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Hai Phong Airport (HPH) - Guide to the city area & Hai Phong attractions

Hai Phong Airport (HPH) - Guide to the city area & Hai Phong attractions

Hai Phong Airport (HPH) - Guide to the city area & Hai Phong attractions

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    I. An introduction of Hai Phong Airport (HPH) 

    1. Cat Bi Airport history

    Hai Phong airport (HPH), or Cat Bi International Airport lies on the general plan of the transportation system including waterway, railway and road in Hai Phong city. This Hai Phong airport plays an important role in connecting the large cities throughout Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and Asian countries. Spontaneously, the appearance of Cat Bi airport helps to foster the economy, cultural investment as well as tourism aspects. 

    Cat Bi Airport - Hai Phong City

    Located in Hai An District, Hai Phong, Cat Bi airport is a vital airport in the northeast of Mekong Delta. The Hai Phong airport was constructed during the French colonial era and in 1985, it was reopened for flights. The airport’s location helps tourists be able to access some places in Hai Phong such as 8-kilometer from the city center, 6-kilometer from Hai Phong seaport and further Cat Ba tourism spot. 

    2. Architectural design of Hai Phong Airport

    Following the international standards, the station’s design is creative and modern architecture, attached to the image of Hai Phong city. That's a symbol of the Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son on an area of 7.500m2. The floor area is 15.630m2, featuring 2 separate highways including arrival and departure and serves both domestic and international flights. The capacity will meet about 1000 passengers in the peak hours, relative to around 2 million passengers per year. 

    The departure station lies on the 2nd floor, a large front lobby connecting with the road system and the two-story entrance for foreign and domestic passengers. There are 29 check-in counters including counters 1-16 serving domestic flights and 17-29 for international ones. On one hand, the arrival station lies on the 1st floor. This station of Hai Phong airport has fully-equipped screening, customs post and transit space for international passengers

    Recently, Hai Phong airport chiefly hosts domestic flights departing from Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang. Besides, there is a direct flight connecting Macau and Hai Phong city of Jetstar. Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar Pacific are the airline-providers that have been exploiting the flights from Cat Bi airport. 

    II. From Hai Phong Airport to the city center 

    The distance to the center city of Hai Phong from the airport is about 5 kilometers. Tourists can have lots of options including taxi, motorbike, private car and a shuttle bus to get to the city. Moreover, it takes 20 - 30 minutes from Hai Phong airport to the center, depending on which transportations and routes that you use. 

    1. Taxi 

    If you’re going with a group of 4 people and more, or with kids or the elders, you should take a taxi. The price is about VND 100.000 - 120.000/one way. There are some taxi-providers in Hai Phong such as Thong Nhat, Kim Lien, Mai Linh, etc for you to choose from. Here is some information about the contacts of taxi-providers in this city. 

    Taxi Thong Nhat 0225.3591.591
    Taxi Dat Cang 0225.3736.736
    Taxi Hai Phong 0225.3737.373 - 3838383
    Taxi Mai Linh Hai Phong 0225.3833.833 - 3833666 
    Taxi Trung Kien 0225.3262.626 - 3552552 
    Taxi Kim Lien 0225.3565.565 - 3686868 

    2. Motorbike

    Going to the city center from Cat Bi airport by motorbike is suitable for those who go alone. To take a motorbike, you have to move to the outside area of Hai Phong airport on foot. More importantly, you had better ask for the price before going. The price is about VND 60.000 to get to the center of Hai Phong. 

    3. Bus

    Choosing a bus to get to the center of Hai Phong is also another option for your trip. This way is quite suitable for those who want to save their budget. You can choose the bus number of No.18 and No.09. 

    The bus No.18: Departing from Le Hong Phong - Vong Cau Niem - Tran Nhan Tong - Five corners Kien An - Tran Tat Van - Phao Han bridge - Hoa River bridge. 

    The bus No.09: Dinh Vu - Le Thanh Tong - Le Lai - Five corners Lac Vien (Le Hong Phong) - Rao bridge - three-way crossroads Ninh Hai - Huong market - Nui Doi Town - three-way Dai Ha. 

    4. A shuttle bus

    Besides, you can get on a shuttle bus provided by travel agencies. This is also a great option, with a price of VND 200.000/one way. 

    III. Guidelines from Cat Bi Airport to other famous destinations

    Hai Phong airport guidelines introduce some ways to get to well-known destinations from the airport. They include taking a taxi, hiring a motorbike and renting a private car

    1. Taxi

    Getting on a taxi to travel to many famous attractions in Hai Phong is one of the most suitable ways. You can choose from one of the taxi-providers with the detailed contact listed above and start your journey from the airport. The cost and the time for traveling depend on which places you’re going to travel to. Remembering that before you get in a taxi, please ask for the price first. This way is normally suitable for those who are going with a group of 3 - 4 people since it’s easy to book and save your budget. 

    2. Motorbike

    Renting a motorbike to get to the tourist attractions is another option. You can ask the rental providers for bringing a motorbike to the airport. Going by motorbike is quite suitable for those who want to explore the city by themselves, especially adventure-seekers and youngsters. It allows you to stop anywhere and anytime you want. The price for renting a bike is VND 100.000 - 150.000/per day, depending on its type. This way is also an ideal choice for tight-budget travelers. 

    3. Private car 

    If you are going with a big group of travelers, especially families with kids and the elders, renting a private car is the most suitable option. It’s easy for you to book a private car through a travel agency. The cost will depend on the type and the size of the car you choose. The price starts from VND 600.000/day/a car.

    Hopefully, you’ll find these Hai Phong airport travel guidelines helpful. Taking a taxi, motorbike and a private car are the most suitable transport options to get to the center and surrounding areas from the airport. Which means of transportation do you choose? Depending on your styles of traveling, budget and time, you can select the most suitable one for your trip. If you have something you want to share with us, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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