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Top 9 things to remember before traveling by Halong Bay cruise

Top 9 things to remember before traveling by Halong Bay cruise

Top 9 things to remember before traveling by Halong Bay cruise

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    1. Choosing the best time to cruise in Halong Bay

    Each season in Halong Bay has its own unique beauty so visitors can cruise there almost any time of the year. However, it’s better to start your trip between March and May because the weather in Halong Bay will be warm and pleasant during these months. Besides, the period of November- January is also an ideal time for tourists to cruise in Halong Bay Because it is very cool and fresh during this period. The average temperature is between 23°C and 18°C, which is enjoyable for those who prefer cold weather. However, remember to prepare some clothes as the temperature can drop below 16°C at night. From July to October, bad weather such as typhoons and storms may occur in Halong Bay. Hence, if you are going to cruise in Halong during that period of time, remember to check weather broadcast to avoid the storm. Moreover, make sure that you will be refunded if you face with cruise cancellation due to bad weather in Halong Bay.

    2. Choosing a right cruise for your Halong Bay vacation

    Halong bay cruises differ widely in type, standard, and size. Therefore, you should consider those factors when choosing a Halong Bay cruise. Here we give you some recommendations for choosing the best Halong Bay cruise for your trip. 


    Small-size cruises with 10 to 15 cabins are suitable for those who prefer the quietness. Otherwise, larger cruises are recommended for people who seek for the hustle and expect to make friends on board.

    More or less luxury

    If you expect luxury cruise experience in Halong Bay, you can choose among five-star or four-star cruises such as Paradise Elegance Cruise, Alisa Cruise, and Signature Cruise. On the other hand, if you are searching for less luxurious and expensive ones, there are dozens of Halong Bay budget cruises for you like Phoenix Cruise, Oriental Sails, and Aclass Legend Cruise.


    You can choose between two main types of cruises in Halong Bay: Wooden cruise and metal cruise. Wooden cruises are more traditional whereas metal cruises are more modern.

    3. Choosing a suitable cabin is also necessary 

    It’s also an important tip for your Halong bay cruise. You can choose among different cabins depending on your demand. However, there is some advice on how to choose a suitable cabin.

    • If you get seasick, choose a lower cabin. Even in Halong Bay, the wave is very slight, some tourists still feel dizzy. Choosing lower cabins, especially more central ones will help you minimize the symptoms of seasickness.
    • If you travel with kids, choose cabins without the balcony to ensure your children’s safety.
    • If you expect to watch the sunrise and sunset from your cruise, a cabin with a balcony is an ideal choice. From the balcony, you can capture stunning sea view at dawn and dusk.


    1. You shouldn’t choose cabins close to the engine room because most of them are quite noisy.
    2. Many Halong Bay cruises offer connecting rooms for large families or others traveling together. However, as the number of connecting rooms is limited, you need to order in advance. 

    4. Must-try off-board activities when cruising in Halong Bay

    While taking the Halong Bay cruise, there are various types of on-board and off-board activities for you to choose. Below are 3 must-try activities which you shouldn’t miss to make your Halong Bay cruise vacation a memorable lifetime experience.


    Kayaking has been the highlight for tourists during their Halong Bay cruise trips. This activity is totally a perfect choice for those who love adventure. Paddling in the blue water, you can explore the mystery of aquatic grottos and caves within a very short distance. By this way, you will be lost in a fairy world of emerald seawater and green nature.


    Cycling in the middle at Halong Bay may sound weird but it is among the most exciting outboard activities. Normally, this activity is included in 3 days and 2 nights cruise tour. The most popular destination for your biking tour is Viet Hai Village, located on Cat Ba Island. The village features old houses and farms. Cycling in the village, tourist will have a great opportunity to discover the typical traditional life of residents here, take pictures of their unique houses as well as enjoy a truly peaceful ambiance.


    Trekking is also a popular activity that is loved by many visitors. Cat Ba Island is a perfect area to organize your trekking tour. You can choose from a wide range of trekking routes, trekking on the beach or trekking in the jungle, for example. However, don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes or a hiking boot if you tend to trek in the jungle.

    5. Taking the travel insurance for your Halong Bay cruise tour is suggested

    You’re going on a cruise trip and you never know what will happen. You can face illness, food allergy, cruise cancellations, or, in the worst case, accidental drowning during your trip. Therefore, in case of unforeseen events, you should take a travel insurance which can safeguard you against all financial risks when cruising in Halong Bay.

    6. Pay attention to health & safety during your cruise trip

    Before cruising in Halong Bay, don’t forget to prepare a first aid kit and necessary medications such as travel sick tablets, antibiotics, antihistamine, and so on. The elderly and people with cardiovascular diseases should avoid active activities such as rocking climbing and adventure. Furthermore, you need to be as careful as possible when going with your children. Remember to keep your children away from the ship’s rails and never allow them to climb rails. You should closely supervise your children as taking part in off-board activities in Halong Bay to ensure their safety.

    7. Don’t pay too much money for souvenir photos on board

    When you are on a Halong Bay cruise, the cruise’s official photographers will persuade you to take your photos and to buy them at a pretty high price. In this case, you should haggle for a better price. Otherwise, you can ask other passengers to take your picture for you by your camera or your phone to save money.  

    8. Wi-Fi can be limited when you’re on board in Halong Bay

    Onboard Wi-Fi in Halong Bay is often unstable as the cruises sail away from the port. As the cruise moves further into the bay, the Wi-Fi connection can drop because the signal transmits is blocked by caves and limestone islands. In this case, a 3g/4g sim is helpful. However, it’s better to forget your phone or laptop, disconnect from the internet to take more time to enjoy your cruise trip in Halong Bay. Instead of surfing the web, let’s take part in enriching onboard activities.

    9. Packing smart will make your Halong Bay cruise tour more convenient

    It’s better to pack as lightly as possible. You should limit your luggage to a maximum of one bag. Remember to full your bag with some must-pack items below:

    Your identity papers

     For Halong Bay cruise, you need your ID or passport to check-in before getting on board. Therefore, make sure that you bring along all the necessary identity papers to travel so that you won’t be denied embarking the cruise.


    The weather in Halong Bay is fluctuating so you need to prepare clothes appropriate for all types of weather. Bring T-shirts and shorts for hot weather whereas sweaters and jackets for colder weather. For parties on deck, you should dress up, so be sure to pack some stylish outfits.

    A camera

     A camera will be necessary if you want to record your Halong Bay cruise trip experience. Especially, it must be an indispensable item for those who are passionate about photography and expect to take Halong Bay photos which are one of a kind.

    Portable charger

     Halong Bay cruise’s cabins usually don’t have many electrical outlets. Make sure you bring your portable charger in case you need to charge up your phone.

    A good pair of shoes

     Bringing a pair of sneakers or hiking boots will make it easier for you to visit caves or the top of Halong Bay islands.

    The above tips are given in the hope of providing you with useful information for your Halong Bay cruise trip. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful experience during your sea vacation in Halong Bay.

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