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Weather & best time to visit Ha Giang

Weather & best time to visit Ha Giang

Weather & best time to visit Ha Giang

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    1. Weather in Ha Giang

    The time tourists usually choose to travel is in September, October, and November. Being a mountainous province, the climate is monsoon-tropical, markedly cooler than the lowland and mid-land areas. On the temperature, the hottest month (June and July).

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    Here there is drizzling rain, fog, and hoarfrost. The highlight of Ha Giang climate is maintaining warmth in high years, heavy rain and prolonged, cooler and cooler temperatures, warmer than the northeast but colder than the northwest.

    2. Best time to visit Ha Giang

    a. September – The yellow color everywhere in Hoang Su Phi

    Traveling to Ha Giang at the end of September, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of picturesque and extremely beautiful terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi. With the moderate sloping terrain, mainly large and consistent mountainous with the diligence and skill of the farmers here, Hoang Su Phi has been turned into place having the most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam.

    Therefore, this is always a desirable destination in Ha Giang tour of the photographer preferring natural beauty, pristine of the Northwest.

    b. October and November – Falling in love with buckwheat flowers

    Referring to Ha Giang, we certainly can not ignore watching buckwheat flowers’ beauty which attracts thousands of tourists each year coming. The pink color of the flowers begins to bloom on the flanks of the field, hills all over the mountains in the forest on those days of October, displaying a fanciful beauty that is so hard to describe.

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    The main flower season is in November; but, a lot of people have also dragged up here to take pictures, visiting as early as October. Ha Giang in each season has a particular color, a private beauty. In the last months of the year, people travel to Ha Giang to enjoy flowers and enjoy the cold air is always the best thing ever. You can see buckwheat flowers in the Siwang Valley, Quan Ba District, and Ma Pi Leng Pass.

    31 Jan 2020
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