Giap Highway – National Highway No.05 – Dong Tru Bridge – Nguyen Van Cu – Chuong Duong Bridge – Tran Quang Khai Street – Tran Khanh Du Street – Nguyen Khoai Street – Minh Khai Ward – Times City Urban Area.

    c. Bus route NB03 (07 buses) from the Airport to Nuoc Ngam Station (only serve for the airport)

    Frequency: 105 minutes/ trip

    Route: Hanoi International Airport (T2 Terminal) – T1 Terminal – Thang Long Bridge – Pham Van Dong Street – Pham Hung Street – Khuat Duy Tien Street – Nguyen Xien Street – Nghiem Xuan Yem Street– Linh Đàm Peninsula – Giai Phong Street – Nuoc Ngam Station.

    d. Bus route 86 – High-quality bus from the Airport to Le Duan Street

    Arrival Time: From 6:30 to 23:30

    Frequency: 25 – 30 minutes/ trip

    Ticket Price: VND 30,000/person

    Bus route: Hanoi International Airport (The way to T2 Terminal Parking) – Vo Nguyen Giap Highway – Nhat Tan Bridge – Au Co Street – Yen Phu Street –  Long Bien freight station – Tran Nhat Duat Street – Tran Quang Khai Street – Trang Tien Street – Le Thanh Tong Street – Hai Ba Trung Street – Ngo Quyen Street – Ly Thuong Kiet Street – Le Duan Street – Hanoi Train Station.

    Note: The distance between two terminals is quite far so you can travel by the free shuttle bus which is provided by the Airport:

    – At T1 Terminal:

    Position: Lobby A, First floor

    Time: From 06:00 to 01:00 the day after with the frequency is about 10 to 15 minutes/1 way.

    – At T2 Terminal:

    Position: West Area, Terminal T2

    Time: From 06:00 to 01:00 the day after with the frequency is about 10 to 15 minutes/1 way

    IV. Preparing for the travel from Hong Kong to Hanoi

    1. How to get a Visa to Vietnam:

    Vietnam Visa is requested for almost every foreigners who want to enter or exit Vietnam at one of three international airports: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. Also, foreigners are recommended to have a Vietnam Visa before their departure by applying online for the Approval Letter first, receive the letter by email, then get Visa Stamped on their passports at Vietnam Airports upon arrival.

    You will have to complete 5 steps to getting a Vietnam visa on arrival:

    Step 1: Access the website:

    Step 2: Fill out the secure online application form. You are required to enter the exact personal information of the applicant as The full name (The same as in your passport), Date of birth, Nationality, Passport number, Date of arrival, Type of Visa

    Step 3: Make online secured payment by Credit Card for service fee from $17/person

    Step 4: Get the approval letter and prepare for getting visa stamped on arrival

    After the first working day (urgent service) or the second working days (normal one), you need to:

    • Get visa approval letter via email (attached with entry-and-exit form)
    • Print out the letter and the entry-and-exit form
    • Fill out the entry-and-exit form
    • Equip two passports which have sized photos is 4x6cm and some money for stamping fee ($25 for single entry; $50 for multiple entry visas)
    • Put all the above-mentioned things and your passport in a package, then show them to the Immigration officer at Vietnam arrival airports

    Step 5: Present your approval letter to check in your international flight and get Visa Stamped at Vietnam Airports upon arrival.

    Other fees for your visa:

    Types of fee Fee rate
    Single-entry visas US$ 45 (VND 1,000,000)
    Multiple-entry visas
    Valid for less than 01 month US$ 65 (VND 1,500,000)
    Valid for less than 06 months US$ 95 (VND 2,100,000)
    Valid for 6 months or more US$ 135 (VND 3,000,000)
    Transfer of validity of visas or temporary residence from expired passports to new passports US$ 15 (VND 400,000)
    Temporary residence cards
    Valid for up to 1 year US$ 80 (VND 2,000,000)
    Valid for between over 1 year and 2 years US$ 100 (VND 2,300,000)
    Valid for between over 2 years and 3 years US$ 120 (VND 2,800,000)

    For traveling from country to country from Hong Kong to Hanoi, Vietnam, the budget always plays a vital role that affects your trip quality. How to manage the budget for traveling and take that dream vacation from Hong Kong to Hanoi will be the first question that you need to answer. However, to make this problem easier, please take note 4 steps below:

    •    Major transportation: traveling by airplane from Hong Kong to Hanoi and the opposite way will cost you approximately US$ 400 (VND 8,500,000)
    •   Other transportation: Travel in Hanoi is much cheaper than in Hong Kong, the price for using a taxi from the Airport to the center is just between VND 300,000-VND 400,000 (US$ 15)
    •   Accommodation: It depends on which kind of accommodation you stay in and how long you are in here but the price will between VND 300,000-VND 2,000,000/day if you are not in the 5-star hotel
    •   Food: Food is usually the hardest thing for the passenger to estimate the amount to spend. However, street foods in Hanoi are famous for the suitable price and their taste. Spend time to try as much as you can, it won`t let you disappointed, believe me.
    •   Activities: The money that you use to visit the famous destination temple, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Van Mieu- Quoc Tu Giam, etc and buy some souvenirs will rely on your favor

    3. In which seasons do you have your trip from Hong Kong to Hanoi


    As a result of being located in the Northern region of Vietnam, the weather in Hanoi has 4 distinct seasons, including autumn and spring, which are the most suitable time to travel. While Hanoi`s winter is quite cold, the temperature in summer will bring you a very hot feeling. Below is a list about each season and the recommendation of visiting Hanoi during the different seasons

    a. Travel from Singapore to Hanoi in Spring (From February to April)

    Spring is evaluated to be the best moment to visit Hanoi.  The weather is humid and wet with drizzles, the feeling is still a little bit cold with temperatures between 15-20°C. Because this kind of weather is convenient for flowers to bloom and the plants to grow, spring is the best time for travelers to enjoy the vitality of tropical nature. Spring is also the time for the Tet holiday (about in late January or in early February) which is the Vietnamese New Year (or Lunar New Year). It’s the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture so the number of visitors, of course, will be higher than normal. At this time, a lot of festivals and celebrations are taken place for local people and tourists to experience and appreciate.

    However, to visit Hanoi at his moment, you should pay your attention to the service and ticket price cause the demand for traveling to Hanoi is very huge.

    b. Travel from Singapore to Hanoi in Summer  (From May to August)

    The weather in the summers of Hanoi is very hot and humid. Besides that, the heavy rain is one feature of Hanoi’s summer, so remember to bring a raincoat or an umbrella with you whenever leaving your accommodation. The average temperature is about 32°C, and even 40°C on some days.  

    c. Travel from Singapore to Hanoi in Autumn (From September to November)

    From my point of view, autumn is the most ideal time to visit Hanoi. Autumn is a  beautiful and romantic time for all people who have ever been to Hanoi. With an average temperature is 25°C, Hanoi’s autumn is charming with warm sunlight, cool breeze, and a dry atmosphere. Skies become clearer and leave turn golden-yellow, which makes it a   wonderful time to explore the tree-lined boulevards in some old street in the center. If you love the cool temperature, enjoying some local autumn specialties in the North of Vietnam such as young green rice, “Hoa Sua”, daisy flower, etc and living slowly for appreciating the beauty of your life, you definitely should come to Hanoi in autumn.

    d. Travel from Singapore to Hanoi in Winter (From December to January)

    Winter in Hanoi is extremely cold. The average temperature is around 15-18°C, but it has been known to drop down below 7°C. High humidity, wind chill, and a lack of building insulation make it seem even colder.  

    4. How much luggage to bring when traveling from Hong Kong to Hanoi

    Not only the journey from Hong Kong to Hanoi but also every other traveling, you must not forget to bring all the necessary things like cash, clothes, individual tool, etc. To reduce the amount of bringing luggage, you should imagine the kind of clothes you will wear and buy-in Hanoi, avoid taking too much but using just a part. Some kind of Identity papers like Identity card, Visa, Driver license, etc should be put in your baggage first. You need to have a little space to hold some medicine. It is not an abundance thing because you can deal with a lot of serious solutions to your health in an emergency.

    5. Must-know tips when traveling to Hanoi

    • The first time traveling to Hanoi, passengers should choose the hotels around the Old Quarter to experience the bustling of Hanoi Nightlife in the best way. If you want to find some restful place, the Westlake area with a lot of hotels having a beautiful scene and fresh air will be suitable for your demand. To know more about Hanoi Hotels, click here
    • Other things to be noticed that you should book your hotel room as soon as possible, about two or three months early to have a good price and quality accommodation, especially on holidays and vacations. Besides that, do not forget to ask for the hotel’s basic services to avoid losing more expenses.
    • Moreover, Hanoi has a complicated climate, it is hard to be predictable so you should prepare some kinds of medicine like hay fever tablets, indigestion tablets, and travel sickness tablets, etc. to have the best physical condition for your journey
    • Additionally, simple clothes which are easy to be washed and folded. Also, remember to bring a hat, a raincoat, or an umbrella to avoid sunshine and drizzles. Preparing a map to find the way and find out some little lanes, a specialty of Hanoi.
    • Also, you intend to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, museum, temple, or pagoda, please remember to wear modest clothes to show your respect.
    • Last but not the least, whenever using any service, you should ask for the price first.
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