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3 Main Halong Bay Cruise Ports

3 Main Halong Bay Cruise Ports

3 Main Halong Bay Cruise Ports

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    I. Hon Gai port - The general Halong Bay Cruise port

    Address: Group 1, Zone 2, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

    Capacity: 5,000 passengers, 1,000 cars and 400 trucks per day. 

    Tel: (+84) 203 382 5604

    Hotline: (+84) 903 260 189



    1. General information of the Hon Gai Port: 

    Hon Gai International Cruise Port is the key transportation infrastructure of Quang Ninh Province. The Hon Gai International Cruise Port was built at Cua Luc River with a total capital of more than VND 1,000 billion invested by the public-private partnership. The investment capital of Quang Ninh Province is VND 300 billion for implementing the bridge, the rest of Sun Group Corporation to deploy the port, cruise terminal.

    The upgrading of Hon Gai Port is part of Vinashin's plan to develop North-South Expressway on the sea. The 31-hour expressway service departs from Hon Gai Port (Quang Ninh) to Chan May Port (Da Nang) and arrives at Saigon Port (HCM City) and vice versa. The upgrading of Hon Gai Port will contribute to the marine economic development strategy of Quang Ninh Province.

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    2. Infrastructure and design

     Hon Gai International Cruise Port is designed with 706 meters long, 11,5 meters wide; The 130 meters long, 30 meters wide berth will accommodate the world's largest international cruise ship with 330 meters in length, carrying 6,500 passengers. 

    The cruise port is designed three floors with the area used each floor is 4,500 m2. This port will meet the capacity of receiving large international passenger ships, luxury yachts, contributing to tourism connection of Quang Ninh with the tourism industry over the world, helping Quang Ninh Province continue to promote advantages about seaports.

    This project has the participation of the world's leading architects. The project has become an attractive tourist attraction, an ideal place to visit, creating a highlight of the tourism landscape of Halong Bay in particular and Quang Ninh Province in general. 

    3. The price when using the Hon Gai Port 

    Accordingly, for ships and boats picking up and dropping passengers, the port service charge (inclusive of VAT) is at least VND 57,000 /way round trip (inclusive of departure and arrival ); maximum VND 80,000/ round trip. Passengers will pay for port service (including VAT) minimum  VND 4,000/round trip; maximum VND 10,000/round trip.

    II. Cai Lan port - The deepest water Halong Bay Cruise Port

    Address: No 1, Cai Lan Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

    Capacity: over 5,000 TEUs

    Tel: (+84) 203 382 5604

    Hotline: (+84) 903 260 189



    1. General information:

    At present, in the North, Cai Lan International Port is the only port with a 13-meter deep and modern equipment system having the capability of receiving container ships carrying over 5,000 TEUs. The arrival of two container ships with a capacity of over 5,000 TEUs officially opened the new ACS Cai Lan. ACS Cai Lan marine route has the schedule from India - Malaysia - Singapore - Cai Lan (Quang Ninh) - China - Korea, with a frequency of 1 week / 1 trip. This will help customers and carriers save a lot of transportation costs and transit time when using large vessels. However, Cai Lan Port is the Quang Ninh's largest deep-water port, arranging a number of international passenger ships. 

    2. The infrastructure of Cai Lan Port

    The use of port facilities to create the tourism port is a disadvantage of this port. Passing through the cargo port causes visitors to feel uncomfortable when they get off the cruise, surrounded by thousands of goods, oil, grease, dirt, and noise. They must also be alert to the risk of collision with all kinds of equipment here. In addition, services such as communications, shopping, dining, public hygiene, etc are not meet up to the standards of travel.

    III. Nam Tuan Chau Port - The modern Halong Bay Cruise Port

    Address: A Area, Tuan Chau Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province

    Capacity: over 2,000 tourist boats 

    Tel: (+84) 203 382 5604

    Hotline: (+84) 903 260 189



    1. General information of Nam Tuan Chau Port:

    This port located 5.5 kilometers from the old Bai Chay tourist port (Bai Chay area), 3 kilometers from Thien Cung Cave (Halong Bay); having favorable waterway traffic: Near Hai Phong - Halong - Mong Cai sea traffic; having a road connected to the mainland, a heliport, etc. The port located in the southwest of Tuan Chau Island is a very airy area, very close to the attractions of Halong Bay. Especially, the distance from Tuan Chau to Thien Cung Cave is a half when compared with the distance from the Bai Chay Tourist Boat Port.

    The port is close to the national waterway, the attractions of Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, and Biosphere Reserve. In the harbor, there are always luxury yachts, other shipping lines, diverse restaurants, and magnificent hotels bringing travelers the romantic and interesting journey. According to the Quang Ninh People's Committee, in early 2016, all 500 means of transporting tourists on Halong Bay will stop operating at the Bai Chay Port and relocate to the international cruise Nam Tuan Chau. In preparation for this landmark move, Tuan Chau Group has completed the infrastructure of the wharf and functional areas, traffic routes, readying to welcome 500 means of anchoring and picking up passengers in a new port. 

    2. Infrastructure and design of Nam Tuan Chau Port 

    Located at the southwest of Tuan Chau Island, Nam Tuan Chau International Port was built as the largest tourist port in the Northern region with the size of 2,000 hectares, the draft depth of 10 to 17 meters, lasting 7 kilometers, having capable of picking up over 2,000 tourist boats anchored. Ports are invested synchronously, professionally with the modern port system. In order to meet the needs of larger vessels in the future, the size of the port will be widened. The central station area is the place pick-up and drop-offs, designed with 750 meters length, being very convenient for boats operating. 

    3. Other services of Nam Tuan Chau Port

    Nam Tuan Chau cruise port is located in a very convenient location to develop the tourist services and logistics services for the economic development of the islands. At Nam Tuan Chau Port, it must be admitted that the port is very beautiful and modern. Luxurious terminal system equipped with a full-service lounge area, operating room, ticket counter, information counter for visitors. The indoor waiting area is equipped with air conditioning, lounge chairs, bar, internet dedicated to businessmen and VIPs. The exterior of the port has a modern patio with sea view, long rows of benches where visitors are free to look at the seaports while waiting for departure. The wharf has a reinforced concrete structure in the block shape, combined with a modern floating float system to help guests board more conveniently. The harbor is 1.2 to 1.8 meters wide, allowing all types of long nose boats to moor. The two sides of the harbor are commercial buildings with Italian and Japanese architecture, creating the luxury of the port as a Sete in the south of France. Especially, this place is a quite healthy tourist environment, having absolutely no problem with traveling at this port.

    IV. Must-know tips when traveling Halong Bay through Halong Bay Cruise Port

    • Guests wishing to visit Halong Bay need to meet some requirements. You can charter a full cruise or buy individual tickets at some ports which we mentioned above and combine with other guests.
    • You need to have a hiring cruise contract or buy a "passenger cruise ticket" before buying a ticket to visit other sites in Halong Bay.
    • You need to know the information that is announced on the radio system about the cruise at the port
    • You should go to the ticket sales office and the information center of the Halong Bay Management for advice on chartering and what to know before the tour.
    • In case of the increased price, higher service charges than quoted prices and cutting schedules, you should promptly report to the Port Management Board, Halong Bay Management Institution and other relevant authorities to review and process.

    Last but not least, we want to introduce to you various prestigious taxi brands in Quang Ninh Province that you may need during your journey as follows:;

    No. Taxi Brand Tel
    1 Mai Linh Quang Ninh Taxi (+84) 203.3.628.628
    2 Bai Chay Quang Ninh Taxi (+84)
    3 North East Taxi (+84)
    4 BiB Quang Ninh Taxi (+84) 203.3.886.886
    5 Dai Loi Taxi (+84) 203.3.640.640
    6 Ha Long Taxi (+84)
    7 Hon Gai Taxi (+84)
    8 Cherry Blossom Taxi (+84)
    9 Quang Ninh Taxi (+84) 203.3.656.656
    10 Sao Mai Taxi (+84) 203.3.822.822
    11 Minh Anh Taxi (+84)
    12 Van Loc Taxi (+84) 203.3.646.646
    13 Thinh Hung Taxi (+84)
    14 Air Ha Long - Hanoi Taxi (+84) 203.38.733.333
    15 Van Don Taxi (+84) 203.3.874.874
    16 Hoang Quan Van Don Taxi (+84) 203.3.796.796
    17 Long Khanh Van Don Taxi (+84) 203.3.795.795
    18 Quang Minh Van Don Taxi (+84) 203.3.793.793
    19 Quang Vinh Van Don Taxi (+84) 203.3.878.878
    20 Mong Cai Taxi (+84) 203.3.884.885

    In this article, we introduce 3 Halong Bay cruise ports in Quang Ninh Province. With this detailed information, we believe that your journey will be easier and more interesting.

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