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About Dong Hoi

About Dong Hoi

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    Dong Hoi (Đồng Hới) is the capital city of Quang Binh, a coastal province in the North Central of Vietnam. Dong Hoi is also the land of Vietnam with around 40 kilometers from east to west. Clinging to the bank of Nhat Le River, Dong Hoi is around 486 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, 160 kilometers to the north of Hue and 1,204 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh city. With its central location, Dong Hoi is becoming an appealing breakpoint of tourists traveling from Hanoi to Hue and Ho Chi Minh. The name “Dong Hoi” derived from the words “Đông Hải” (东海) in Cantonese (China) dialect. It means the “east sea”. As its name suggests, Dong Hoi encompasses a 12-kilometer-long coastline with magnificent sandy beaches. Unlike most other coastal cities in Vietnam, Dong Hoi is not crowded and huddle at all. Many tourists visiting here are greatly surprised at this city’s quietness. There are very little traffic and even fewer pedestrians. Therefore, Dong Hoi is the wonderland for those people seeking for mindfulness and peace in the soul.

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    Historical highlights of Dong Hoi

    Widely known as the “City of Roses”, Dong Hoi suffered greatly during the Vietnam War. Owning the strategic location close to the dividing line between North and South, Dong Hoi became an ideal mid-way battleground. On February 11, 1965, American B-52s heavily devastated Dong Hoi and razed it to the ground. There are only two historical monuments left up to now which are the gate and the bell tower. They are the very symbol of Dong Hoi’s resilience.Today, Dong Hoi has risen from the ashes and is now the gateway to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. Traveling to Dong Hoi now, you’ll feel like you have been made to privy to a secret the rest of the world has yet to hear.

    24 Feb 2020
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