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Weather & Best time to travel in Dalat, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Dalat, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Dalat, Vietnam

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    Weather in Dalat, Vietnam

    General weather in Dalat, Vietnam

    As the nickname “City of the eternal spring” suggests, Dalat is cool all year round. Surrounded by mountains and forests, especially pine forest, Dalat is the area having the most stable weather in Vietnam. The average temperature ranges from 18oC to 21oC. The highest temperature ever recorded in Dalat is 21oC and the lowest is not less than 5oC. The average amplitude of temperature between months of a year is small, the variation is only 3.5oC between the warmest month and the coldest one. In contrast, the diurnal temperature range is considerable. It can reach to 11oC in the dry season.

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    That’s why only in Dalat can you see four seasons in a day including summer, autumn, winter, and spring. The annual precipitation is estimated from 1500 mm to 1750 mm. Dalat features the pretty high humidity throughout the year which is around 82% on average. The tropical storm never appears here. There are only high winds of typhoon blowing from the sea.

    Dalat climate is characterized by the common traits of subtropical highland climate and plateau climate. There are two distinct seasons in Dalat: dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from November to April, while the rainy season starts in May and ends in October.

    Dry Season in Dalat, Vietnam (from November to April)

    The dry season sees the highest temperature in the year with the highest one is 19.1oC in April and the lowest one. In those months, the sky is always bright and the weather is pleasant. Therefore, this season will be the best time for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, trekking, cruising, rappelling, and horseback riding. In the daytime, it is fresh and warm; meanwhile, it is pretty chilly at night. Therefore, when visiting Dalat, you have to pack with both light cotton clothes and light coats. Make sure to bring an umbrella with you in case of small drizzle rains.

    Rainy Season in Dalat, Vietnam (from May to October)

    The rainy season in Dalat is under the influence of the South-West monsoon. Dalat is also affected by the equatorial air masses from the south to the north, which contributes to the high moisture. During these months, Dalat sees constant heavy rains for several days. Meanwhile, the tropical air masses originating from the Pacific sometimes form the dry periods for Dalat in the rainy season.

    When is the best time to travel to Dalat?

    From October to December

    Widely known as “Sapa of the South”, Dalat features cool and pleasant weather throughout the year. That’s why people visit this romantic land all year round. The best time to visit Dalat is from October to December despite the cold weather. It’s time when hundreds of wildflowers are in full blossom, which creates gorgeous scenery along the roads. At the end of December is the celebration of the Dalat Flower Festival. This festival has been celebrated every two years since 2005 to honor the value of flowers, promote the local flower industry and tourism industry. Joining Dalat Flower Festival, you can have chances of admiring the flower exhibitions and flower car parades. In addition, you will definitely marvel at many amazing artworks made of fresh flowers. Moreover, the beauty and romance of Dalat in these months will help you to have stunning photoshoots. The themes can vary from breathtaking flower gardens to the magnificent waterfalls, lovely lakes, and the green hills.

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    From February to March

    The other great time to travel to Dalat is from February to March. Coming to Dalat during these months, don’t forget to visit the strawberry farms. Thanks to the ideal weather condition, Dalat is suitable for growing various vegetables and fruits, especially strawberry. The harvest time of strawberry runs from December to April of the next year. However, strawberries are perfectly ripe, most abundant and best yummy in February and March. Picking up by yourself some red, fresh strawberries and giving them as presents to your family will be an interesting experience. It’s also a chance for you to know more about local life. The Lunar New Year also occurs in February and March. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the pagoda. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture and understand more about the spiritual life of the locals. There are three choices for you including Linh Quang pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda, and Truc Lam monastery.

    From May to August

    If you are a fan of adventure activities, from May to August is a wonderful time for you. The temperature increases slightly, but it’s still pleasant and comfortable. If you accidentally visit Vietnam during these months – the hottest months in almost all regions, Dalat is the heaven for you to hide from the hot air and intense annoyance of the nearby crowded cities. On sunny days, you can take part in numerous outdoor activities such as white-water rafting, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, paragliding, and canyoning. In addition, you can visit the Prenn Waterfall and climb up the back of an ostrich, or ride an elephant which will take you through many nature areas such as green forests, small creeks, and lovely lakes. In drizzly days, you can stretch in the cozy couch, enjoy a cup of hot coffee and admire the romantic city hiding in the sea of mist. The harmony of bird’s sound, damp smell of soil, sparkling dewdrops on leaves will make you feel relaxing, comfortable and delightful.

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