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Top 5 Hai Phong resorts for family and romantic couples getaways

Top 5 Hai Phong resorts for family and romantic couples getaways

Top 5 Hai Phong resorts for family and romantic couples getaways

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    I. Introduction of Hai Phong City

    Hai Phong, one of Vietnam’s largest cities, has attracted tourists from many continents for its incredible landscapes. Besides, this coastal city is one of the fastest industrial development centers in the northern part of the S-shaped country. Amongst them, hospitality has been developing dramatically in recent years, especially resorts and luxurious hotels. Tourists now intend to have a short-trip to luxurious resorts near the city center. Understanding the tourism trends, many high-class resorts are increasing in many famous tourist attractions like Hai Phong city

    With their state-of-the-art designs, perfect locations and excellent services, the resorts are ideal accommodations for your family and couples getaways. To help you have a memorable experience in Hai Phong, we’ll introduce the best Hai Phong resorts for your trip. Hopefully, our recommendations of Hai Phong resort help you to find suitable accommodation during your journey. 

    II. The best Hai Phong resorts for family members and nice couples holiday 

    1. Cat Ba Sunrise Resort   

    Cat Ba Sunrise Rerort - Best resort to visit in Hai Phong City

    Nestled on Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort is one of the best Hai Phong resorts you shouldn’t miss. Just 6-minute away from the beach, this resort offers an incredible ocean view overlooking clear seawater, gentle waves and beautiful islets. With its perfect location, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort features a beachfront pool bar and fully-furnished suites for guests. All rooms have satellite TV, mini safes and tea or coffee-making machines. Besides, guests can use a tub and shower in the marble bathroom. Despite being on Cat Ba Island, the tropical getaway still offers free-wifi access for guests. 

    Furthermore, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort also offers full spa services such as face, body treatment and therapies. Probably tourists will have relaxing moments on the beach, or simply chill-out on the beachfront chairs. Additionally, this luxurious Hai Phong resort introduces an open kitchen, Fisherman’s Grill serving fresh and finger-licking seafood in an impressive setting. Also, VOSO Restaurant serves both Western and Asian cuisines, along with a long list of wines. It’s time for you to enjoy a great drink at the bar in front of the beach. 

    Moreover, as its name is Cat Ba Sunrise, the best resort in Hai Phong is a perfect place for travelers, especially nature-lovers to watch the sunrise. It will make your stay more appealing and meaningful. 

    Address: Cat Co 3 Beach, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong. 

    Price starting from VND 1.700.000 - 2.500.000/room/night


    2. Monkey Island Resort 

    Monkey Island Resort - Hai Phong favorite places to visit

    Over 3-kilometer away from Cat Ba Town, Monkey Island Resort is one of the top Hai Phong resorts for your vacation. Ideally nestled on Monkey Island, just a 1-minute walk from the beach, the resort offers comfortable stays in wooden bungalows. Probably this resort will be a favorite for those who are nature-lovers and prefer friendly-environmentally accommodations. All bungalows of this Hai Phong resort have magnificent ocean views and surrounding lush landscapes, bringing a great space for guests. Besides, all of them feature air-conditioning, hot showers, flat-screen TVs and mini-bars. The beach-side resort also provides free wifi accessibility in the lobby and restaurant. 

    The best Hai Phong resort offers a private beach so you can freely discover nature and beautiful landscapes without being crowded. Moreover, tourists can participate in lots of water activities such as beach volleyball, kayaking, fishing and swimming. If you want to explore nature by yourself, you may ask staff for any kinds of tour or car rental services. Additionally, tourists can indulge in a spectacular ocean view and enjoy cool breezes meanwhile savoring great Vietnamese and Western cuisines. With its unique architectural design and excellent services, Monkey Island Resort is one of the best resorts in Hai Phong you should visit. 

    Address: Cat Dua 2 Beach, Cat Dua Island, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong city. 

    Price starting from VND 1.700.000 - 3.100.000/room/night 

    3. Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa 

    Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa - Hai Phong Resorts
    Source: Unsplash

    Thinking of the best resorts in Hai Phong, Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa is a great accommodation highly recommended for your family trip. This Hai Phong resort features 165 luxurious and spacious rooms with massive ocean views and state-of-the-art furniture. Furthermore, the highlights’ resort is airy and greenery spaces in harmony with marvelous mountain ranges and vast ocean. The airy space brings guests the tranquil world that is totally distinctive from the bustling space of life, making it become a dreamful stay. Besides, this luxurious resort in Hai Phong offers excellent services for all guests. The resort tends to bring tourists the most comfortable experiences during their stay. 

    All lavish suites here are fully-equipped with modern facilities including comfortable beds, flat-screen TV, air-conditioner, office tables, safe, free-wifi accessibility. It makes guests feel as they are at home with fully-furnished facilities. Moreover, the Hai Phong resort provides other services serving tourists’ daily needs without moving outside the resort. Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa offers travelers full-service spa options from face, body treatment to wellness activities. Tourists also can use the tennis court, playgrounds for children and bicycle-rental services if they want to explore around. Besides, the restaurant here is another bonus point of this lavish Hai Phong resort. There are many options for guests to choose from Asian to Vietnamese cuisines, especially fresh seafood and bars with many kinds of wine, cocktails and drinks. If you want to book a room for your family holiday or couple's honeymoon, please contact us via its website

    Address: Cat Co 1, Cat Ba Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong. 

    Price starting from VND 1.300.000 - 2.000.000/room/night

    4. Ocean Beach Resort 

    Ocean Beach Resort - Hai Phong City

    As being one of the top Hai Phong resorts, Ocean Beach Resort is an ideal accommodation for your family or couples holiday. From this resort, you can easily go to two different beaches within a short distance for contemplating beautiful landscapes. The beach toward Cat Ba Town is Sunrise Beach while the other is toward Sunset Beach. 

    The thing that differentiates Ocean Beach Resort from others by its building-materials and design. All bungalows are made from natural and friendly-environmental materials. Besides, the architectural design is harmonious with natural surroundings. This place is definitely perfect for you to recharge your energy in a peaceful and cozy space. Inside the bungalows, many modern details combine harmoniously with its natural looks. Therefore, the accommodation surely brings you a unique experience during your stay here. It has a private shower and toilet, with other necessities for your daily life. Moreover, the resort uses natural wind completely instead of using air-conditioning. That makes guests feel closer to nature, especially for those who are nature-lovers and want to escape from modern life. 

    Bar and restaurant here are also bonus points of the Hai Phong resort. Sitting at Sea Wind Restaurant in the middle of white-sandy beach and enjoying the cool fresh air are the most interesting experiences you've had during your trip. Also, you’ll have a chance to taste the aromatic flavor of the ocean as well as the tranquil natural atmosphere. Due to its airy space and unique design, Ocean Beach Resort is worth visiting during your trip to Hai Phong. 

    Address: Cat Ong Island, Cat Hai District, Hai Phong 

    Price starting from VND 800.000 - 1.200.000/room/night

    5. Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Resort 

    Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Resort

    Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Resort is one of the best resorts in Hai Phong you should stay during your trip. Located among the verdant natural beauty on a private hill of Xuan Dam Village, it’s considered as the most isolated lodges in Cat Ba. Thereby, this Hai Phong resort is a great getaway for family and romantic couples to escape from the bustling life. 

    Only 13-kilometer away from Cat Ba Town, Cat Ba Eco-Lodge offers comfortable accommodations and interesting activities for all kinds of guests at any budget. With its 18 rooms and 7 huts, each of which is designed perfectly-blending with natural surroundings. All rooms are fully-equipped with eco-friendly facilities and airy spaces with large windows, allowing guests to indulge in natural light and wild wind. Besides, Cat Ba Eco-Lodge also introduces a restaurant, public areas, and an outdoor swimming pool. All of them are neatly-connected with stone paths and verdant gardens and colorful flowers. Staying at this Hai Phong resort, you can completely chill-out and discover the surrounding areas amongst limestone mountains and lush jungle.

    Another thing that makes it different from other Hai Phong resorts for its unique design and architecture. It showcases traditional Muong Ethnic cultural values. Furthermore, Cat Ba Eco-Lodge still focuses much on creating eco-friendly retreats and sustainable development, allowing the guests to fully indulge in nature and tranquil atmosphere. With its comfortable and modern space, Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Resort is one of the best resorts in Hai Phong for family and couples vacation. If you want to know more about this resort or book a room, please contact us via its website now!

    Address: Xuan Dam Village, Cat Hai, Hai Phong. 

    Price starting from VND 800.000/room/night

    Which Hai Phong resort do you choose for your vacation here? Staying at a luxurious resort in a short time has become a trend amongst other kinds of accommodations for many tourists. With its modern design and luxurious services, Hai Phong resort is an ideal accommodation for your family and couples holiday. Hopefully, our recommendations above help you to choose a suitable place for your unforgettable stay. 

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