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Shopping in Da Lat Market - The Best Travel Guide

Shopping in Da Lat Market - The Best Travel Guide

Shopping in Da Lat Market - The Best Travel Guide

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    1. Overview of Da Lat Market

    History of Da Lat Market

    Da Lat Market was built in 1958, on the old market named Cho Cay. Da Lat Market was designed and completed by the architect Nguyen Duy Duc in 1960.

    Da lat market things to buy

    Due to the growing demand for commerce and trade of the city. On April 3, 1993, the B block of Da Lat market was constructed to expand the area designed by two architects Le Van Ray and Tran Hung.

    Da Lat day and night Market opening time

    Da Lat Market is the major trading center of the city, so the operating time is almost all day. activities and shopping in Dalat Market are separated by two main time - Day Market and Night Market.

    da lat market things to buy

    From 7 am to 5 pm: This is the period of time when business activities, trading in the market. With many items, necessities are sold to serve the needs of the city people and visitors.

    From 5 pm to 0 am (Da Lat Night Market): This is a time. Tourists and local people choose to visit Da Lat market. During the busiest trading time of the day, almost every night here is crowded.

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    2. Things you can buy when you visit Da Lat Market

    Types of jam at Da Lat market


    da lat things to buy
    Da Lat Market with countless kinds of jam.

    Coming to Da Lat market, you realize that almost everything, from fruits to vegetables can be made into jam. The jam is delicious and appealing to the heart. If you are a foodie, the jam stalls at Da Lat market are a destination not to be missed.

    The basis of fruits and vegetables.

    Da Lat is a land with a cool climate year-round. So agriculture has developed strongly and asserted its brand in the market.

    Coming to Da Lat market, visitors can choose easily with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. They are sold everywhere, all fresh.

    Most of the vegetables and fruits in Da Lat market are local agricultural products, so they are fresh and affordable. If you want to buy as gifts, you should buy at the big store, will be more prestigious and pack more carefully.

    Atiso tea Da Lat - Artichoke tea

    Artichoke is one of the special types of vegetables and a typical product of Da Lat . One of the most famous and favorite Da Lat specialties is artichoke tea. Not only the delicious drink in daily life of Dalat people, but artichoke tea also brings a lot of good health benefits that you should not ignore.

    dalat market things to buy

    Artichoke tea is a very good drink for health but should not drink too much because if you drink more than 1 liter of tea per day, the acrid component in it will affect the intestinal tract, which can cause intestinal tightness

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    Handmade wool.

    Da Lat is a region with a cold climate all year round, so it is not uncommon to have a lot of woolen shops in Da Lat market. Wool stuff in Da Lat market is the thing many tourists choose to buy as gifts for their friends.

    Lots of wool items for you to choose such as sweaters, woolen hat, scarves, gloves... You can buy as a gift or buy yourself a wool suit to walk around. In addition, Da Lat market also sells a lot of products to serve the needs of people.

    Da Lat flower

    Because Da Lat is known as the "city of flowers", it is common for Da Lat market to have so many types of beautiful flowers. With a cool climate all year round, Da Lat flower is very popular in Vietnam and exports a lot for another country.

    things to buy at da lat market

    The petals are sparkling with all colors and shapes, highlighting all the corners of the market. Here you can choose for yourself the favorite flowers to return home with a gift of the "city of flowers".

    Cau Dat Moka coffee

    Cau Dat Moka Coffee is known as the queen of the Arabica line. Moka is the Arabica Bourbon which was introduced to Vietnam by Frenchs and grown in Da Lat since the French colonial period.

    things to buy at da lat market

    Moka Cau Dat is a very special kind of coffee bean, cultivated in the land of Dat Cau, Da Lat, with a very special flavor, an elegant sour taste, ecstatic, luxurious and classic fragrance.
    In pure coffee, Moka is more expensive because the conditions of planting and caring are quite meticulous.

    3. Note when you visit Da Lat Market

    There have been many stories about the situation of being "ripped off"  when visiting Da Lat night market. Although authorities have been involved many times, after a short time the situation was still present. Here I will summarize some experiences for your reference.

    • Don’t eat a lot at Da Lat Night Market
    • Should buy specialties at origins store like L’angfarm.
    • If you want to eat or buy something, you should ask carefully for the price, each dish, each piece.
    • Be careful with photographers on the street.
    • Be careful with what is valuable to you because Da Lat night market is very crowded.


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    Best 15 things to buy in Da Lat - Dalat travel guide Top 13 Da Lat coffee shop you should try - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

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    Best 15 things to buy in Da Lat - Dalat travel guide Top 13 Da Lat coffee shop you should try - The Best Vietnam Travel Guide

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