Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are among the 15 best destinations in Asia, according to a new ranking from the U.S. News newspaper. Hong Kong topped the list, followed by the Maldives, Tokyo, Phuket, and Bali.

The ranking considered local prices, accessibility and the variety of attractions in each destination along with travellers’ feedback, and put Hanoi in 14th place followed by Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam’s capital casts a spell over foreign tourists with its history and culture, shopping, dining, and natural landscapes. In Ho Chi Minh City “mopeds whiz by at all hours of the day, cafes take up entire sidewalks and street food vendors serve up delectable local fare despite the year-round heat and humidity,” it said

hanoi, ho chi minh city

Peter Kastain is a travel blogger and an explorer based in Hanoi. After spending 2 years traveling around Southeast Asia, he found his love in the culture, landscapes, and people of Vietnam. His goal is to introduce the beauty of Vietnam to people around the world - the beauty which is so special through his eyes


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