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Best 15 things to buy in Da Lat - Dalat travel guide

Best 15 things to buy in Da Lat - Dalat travel guide

Best 15 things to buy in Da Lat - Da Lat travel guide

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    1. Strawberry

    Everyone knows that Da Lat is a land of strawberries, full of delicious and beautiful strawberries. In Da Lat, there is a service of picking strawberries directly in the gardens, with many kinds of strawberries from New Zealand, France, and Japan grown by many different methods.

    Dalat things to buy

    You can have a wonderful experience and can buy the fruit that you like in the garden. Because of this, the price of strawberries picked in the garden is often much higher than the price you buy at dealers or Da Latmarkets.

    - Price:
    + Strawberry in the garden: 100.000 - 300.000 vnd/kg
    + Strawberries at the market: 80.000 - 120.000 vnd/kg

    Suggested address:
    • High-quality hydroponic strawberry garden of Van Thanh - Da Lat
    • Bio Fresh Da LatCompany
    • Japanese strawberry garden in Da Lat 162 Thanh Mau, Ward 7, Da Latcity.
    • Strawberry garden of Mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh 46 Da Phu, Ward 7, Da Lat.
    • The Strawberry Garden of Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung 35 Ho Xuan Huong, Ward 9, Da Lat.
    • Phuoc Tho Strawberry Garden 159A Thanh Mau.

    2. Da Lat Avocado

    Da Lat avocados sell a lot in most of traditional markets or supermarkets, however, there are many types of avocado such as hass avocado, hall avocado, tonnage avocado, ... When you want to buy some, you should ask carefully and clearly.

    Dalat things to buy

    Currently, hass avocado is still the type of choice of most Vietnamese and foreign tourists because of the high-fat flesh and the nutty taste.
    Da Lat hass avocado season is from May to early August. This type of avocado covered with green skin, yellow mottled spots. Hass avocado has a high percentage of fat and nutrition.

    To be able to choose the delicious avocado, visitors should choose the fruit that when gently shaking will feel the seeds rolling inside and the stem is still fresh. After buying, you should store in a cool place.

    - Price: 70.000 - 80.000 vnd/kg
    - Suggested address: Da Lat market

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    3. Da Lat Persimmon

    Persimmon trees have been present in Da Lat for a long time. In the past, people mainly harvested ripe persimmons for sale, jam or drying. But about ten years ago, people often turned to harvest persimmon when the old fruit is gradually turning to pale yellow to incubate making brittle persimmon. 

    For 1 layer to 1 layer of newspaper, tie the bag tightly to about 7 - 10 days of roses that are acrid, crunchy and sweet. Since then, the Da Lat people have added a new specialty with the name of a very rustic but no less attractive - Da Lat crunchy persimmon. 

    Da Lat spring usually lasts from July to November every year. You can visit the local persimmon gardens to take photos and buy them directly.

    - Price:
    Fresh persimmons: 35,000 - 50,000 vnd/kg
    Da Lat crunchy persimmon: 140,000 - 180,000 vnd/pack/500 grams


    Suggested address:
    • Da Lat Market
    • Pink flower production establishment hangs Khe Sanh Street, Da Lat
    • Da Lat Market One Member Co., Ltd., 12 Phan Chu Trinh, Da Lat.
    • Hong hung Hanh Station No. 007/1 Tram Hanh, Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat.

    4. Da Lat honey-sweet potato

    The sweet potato is mainly grown in Ta Nung and Duc Trong areas. The characteristics of potatoes are very sweet, high sugar so they are called honey-sweet potatoes.

    Dalat things to buy

    This type of potato needs to be boiled/baked thoroughly. The most popular way is to put a few stainless steel spoons at the bottom of the pot, put potatoes on top and cover the lid to simmer for about 30 minutes to have a sweet potato dish. 

    Potatoes purchased should be dried for 1-2 sun exposure to nourish more honey.

    - Price: 25 - 40 vnd/kg
    - Suggested address: Da Lat market

    5. Handmade wool stuff and socks

    If you like handmade wool, you can go to Domane de Marie church to buy. The wool clothes and accessories at this famous Da Lat shopping address were made by the nuns themselves, so the quality and knitting line were very soft and firm.

    Dalat things to buy

    In particular, if you want to customize for your preferences, you can order then come back for 1-2 days. However, the price will be a bit higher than usual.

    Or if you have time, learning how to knit with Domane de Mariee is also an interesting experience when traveling to Da Lat.

    In addition, you can go to Da Lat night market with many stalls selling woolen and socks with many different designs. Socks at Dalat market sell very cheaply, only about 5.000 vnd/pair.

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    6. Brocade

    Anyone passing by brocade stalls wants to stop, look and choose to buy a few types of hand baskets, wallet, pen box ... with a very delicate, fancy and attractive color combination.

    Currently, more and more brocade stalls are being sold at tourist attractions such as Love Valley, Langbiang mountain, Prenn waterfall …

    7. Atiso (Artichoke)

    Atiso is one of the high-class vegetables and a typical product of Da Lat, atiso is an herb with cool properties, bittersweetness, non-toxic, and has many nutritious ingredients for human health.

    things to buy in da lat

    Therefore, people use it to replace daily drinking tea and to make nutritious food.

    - Price: 120k - 150k/kg fresh flowers
    - Suggested address: Da Lat market

    8. Da Lat Flowers

    Da Lat is known as the land of flowers, so when you come here you can buy fresh or dried flowers as a gift. However, according to Da Lat tourism experience, self-sufficient shopping, you should buy flowers and seeds to grow on your own, not fresh flowers because they are easily crushed during transportation.

    Suggested address:
    • Da Lat Market
    • Da Lat Hasfarm fresh flower showroom 1 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dalat
    • Langbiang Farm 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Da Lat
    • Da Lat Flower Biotechnology Joint Stock Company 7A/1 Mai Anh Dao, Da Lat
    • Minh dried flower establishment 04 Ho Tung Mau, Da Lat

    9. Dried vegetables, jam

    Someone said if one day Da Lat no longer flowers, people would call the city as a land of vegetables. Dalat has a year-round temperate climate, so there are many kinds of vegetables only this place can grow.

    things to buy in dalat

    However, the preservation of fresh vegetables is not simple so people use the drying method to turn vegetables into a snack, meeting the needs of distant customers. Dried vegetables are quite cheap, eye-catching colors and you should try them before buying.

    Suggested address:
    • Da Lat Market
    • Jam oven street: located on Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Mai Anh Dao, Nguyen Tu Luc streets.

    10. Da Lat juice

    Fruit juice is a famous specialty of Da Lat. Through the process of processing with traditional formulas and modern technology, fruit juice was born with a delicious, rich flavor, bringing health improvement features, often appearing on banquet tables and meals.

    things to buy in Dalat

    Preserved in many sizes bottles, Da Lat fruit juice is on the list of gifts to bring from every tourist away. Just convenient for travel, just keep for at least 6 months, the juice has many types to choose from such as passion fruit, forest strawberries, grapes, orange juice ...

    Located in a specific region of the Central Highlands, Da Lat is also famous for its coffee. There are 3 types of coffee that are considered to be Dalat's famous specialties
    Price: 70,000 - 300,000 vnd/ bottle depending on the size

    Suggested address:
    • Da Lat Market
    • Lafresh Store 14 Tran Phu Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City
    • Chain of Langfarm system in Da Lat

    11. Coffee

    Located in a specific region of the Central Highlands, Da Lat is also famous for its coffee. There are 3 types of coffee that are considered to be Da Lat's famous specialties

    Arabica coffee: recognized by the American Starbucks brand as one of the seven best coffee in the world and sold by famous brand shops around the world. is the queen of the Arabica line.

    things to buy in dalat

    With a very special taste, sour taste and passionate, classic aroma, Cau Dat Moka deserves to be a premium coffee brand that elevates Vietnam on the world coffee map.

    Copi Luwak coffee (Ca phe Chon): a delicious, rare and expensive coffee in the world.

    Lam Dong coffee: processed by a closed process and modern technology, plus a different coffee taste due to the soil, as well as the natural conditions and the dedication of farmers.

    For those who are connoisseurs of coffee, fall in love with this "addictive" drink, Da Lat coffee is a psychological gift and cannot be more wonderful.

    Suggested address:
    • Le Ky Coffee - Phan Dinh Phung / Hoa Binh, Da Lat
    • Long Trieu Coffee - Số 5A Lê Lai
    • Nghiem Ba Thi Coffee - Số 1C Nguyễn Khuyến
    • Trai ferret coffee, Da Lat.
    • Cau Dat tea hill, Xuan Truong, Da Lat

    12. Tea

    Da Lat has many kinds of tea such as Oolong tea, jasmine tea, artichoke tea, green tea, and tea bags. However, the specialty here must mention artichoke tea. It’s is popular when you see tourists buy some packages of this kind to drink or as gifts for relatives. 

    Artichoke extract is made from artichoke leaves, characterized by bitterness, but leaves a slightly sweet aftertaste.

    Suggested address:
    • Trai ferret coffee, Da Lat.
    • Cau Dat tea hill, Xuan Truong, Da Lat

    13. Da Lat Wine (Vang Da Lat)

    Appearing since 1999, among the top 10 best wines in the world, Da Lat wine has become the pride of the people of Da Lat whenever it comes to it. Unlike other types of wine in the world, fermented from fresh fruits such as grapes, plums, etc., Da Latwine is extracted from mulberry - a typical fruit of this fruit country.

    things to buy in da lat

    A gift specialty suitable for all classes because Da Lat wine is divided into different categories depending on the quality. With low alcohol strength, only from 12-14%, Dalat wine is a good drink for health when used properly and in the right dose.

    - Price: 300,000 - 1,000,000 vnd depending on the type

    Suggested address:
    • Da Lat Wine Factory Headquarters: Số 31 Ngo Van So Street, Dalat
    • Vang Da Lat Showroom 03 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Dalat
    • Vinh Tien wine showroom 01 Le Hong Phong, Da Lat
    • Vang Beco Showroom. Address: kios number 1, area of ​​Hoa Binh, Da Lat.

    14. Lotus stone

    Stone lotus is a kind of cactus, has a strong vitality and is easy to take care of. In recent years, stone lotus has become more and more popular, both as a gift and a home decoration.

    things to buy in Dalat

    tone lotus is sold in Da Lat market of many types and at a very cheap price, only from 10.000 vnd.

    15. XQ embroidery painting

    So far, there have been more than 3,000 embroidery workers, including more than 2,000 artisans and 6 companies in Vietnam and abroad. All of the embroidery here are completely hand-embroidered, reflecting the theme of Vietnamese traditional culture and history.

    You can visit and buy paintings at XQ Treat Quan village at 258 Mai Anh Dao street.

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