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Top 5 breath-taking beaches in Hai Phong city that you might know

Top 5 breath-taking beaches in Hai Phong city that you might know

Top 5 breath-taking beaches in Hai Phong city that you might know

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    I.  An overview of Hai Phong city 

    As being the major seaport of Northern Vietnam, Hai Phong has become one of the commercial and industrial centers nowadays. In the past, it was a vital international port and now is the country’s rapidly-developing industrial center. Moreover, about a 100-kilometer drive from Hanoi capital, Hai Phong is a beautiful city that carries its colonial appearances. Also, Hai Phong city is called “the city of flame flowers” for the widespread of flame flower trees on the street. Hai Phong has lots of tourist attractions such as Du Hang Buddhist Temple, Hang Kenh Communal House, and so on. 

    Top 5 breath-taking beaches in Hai Phong city that you might know

    Besides, this city is famous for its beautiful landscapes and stunning beaches like Cat Ba Island, Do Son beach, etc. With its geographical features, Hai Phong beach has helped to promote lots of tourism activities for tourists from many continents. The article introduces the top 5 magnificent beaches in Hai Phong city that you should know during your trip here.

     II. The best Hai Phong beaches that you might know

    1. Exploring the stunning Do Son beach

    Only a 20-kilometer drive, Do Son, the Hai Phong’s district, is a renowned beach with many resorts and spectacular beaches. With its stunning seascapes, Do Son is the most famous beach in Northern Vietnam. It has attracted a large number of tourists for relaxing and enjoying fresh air and beautiful sceneries, especially in summer. This place is a small islet with endlessly-stretching seashores and primitive forests, making a great impression on tourists’ minds. Travelers visiting this Hai Phong beach have a chance to climb marvelous mountains, go swimming and contemplate the incredible beaches

    Moreover, you also can visit other interesting tourism places such as Hon Dau Island - the largest man-made beach in Asia, Do Son Casino - the only casino in Vietnam, etc. Maybe you should choose suitable accommodation in Do Son to explore this place as a whole. Saying that Do Son beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, amongst impressive beaches in Hai Phong. Whenever you think of Hai Phong beach, Do Son beach is worth visiting for your memorable journey

    2. Cat Ba Island - the impressive Hai Phong beach

    Thinking of the top beaches in Hai Phong, there’s a miss if you don’t mention beautiful Cat Ba Island. Tourists can explore Cat Ba Island by ferry or by road from the mainland. Thousands of different shapes and sizes of islets spanning over the blue ocean create an impressively-magnificent scenery. The island also features a primitive forest conserving many rare and endangered species of animals, gurgling brooks and man-made beaches

    Cat Ba is a place combining the forest and the sea, which creates charming landscapes in the blue sky. There are plenty of small islands here such as Monkey Island, Ong Island, etc featuring crystal-clear waterways and sandy beaches. Visiting Cat Ba Island, you do not forget to catch incredible moments with breath-taking scenes. With its natural beauty and geographical advantages, Cat Ba Island is one of the best Hai Phong beaches so far. 

    Explore: Cat Ba Island, Vietnam - The third biosphere reserve in Vietnam


    3. Hon Dau Island - worth visiting amongst Hai Phong beaches

    Hon Dau is one of the famous beaches in Hai Phong for its out-of-this-world landscapes. In a tranquil space, tourists can have a chance to immerse themselves into marvelous mountains and magnificent nature. Both sides of the road are full of green and softly-winding trees, making tourists feel lost in the mysterious forests. Besides, travelers can go sightseeing, swim or lay back on the untouched seashores. Obviously, after a long journey they’ll have a memorable experience here. With its pristine but charming magnificence, this top Hai Phong beach has appealed to many tourists of all ages. This incredible island is also a favorite place for visitors to check-in or take beautiful pictures. 

    4. Having a good time at Van Boi beach

    Different from the hustling beauty of Cat Ba, Van Boi beach still keeps its pristine charm amongst other beaches in Hai Phong. Van Boi beach is small and covers jutting-out cliffs, which creates special beauty. Besides, it features a short white-sandy shoreline, shallow and clear waterways. Therefore, travelers can see the pure waterways allowing them to watch the bottom of the sea with lush coral reefs. Amongst these spectacular Hai Phong beaches, tourists can indulge in splendid mountains and marvelous nature. Since this Hai Phong beach is quite secluded and pristine, travelers have more space to relax and enjoy fresh air. If you want to explore the untouched but stunning beaches in Hai Phong during your journey, Van Boi beach is something worth visiting

    5. Remarkable experiences on Nam Cat beach

    Lying on the beautiful island, Nam Cat beach is an awe-inspiring destination for tourists during this summer. Stretching over 500 meters nearby gentle and ideal clear waterways, Nam Cat beach completely embraces a white-silky strip of sand. Lots of small limestone islands create isolated but romantic landscapes emerging into the clear water. You can see the verdant floristic composition covering the whole island. That makes the best Hai Phong beach more attractive for its peaceful and charming scenery

    Coming to Nam Cat, tourists can indulge in tranquility to discover impressive beauty and great dishes, especially fresh seafood. Besides, you can join interesting activities such as swimming, kayaking to explore the island and impressive underground water grottos. You’ll have a chance to discover the isolated daily life of locals in some fishing villages in Lan Ha Bay. That would be an amazing experience for your trip. With its perfect geographies, Nam Cat beach is one of the breath-taking beaches in Hai Phong that you should visit.

    Which beaches in Hai Phong do you choose for your trip here? Seeing that most Hai Phong beaches have impressive beauty but still keep their pristine magnificence as nature endows. Thereby, the best Hai Phong beaches have become an ideal place for you to relax and chill out after stressful working-days. Traveling to Hai Phong, you’ll have an unforgettable moment with your family, friends and even partners. Besides contemplating the unspoiled beauty of the top Hai Phong beaches, you’ll join some exciting activities and taste excellent food. Hoping that the article above will bring you interesting information about the best beaches in Hai Phong. If you want to share something about these places, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. 


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