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What To Eat In Ha Giang - Best Travel Guide

What To Eat In Ha Giang - Best Travel Guide

What to eat in Ha Giang

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    1. Thang Den – Sweet and sticky

    ha giang
    Ha Giang

    Thang Den is a snack of the Ha Giang people in general and is considered food for friends to gather in the cold winter days in Dong Van town. Truly it is a specialty of Ha Giang province. Thang Den is made from glutinous rice flour, depending on the general taste as well as the taste of each person that the baker will add the bread or bean paste to the vegetarian. The shape of them is just a little bit bigger than their thumbs, were dropped in a bowl of sweet sugar mixed with coconut milk and ginger. They create a sweet, fat and spicy mixture. 

    2. Thang Co – The special food in Ha Giang

    Thang Co in Ha Giang is a characteristic of the mountain region because there are many tourists from anywhere to enjoy them. It is such a fascinating wildlife food to taste. It also means bone soup that is in success with the essential bone and the horse meat. Folly retriever, it used to be the history of 300 Years. In the war, soldiers had no pot, so they use horse skin to make large pans and use the combination to make food. Until now, the cuisine has tried to become a characteristic dish of high mountains. Whenever there is a festival, the organization is usually a fixed organization in this place to serve the festival as well as customers from everywhere.

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    3. Smoked buffalo meat – Rustic and tasty

    Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the north with many ethnic groups living together, so it is customary to put meat on the kitchen in the family. Ever since buffalo meat has become an indispensable dish and Ha Giang specialty that visitors cannot ignore when coming here. Buffalo meat, stewed barns are usually longitudinal cuts, pieces of buffalo meat – a pig is sliced into large sticks and hung up to the kitchen. Before carrying out the stove, people have spiced the meat into the meat as marinated with other spices such as chili, ginger, especially the cup.

    After a while, the pieces of meat will dry but still retain spices on it and have a very sweet and aromatic flavor. Many people come here do not forget to buy a little as a gift to everyone. It is the visitors to this place who has passed and brought buffalo meat, pig stables to many people know

    4. Five – color sticky rice – Playing with rice

    There are five distinct colors: white, yellow, purple, red, green and harmonious to create good food that catches the eye. This sticky rice is made from a kind of glutinous and sticky rice cooked by the ethnic people themselves, each fragrant white rice is selected and they have a specific characteristic in the colors of sticky rice. Smooth and colorful plastic fragrant, it will be hard to eat if it stays for a long time. It is rolled by the ethnic people to eat when going to work in the field because the distance from home to work is quite far away so they brought food at that time without having to go back. 

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    Every food you can find in the Dong Van market, which is in the Dong Van plateau.

    31 Jan 2020
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