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Halong Bay to Hanoi: Best 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

Halong Bay to Hanoi: Best 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

Halong Bay to Hanoi: Best 5 ways to travel - The Best Travel Guide

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    I. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by local coaches. 

    1. How to get a local coach bus ticket to Hanoi

    Local coach in Halong Bay will park at the Bai Chay bridge. There are a lot of bus companies moving from Halong Bay to Hanoi. Depending on the location, tourists can choose cars from Halong Bay to Luong Yen Bus Station, Giap Bat Bus Station, or My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi.

    Halong Bay Cruise
    Source: Unsplash

    Normally, travel time from Halong Bay to Hanoi will be around 4 hours. Before that, visitors will take about 30 minutes to take a bus or taxi from the center of Halong City to the bus station. And it will take another 30 minutes to get from the bus station to the center of Hanoi. Thus, if traveling by car, the total time is about 5 hours.

    As with any other journey, passenger cars are always the cheapest form of mobility. The fare from Halong  Bay to Hanoi is only VND 100,000 - VND 150,000/ticket. Ticket prices will vary depending on the car carrier, and depending on when visitors move (festive season may increase).

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    2. Advantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by coach 

    Local coaches are the cheapest way of traveling. This is especially suitable for those with limited wallets. Instead of spending too much money on transportation, you can spend that money to experience the culture and services in Hanoi.

    Today, with the continuous development of the transportation industry, the garage is increasingly improving the quality of service to compete. And of course, visitors will enjoy the results.

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    Local coaches give travelers a great opportunity to experience local cultural life: passenger cars are still the first choice of Vietnamese people, especially for short-haul routes, because of its affordable price. So, in the passenger car, you will sit down with local people, observe how they talk behave...

    3. Disadvantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by coach

    Foreign tourists may find it difficult to fully understand the customs of Vietnamese passenger cars or exchange information with the driver. Also, in the event of a bus failure or misses, you will probably lose.

    For visitors who only have one day, this is not the best option. Due to leaving Halong Bay early to move, your journey will not be complete.

    Also, road traffic is always the most potentially risky move. If you travel in the daytime visitors are more likely to experience congestion. If you move at night, the chances of traffic accidents will be higher because the driver can fall asleep or exceed limited speed since there is no police. 

    It is much more difficult to control local coaches than other means of transportation, so they are often inflated, cramming too many guests on special holidays (National Day, New Year). So moving at these times is not a pleasant experience at all. 

    4. Our recommendations when you travel from Halong Bay to Hanoi by coach

    • If you have a lot of free time, take a bus, otherwise consider the car and other forms of transportation.
    • Find out more about car companies, read reviews before buying tickets.
    • Be sure to research your route carefully. Unlike aircraft or trains, coaches stop at many stations before taking to the station. So, if you know the road, you will probably be in the most convenient place to enter the city.
    • Put your destination on paper, just for the driver if necessary to be brought to the right place.
    • In Hanoi, grab service is very developed, so call grab instead of the taxi, you will not worry about driving to drive around to increase the price. If you want to save, choose the bus, there is always a bus area in the station to get into the center of the city.

    5. Contact information of coach in Halong Bay

    Name Phone Adress
    Phuc Xuyen Coach (+84)333 66 33 66 Group 7, Yen Thanh, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh
    Duc Phuc Coach (+84) 936 359 111 (+84) 936 555 558 Tien Lang bridge, Tien Yen, Quang Ninh
    Sinh Thanh Coach (+84) 33 3723 696 (+84) 915 446 929

    currently, there are tourist cars (passenger transport of tourists) welcome guests from Tuan Chau, Halong to Lemon Hotel- &4 Yen Ninh, Ba Dinh is only VND 120,000 /ticket /guest. The car does not catch passengers on the road like some local coaches. This means of transportation is a very good choice for a one-day journey to Hanoi. Because it will take passengers from Tuan Chau, Halong right away to the old quarter of Hanoi, there is no need to hire a taxi to stations.

    To book tickets call: (+84)9 7677 0011 for booking advice.

    II. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by train 

    1. How to book a train ticket from Halong Bay to Hanoi

    Halong bay to Hanoi by train
    Source: Unsplash

    a. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by normal train 

    The Railway from Halong Bay to Hanoi is about 190 kilometers. The train will start from Ha Long through Kem (Yen Vien Town) to Hanoi Railway station. The traveling time is around 7 hours. The average ticket price is around 100,000 VND / ticket depending on the type of seats.

    b. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by high- quality train 

    One of the most popular cruise ships in Halong Bay EXPRESS. The train departs from Halong Railway station, and It takes about 5 hours to go to Gia Lam railway station, Ha Noi. From Halong Bay, the train will depart from 15:00 and arrive at Gia Lam Railway Station at 20:05 every day.

    Ticket price 

    • For foreigners (will use another ticket with sign and regulation) is US $15/ticket /way (equivalent to about VND 340,000). 
    • For the groups of 15 people, the ticket price will be US $10/ticket/way (equivalent to about VND 227,000)
    • Children under 5 years old are exempted from train tickets (adults are accompanied and not allocated seats).

    Contact: (+84) 24 9059059 or (+84) 944916916 to book tickets and get more detailed information about this type of train

    Service: For this type of train, visitors enjoy a lot of attractive entertainment such as: 

    • Bar service: on the train to serve other meals and drinks. 
    • On the train, there are entertainment programs such as commercials, funny comedy clips, movie programs, music. 

    With this train, visitors will have the most comfortable feeling when traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi.

    2. Advantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by train

    Other vehicles such as coaches, motorbikes, or private cars can move to Halong Bay is a very convenient and fast way( it takes about 3-4 hours). However, the experience by train also has its own interesting things although the time goes more.

    You will be exploring the natural beauty of mountains and forests mixed with peaceful rivers on the train from Halong Bay to Hanoi. Sitting in the train station, through the glass door, looking outside, gently feel the beauty of Vietnam is more peaceful than any other means of transportation.

    In addition, the price of trains from Ha Long to Hanoi quite cheap. So, while not having to spend a lot of money, visitors will still have enjoyable experiences.

    Finally, Hanoi Station is right in the center of the city, so traveling is quite convenient and easy. If you travel by bus or plane, you will have to travel a long way to the center, meanwhile traveling by train, the distance is only a few kilometers.

    3. Disadvantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by train

    The biggest issue of train travel is very noise. For those who do not tolerate noise, 3 hours on the train will not help.

    Also, if you take the train you will have to walk quite a lot. So this form of mobility is not suitable for people who like to carry much luggage.

    4. Our recommendations when you travel from Halong Bay to Hanoi by train

    Firstly, Halong and Hanoi are two destinations that attract a lot of tourists. Therefore, travelers should book early to make sure that there are available tickets, especially on the public holidays in Vietnam.

    Secondly, the train station is always crowded with hundreds of passengers, so travelers must always be careful with their luggage.

    Thirdly, as mentioned earlier, visitors need to walk quite a lot if they choose the train. So wear comfortable clothes and carry lightweight luggage for ease of movement.

    To get a cheap price, visitors can choose the prestigious tour. Choosing this form, you will not have to worry about tickets, even high discount, and good service

    III. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by motorbike 

    The distance between Hanoi to Halong Bay about 155-160 km. There are two routes you can go:

    • Halong City- Quang Ninh, Uong bi-Hai Duong, Chi Linh- Hung Yen, Nhu Quynh- Gia Lam, Ha Noi
    • Halong- Uong Bi- Hai Duong- Hung Yen- Nhu Quoc- Gia Lam- Ha Noi 
    Halong bay to Hanoi by motobike
    Source: Unsplash

    1. How to get from Halong Bay to Hanoi by motorbike 

    For the address, visitors should inquire at the hotel reception - they are the most knowledgeable local service. In addition, you should also book the motor 2-3 days before moving to ensure the best quality car rental.

    Check with the motor’s owner to prepare for your trip. You will not want the car broken in the middle of the road. Be with someone who knows about motorcycles to choose the best car. Usually, the price is negotiable and does not give the owner the original passport.

    The price of a motorbike for rent is from VND 100,000 to VND 300,000 / day (24 hours) depending on the type of motorbike. 

    Some reputable car rental locations:

    Brands Address Phone price/ day
    Kim Dung Hotel No 16 Cao Dat, Bai Chay, Halong city (+84) 912 026 766 VND 100,000- VND 160,000
    Alex Hotel No.18, Halong Street, Bai Chay, Halong (+84) 922 863 628 VND 100,000- VND 200,000
    Minh Thanh Company many brands in Halong city (+84) 979 321 718 VND 100,000- VND 150,000
    Anh Tung store Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province (+84) 1686 899 986 VND 100,000- VND 200,000

    2. Advantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by motorbike 

    Taking initiative: By self-renting a motorbike, visitors will be active on their road and time. You can go and stop wherever you want.

    Savings: Motorbike rental costs are much lower than other services.

    Experience: By riding motorbikes, you will experience the beautiful streets of Vietnam, as well as experience the lives of people wherever you go.

    3. Disadvantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by motorbike  

    Danger: Motorbike is inherently dangerous, plus you have not used the car and familiar road, the journey will be difficult.

    Do not bring a lot of luggage: If you are determined to go from Halong to Hanoi on a motorcycle, you should not carry too much luggage.

    Fatigue: Driving yourself hundreds of kilometers is not easy, especially in bad weather. So if you do not have good health and endurance you should not choose to travel by motorcycle.

    4. Our recommendations when you travel from Halong Bay to Hanoi by motorbike

    • When renting motorbikes in Halong Bay, remember to leave the necessary information for car owners such as your name, hotel you are staying in, your telephone number in Vietnam …
    •  When driving, ensure steady steering, especially the highways
    • Must have all necessary documents for driving such as driving license, registration, insurance card …
    • Check carefully before hiring: check the turn signal lights, horn, headlights, rims …
    • Make sure your helmet is good for your safety. If the helmet is damaged, you need to change the new one. And you should always wear a hat when moving
    • Prepare a repair kit to prevent the car from crossing the road without a car repair shop
    • Run at the right speed, slow down in crowded places
    • Paying attention to where you can buy petrol, you can buy petrol in plastic bottles and carry them when the gas station is far apart
    • Group travel: visitors should not go to separate groups for help when in trouble

    IV. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by private car 

    1. How to get from Halong Bay to Hanoi by private car

    If you go to a large group of 4-6 people, you may consider renting a self-drive car to fly from Halong Bay to Hanoi.

    The way from Halong Bay to Hanoi by car is the same as motorbikes, but depending on your schedule, travel time can reduce to 3 hours. 

    For car hire, visitors should prepare:

    • Identity card/passport original, along with other contact information such as phone number, the hotel you stay in ...
    • A valid driving license
    • Car deposit: depending on the type of vehicle
    • Car rental: From VND 800,000 - VDN 1,500,000, depending on the type of car

    For prestigious car rental locations, visitors should refer to the hotel where they reside. There are many hotel business car rental services. And no one knows more about services than locals do.

    In case you can not drive yourself, you can rent a car with a driver. Currently, in Halong, there are quite a lot of car rental services to Hanoi with cost about 1,700,000 VND (4 seat car)

    Some reputable brands, you can call and ask for the most-updated price

    Brands Phone
    VIETTRANS (+84) 904 795 598
    Hai Van Xanh Company (+84) 4 3759 3333
    An Khang Investment Development Trade Service Co., Ltd (+84) 982 286 095
    Halong bay Transport and Tourism Co., Ltd (+84) 203 384 8869
    Nam Duong Company (+84) 949 313 246

    2. Advantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by private car

    Just like a motorbike, when you drive a car, you will: 

    • Taking the initiative: go and stop whenever you want
    • Experience: By mastering your itinerary, you will have more opportunities to experience nature - the country - the people of Vietnam.
    • Private: If you travel by other means, you must follow their principles. Then by renting a car, you and your friends can spoil what you like.
    • Moreover, riding a car is much more comfortable than a motorbike, so you will not get tired or get overcrowded.

    3. Disadvantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by private car

    • Expensive: The cost of renting a car alone is higher than traveling by motorbike or other means. So, if you go with the group you will save more.
    • Safety: driving a new car on a new road is not easy, especially with "crazy" traffic in Vietnam.

    4. Our recommendations when you travel from Halong Bay to Hanoi by private car 

    Renting a car must have a contract between the two parties. And to secure the tenant's interest, especially in the high season, you should include the contract penalty if the car owner does not provide the right car at the right time.

    To be a tourist, to enjoy and enjoy life, you should be careful with the cheap car, as it will probably be bundled with unsatisfactory quality. The safe way is to look at the car first, and if it is okay then make a lease on the right car.

    Be advised beforehand with the driver - who will take the shuttle and be responsible for the safety of the journey. And if possible, you agree with the treasurer at the beginning of the trip such as schedule, route, contact information of the team leader, speed requirements (do not go too fast) …

    Remember to tell the driver to estimate the amount of time for the crew to stop, drink, and go to the toilet. This is very important when there are older people, young children, and people who like to drink beer in the car.

    V. Getting from Halong Bay to Hanoi by tour 

    1. How to buy a tour to get from Halong Bay to Hanoi

    Halong Bay and Hanoi are two of the most popular destinations in Vietnam, moreover, these two destinations are not too far apart, so many travel companies sell tours at many prices.

    To get the right tour, visitors can find out directly at their office at Halong city, or visit their website, or through popular travel apps such as traveloka, Airbnb...

    Halong Bay - Hanoi Tour usually lasts 2-3 days, depending on the schedule. Even if the crowds, tourists can discuss with the tour company to design the tour as you like.

    Tour prices are also varied, if lucky, visitors can buy the tour with a price of about 350,000 - VND 500,000 / person. However, the average price will be VND 750,000 - VND 1,500,000

    Some famous tourism companies in Halong Bay:

    Name Adress Phone
    Quang Ninh Investment and Import-Export JSC 86 Le Thanh Tong, Halong City, Quang Ninh (+84) 3825 302
    Hong Gai Service Joint Stock Company 130A Le Thanh Tong, Halong, Quang Ninh (+84) 3627 888
    Le & Nguyen Joint Stock Company 506 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Halong, Quang Ninh (+84) 3518 989

    2. Advantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by tour 

    Cheap: if the details, the tour price is often much cheaper if you travel self-sufficient.

    Clear schedule: When you buy a tour, you have a ready route: what to eat, where to go, where to go. And you will spend all your time relaxing rather than thinking about what to do next.

    Tour prices usually include travel insurance, which will make visitors more secure.

    3. Disadvantages of traveling from Halong Bay to Hanoi by tour  

    Unconditional: Touring means you have to follow the delegation, must move - visit the scheduled, and not be discouraged independently of the group.

    Not very private: The free time is relatively small, so you can hardly afford private space. Of course, if you go with the team, you will be polite, do not say aloud, do not smoke .... and sometimes it is quite uncomfortable because sometimes I just want to shake off the rules only.

    Nowadays, many tours are advertised with a  huge price difference, and the fake tour is much more. Therefore, travelers should be especially careful when choosing a tour for themselves.

    4. Our recommendations when you travel from Halong Bay to Hanoi by buying a tour 

    There is only one thing: that is to check the information thoroughly before booking. You would not want to travel on a shabby bus, sleep in a shabby hotel, and eat at an unhygienic restaurant.

    Also, be sure to write down the tour guide's telephone number as well as the address of the hotel where you are staying, so you will not be left behind in case you get lost.

    VI. A little brief of means of transportation from Halong Bay to Hanoi

    Means of transportation Duration Price Advantages Disadvantages Convenience and comfortable (count to 5)
    Local tour depends VND 750,00- VND 1,500,000 clear schedule Safe passive: visitor can’t decide the schedule the risk of being cheat 4/5
    Local coach 5 hours VND 100,000- VND 150,000 Flexible cheap price experience unsafe service not good Langua 3/5
    train 7 hours VND 100,000- VND 350,000 Safe beautiful view high- quality Take times have to walk a lot 5/5
    private motorbike 6 hours (no rest) Depends Adventures Flexible Saving money unsafe tired can’t bring much luggage 4/5
    Private car 5 hours depends Fast Safe Expensive unsafe 5/5

    VII. Conclusion

    Hanoi - the capital of culture with ancient relics, natural lyrical scenery together with culinary essence, special characteristics. If you have traveled to Hanoi once, you will not be able to forget the atmosphere typical of Ho Guom, West Lake, shady streets, or quiet cafe... Hopefully, the article with useful information will help travelers choose the best journey from Halong to Hanoi

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