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Places to visit in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Places to visit in Ha Giang, Vietnam

Places to visit in Ha Giang, Vietnam

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    1. Dong Van Plateau

    Dong Van plateau is a beauty of the mountain that has touched the hearts of visitors here. Since April 2010, the profile of the Dong Van Plateau has been submitted to UNESCO as a global geological park. This is also the first global geological park of Vietnam. Dong Van stone plateau is one of the special limestone karst areas, containing typical markers of the history of the earth’s crust development, natural phenomena, unique landscape of aesthetics and biodiversity, high and traditional culture of the community of indigenous people.

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    The Dong Van plateau has enough convergence factors to become a global geological park: geological and mineral resources, rich natural resources; Cultural identity is also very unique and impressive as the culture of the Mong, Lo Lo, Pu Pu, Dao. The plateau is also home to many of the nation’s most recognized monuments such as the Vuong’s architectural monument and Lung Cu flag post. Dong Van stone plateau, Ha Giang province is a rocky mountain area of over 1,000 meters including four districts of Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh and Quan Ba with an area of over 2,300 km2.

    It currently has more than 250,000 people living with 17 ethnic minorities, accounting for 90% of the population in the region, of which the Mong population accounts for 70% of the population, up to 230,000 people. This is the largest concentration of Mong people in the country. Hopefully, in the near future, the Dong Van Plateau will become one of the favorite destinations for domestic and international tourists when arriving in Ha Giang, the land of the Fatherland.

    Cao Van stone is the pride of the tourism industry, also attracted many international visitors here. With the advantages of hilly terrain, the longer the loop will attract more visitors to this place.

    To book tickets for Dong Van plateau tour: click here

    Price: VND 2,340,000 – 4,350,000/person

    2. Sung La Valley

    Sung La valley is located on the highway 4C, connecting the towns in the land of Ha Giang, more than 20km away from Dong Van district. Anyone who comes to this land will also go through it.

    Sung La is known as one of Ha Giang’s famous tourist spots with blooming flower gardens. The valley is known as the flower in the middle of the plateau,  attracting tourists by the rustic beauty, the quiet of the small log home, the green corn fields, the triangular flowers tenderness. The scenery of the grace is the beauty of the region of Charcoal. 

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    People often say that the Sung La Valley is like a beautiful natural painting mixed with many colors, showing that in each season, there are tree species representing the season. These are unique, different colors, but all the trees are beautiful and very beautiful. Spring can be considered as the most beautiful season of the Sung La Valley.

    Along with the shady fields, the whole natural setting of the normal rocky plateau landscape becomes brilliantly colorful: from the golden hues of the sun, the lush blue of the corn , rice, purple heart of the famous triangle flower of Ha Giang or dark green from the forest in the middle of the highland in the North West.

    In addition to the beautiful landscape, this place is known for the image of human beings, simple, sincere and especially hospitality. Many tourists love to travel Ha Giang, they love to visit the Sieve Valley to capture the beautiful natural scenery. Some people stop to ask for water here or participate in the fair and free time watching the natural scenery here.

    3. Lung Cu Flagpole


    Lung Cu flag tower is one of the national flag poles located on Lung Cu mountain, also known as Long Rong mountain, is located at 23 ° 21’49 “North latitude, 105 ° 18’58” east, in the northernmost point of Vietnam .

    From the parking lot midway up the mountain, visitors conquer 286 stone steps to the height of 1.700m, standing under the red flag yellow stars area 54m2 (statue of 54 ethnic brothers) proud.

    “Lung” in the Hmong is corn. Lung Cu is a corn valley, so it was named simply because there are large fields planted with corn and today they also plant lots of buckwheat flowers.  The flower season has become the festival of Ha Giang.

    4. Ma Pi Leng Pass

    Ma Pi Leng Pass (or Ma Phi Leng Pass) connects Dong Van and Meo Vac, with 9 slopes of 20 km in length, winding on the mountain, scenic majestic nature. This pass is a passage on the famous “Happiness” route.

    On September 10, 1959, the road named “Happiness” was started, connecting Ha Giang town with 4 districts in the highlands. On September 9, 1963, the road reached Dong Van Town, which was completed in the thousands of thousands of young volunteers and the contribution of thousands of people in the uplands. In order to execute this pass, hundreds of young volunteers have been sent alive before changing each other on the cliff to chisel rocks, mines, extending the road for each short paragraph. Therefore, the pass Ma Leng with 20 km in length is considered the work “Great Wall of Vietnam”.

    Later, with the modern machinery, the route has been expanded many times, and  Ma Pi Leng Pass has become a unique heritage of geological and landscape. Since 2009, Ma Phi Leng area has been recognized as a national-level scenic place. With tourists, Ma Phi Leng Pass has become an indispensable destination in the touristic Dong Van plateau, with the feeling of adventure and scenery on the pass that will fascinate anyone who has the opportunity to discover.

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    Places to stay in Ha Giang, Vietnam What To Eat In Ha Giang - Best Travel Guide

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