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5 most popular places to visit in Hai Phong, Vietnam

5 most popular places to visit in Hai Phong, Vietnam

5 most popular places to visit in Hai Phong, Vietnam

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    Bao Dai Villa

    Bao Dai Villa on Doi Vung, Do Son Zone 2 is not only an architectural work but also stories about Bao Dai – the last king of Nguyen Dynasty emperor as well as the last king in Vietnam.
    Indochina Governor – General Pafquiere built this villa with French architecture in 1928. Later, Governor General offer it to King Bao Dai so this house called Bao Dai villa and became the king’s summer villa. The entire area is 3,700m2, and the area of villas is nearly 1,000m2 located on the top of Vung hill which is 36m above sea level. The villa has a throne room, dining hall, ballroom, and some bedrooms. Moreover, from mid-1999, villas were opened to visitors, offered overnight stay.

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    • Opening hours: from 8.30AM every day
    • Location: Vung Hill (Doi Vung), Do Son zone 2 (khu 2 Do Son)

    Tuong Long Tower – Thap Tuong Long

    Built on the top of Ngoc Son, Tuong Long tower looks like a pen drawing on the blue sky. Through ancient books, Tuong Long tower was thought to be the most spectacular Buddhist monument, an observation tower and a royal palace in the northeastern region of Dai Viet. Also, standing at the tower, you can admire the whole view Do Son beach with endless ocean and white sand, as well as villages with the simple life of the local people here, which will give you a peaceful feeling.

    • Location: Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son District

    Voi Mountain – Nui Voi

    Elephant Mountain is about 20 km from the center of Hai Phong city to the southwest. It is the highest mountain in the north of Kien An, lying on the bank of the Lach Tray River. Elephant Mount has many beautiful caves: Ca Voi Cave, Chieng Cave, Ca Gia Cave, Nam Cave, Nam Tao Cave, Bac Dau Cave. In the caves, there are many stalactites, stalagmites with strange shapes such as dragon, tiger, elephant head … On the top of Mount Voi there is a relatively flat ground called the realms of the world. Also, there are a lot of pagodas and monuments of the Mac Dynasty built in the 16th century.

    About Hai Phong, Vietnam:

    • Location: An Lao town

    Dau Island – Hon Dau 

    Dau Island belongs to Do Son Beach, Hai Phong. Most parts of the island still remain the primary state. On the island, there is a temple of Nam Hai Dai Vuong, a lighthouse and some other monuments. The beacon in Hon Dau is very famous, which is like the ‘eye’ of Hai Phong, built-in 1892 with French architecture. Standing at the lighthouse, visitors have the opportunity to admire the whole island and the vast oceans. Additionally, after visiting the temple, lighthouse or wandering in the vast primeval forest, visitors can have a cruise on the golden sand beach, have fun with the cool harmonic wave. The endless sea, as well as spectacular wild mountain scenes, will sweep away all your sorrow and tired, give you peace in the soul.

    • Location: Do Son District, Hai Phong

    Hai Phong Navy Museum – Bao tang hang khong

    Founded in 1975, the museum has a total area of 16,000 meters square, with a lively and vibrant display of various historical articles, relics from the war years. This is a historical and cultural center of the navy army and Hai Phong city, a place for studying history as well as a tourist attraction for visitors.

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    •       Opening Hours: from 8 AM – 11 AM on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
    •        Location: 353 Street, Anh Dung Commune, Kien Thuy District
    •        Phone: +84 313 814788
    24 Jan 2020
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    3 ways to get around Hai Phong city 4 things you must eat when traveling to Hai Phong, Vietnam

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