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Things to do in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Things to do in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

Things to do in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

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    1.  Enjoy relaxing moments with Blind Massage 

    After a long, tired journey, there is nothing better than a couple of hours of treatment with massage therapy. Whether you need to relax, relieve the chronic pain or reduce muscle tension, the blind massage can enhance your overall sense of mental and physical health. The blind massage therapists today are trained to combine the traditional Vietnamese and modern massage therapy techniques with other therapies to treat their clients. Besides, they make use of valuable herbs to improve the considerable advantages. Let’s visit that center, enjoy the massage while soft, sultry saxophone music echoes in the corridor.

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    There are two popular massage therapy centers in Dong Hoi. The first one is supported by the Community Center for the Blind of Quang Binh Province. This center was found to provide an income stream that will allow the owners to support themselves and other blind massage therapists. Therefore, when coming to this service, you not only relax yourself but give a hand for the blind.

    The other one is of Nam Long hotel. The owner of this hotel is kind-hearted and she’s also willing to support the local charity and help the blind set up a blind massage in her hotel as well.

    The average price is VND 70.000 per hour. Besides, you can choose the herbal steam method in the price of from VND 20.000 to VND 50.000.


    Blind Massage Therapy Center

    Address:  No. 43 Van An Street, Dong Hoi

    Nam Long Hotel

    Address:  No. 22 Ho Xuan Huong, Dong Hoi, Vietnam

    Tel: (+84) 91 892 3595



    2.  Rider Tour - The most interesting way to discover the city

    The first impression of most tourists about Dong Hoi city is its absolute tranquility. There is very little traffic and even fewer pedestrians giving the feeling of a town that time forgot. Ride a bike and thread your way through the quietness of the city. Then, leisurely rid along the boulevard where some fishing boats tied up on the river. Listen to the river wave tapping into the bank and let’s fresh wind cool down your face. 

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    Don’t forget to visit historic Vietnam War relics, marvel at the beauty of Nhat Le Beach and explore the wet market to understand the lifestyle of the local. You can rent a bike from your hotel or from the rental shops I mentioned above. Don’t forget to bring the cameras to capture unforgettable moments in this charming city.

    3.  Join in coffee talks with the locals

    Coffee shops appear in almost every corners of the world. However, dropping in a coffee shop, enjoying a cup of brown iced coffee is an activity worth doing when visiting Dong Hoi. Coffee in Vietnam is different in quality and the way people brew them. To make a cup of coffee, people use a stainless steel filter. Firstly, they add condensed milk to glass. As condensed milk is very sweet, they don’t use much. Start with just enough to cover the bottom, maybe 1.5 cm. Then, they put dark roasted coffee into the stainless steel filter and then pour the hot water into it. Next, they wait for the black coffee drops bit by bit into a glass. Finally, they Stir the condensed milk into the brewed coffee and add ice cubs as many as you like.


    Spending time in a nice coffee also helps you to make new friends and have interesting talks with some educated Vietnamese people. It will be great opportunity of learning more and more about local life, about the difference between the lifestyle and culture between your and their country. You can also pick up some words of Vietnamese language, which is a great way to break the ice with locals.


    Here are some popular coffee shops in Dong Hoi:


    GEMINAI Bistro

    Address:  No. 56 Nguyen Du Street, Dong My Ward, Dong Hoi City

    Tel: (+84) 232 3938 888

    Price: VND 40.000 – VND 320.000

    Coco's coffee Bar Classic

    Address:  No 57. Nguyen Hu Canh Street, Dong Hoi City

    Tel: (+84) 232.3857373


    Price: VND 22.000 – VND 55.000

    Iced Coffee

    Address:  No.34 Nguyen Du Street, Dong My Ward, Dong Hoi City

    Tel: (+84) 93 595 13 33

    Price: VND 26.000 – VND 50.000


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    Places to visit in Dong Hoi, Vietnam What to eat in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

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    Places to visit in Dong Hoi, Vietnam What to eat in Dong Hoi, Vietnam

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