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6 things to do when you face the storm in Halong Bay

6 things to do when you face the storm in Halong Bay

6 things to do when you face a storm in Halong Bay

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    Fog and mist

    Foggy weather often occurs at the end of winter (between December and February). Fog mainly forms in the late afternoon and lasts until the early next morning. This kind of weather can lead to reduced visibility. 


    In Halong Bay, North-eastern monsoon usually occurs in hot summer (between May and October). Monsoon can have a bad influence in Halong Bay weather as it brings strong winds, heavy rainfall, and a sharp drop of temperature. 

    Tropical storm and depression

    During summer months (from May to October), there are dozens of tropical storms and depression brewing Halong Bay. Following storms are heavy rainfall, flood, whirlwind, huge waves which are extremely dangerous for local residents as well as tourists. 

    Things to do when you face with a storm in Halong Bay

    Among kinds of bad weather, the storm is such a terrible thing that no one wants to experience during their Halong Bay vacation. In fact, with modern forecasting models, a true storm will rarely arrive at the bay without being announced.  However, there are still some unforeseen cases that the storm suddenly changes its direction. In this case, the chances of being caught out in the storm will increase. Therefore, you need to know what to do to protect yourself from the storm happening in Halong Bay. Below is the list of top 6 important things to do when you encounter the storm during your Halong Bay vacation.

    1. Looking for a safe shelter- An effective way to deal with Halong Bay storm

    It’s one of the most important things to do when you face the storm in Halong Bay. Try to find somewhere which can protect you from rain, whirlwind, and thunder and remain there until the weather gets better or rescuers find you. In Halong Bay, it’s easy for you to find a safe haven. 

    Caves would be a safe shelter when the storm is roaming Halong Bay. Most of the caves are very clean so you can stay there during the storm.

    The floating village in Halong Bay is also a great recommendation. You can stay at the houseboat of the local people to avoid the storm. Residents there can supply you with food, water, and even medicine. Besides, as they have experience in tackling with Halong Bay storms, you may ask them for some advice on how to survive a sea storm. Those tips can be helpful for your next vacation.

    Note: If you encounter a thunderstorm, remember to choose dry places to stay. Never should you stay close to water because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Hence, it will be dangerous for you to stay near water during a thunderstorm.

    2. Contacting the Halong bay cruise staff or the sea rescue team

    It’s a significant thing you must do when you face a storm in Halong Bay. As soon as you escape from the dangerous area and get a safe shelter, contact the cruise staff or even the sea rescue team. Don’t forget to provide them with your current location as well as your situation. Soon afterward they will come and take you back to the port. Below is some information on how to contact to the rescue team.

    • Halong Bay rescue center- Halong Bay Management Department

               Phone number: 033 844 234

    • Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre

               Phone number: 04 3768 3050

    • Regional Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre No.I

    Phone number: 031 375 9508

    Note: Try to avoid using your mobile phone in case of a thunderstorm. The cell phone can increase the risk of death by lightning strikes. For this reason, you should turn off your phone during a thunderstorm. 

    3. You should pay attention to your health during the storm in Halong Bay

    Do not just focus on escaping from the storm; you had better take care of yourself. Heavy rain following the storm often leads to a sharp drop in the temperature of Halong Bay. Therefore, one thing you need to remember is keeping your body dry. If you get wet, the risk of getting a cold will increase. Hence, you should stay at a place where the wind doesn’t blow tangentially.

    Additionally, it’s also significant to protect yourself from jellyfish- the dangerous sea creature which is popular in Halong Bay. Jellyfish stings aren’t life-threatening but they result in immediate pain and red, and irritated skin. Therefore, you need to know the first aid treatment for Jellyfish sting while waiting for medical help. Firstly, you should try to move away from the incident spot. Secondly, immobilize the injured body part so that the toxin cannot spread to other parts of your body. Next, use hard-edged objects such as seashells to remove the stinger (just in case). Finally, clean your injury with seawater to deactivate the remaining toxin. 

    4. Following the guide of the Halong Bay cruise staff

    In case the Halong Bay cruise staff or sea rescue team fails to approach your current shelter due to weather obstacles, don’t worry because they will give you a guideline for surviving the storm on the phone. It’s significant for you to follow all the tips and advice given by them. Moreover, do not get out of your haven without their guideline. There are hundreds of risks outside the sea that you will never know.

    5. Staying connected with people while the storm are happening in Halong Bay

    If your cruise gets caught in a Halong Bay storm, you should spend time staying with other passengers rather than remaining on your own stateroom. It would be safer to stay together on board as people can take care of each other in case someone gets injured. Remember that “Together we can change the world”. 

    6. Keeping calm during the storm

    During a storm in Halong Bay, one thing you need to do is remaining calm even though it’s hard to do. Just remaining at your shelter and think optimistically. They are the ways for you to maintain your energy. Otherwise, you can try doing some simple warm-up movements to relax. Furthermore, let consider it a precious experience that challenges your bravery as well as the ability to deal with hard times.

    Other notes:

    1. Keep in touch with your family members or friends so that they won’t become overly worried about you.
    2. In case of getting separated from the others in the storm in Halong Bay, your mobile would be “an amulet” as you have to use it frequently to contact the others. Therefore, you should limit your phone usage for entertainment so that your phone won’t run out of battery quickly.  



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