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3 ways to get around Dalat, Vietnam

3 ways to get around Dalat, Vietnam

3 ways to get around Dalat, Vietnam

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    Getting around Dalat by train – The unique way

    Only in Dalat can you explore the beauty of the city by train. Dalat Railway Station was designed by two French architects in 1932 and opened in 1938. It was regarded as one of the finest parts of the French colonists’ plan to turn Dalat into a paradise in Indochina. During the Vietnam War, there were two daily trains connecting Dalat to Nha Trang and Dalat to Saigon with three compartments for passengers and one for goods. Since 1975, Dalat Railway Station stopped handling passenger and cargo transportation and only provided tourists with the 7-kilometer route from Dalat to Trai Mat Station.

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    Sitting on the train running at low speed, you can enjoy the full sight of Dalat from many different angles. During the journey, you can get the chance of experiencing the peaceful lifestyle of the local people, looking for fresh vegetables and fruits in the local market and visiting Linh Phuoc Pagoda as well. The train operates from 07:455 to 17:35 every day. There are five trips per day that depart successively at 07:45, 09:50, 11:55, 14:00 and 16:05. Each trip will last about 30 minutes and required a minimum of 20 passengers. The price is from VND 108,000 to VND 150,000 for the round trip and VND 72,000 for the one-way trip.

    Dalat Railway Station
    Address: No. 01 Quang Trung Street, Ward 10, Dalat City

    Getting around Dalat by “motor taxi” – The most convenient way

    Motor-taxi, a locally-grown special transportation service, is very popular in every corner of Vietnam, especially in a hilly area like Dalat. The driver (mainly is a man) will ride the motorbike, and all you need to do is boarding behind his back, putting the helmet on, and getting ready to discover the city. Catching the awesome sights, taking a deep breath of the fresh highland will be an extremely thrilling experience to remember.

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    There are numerous motor-taxi drivers. However, it’s not always easy for a foreign traveler to get the best deal. In some ways, you will need to reach the level of a novice in the art of bargaining. Normally, the total price depends on the distance, the quality of the roads and sometimes on the weather condition. The reasonable price ranges from VND 10, 000 to VND 20,000 per kilometer. Remember to ask the price clearly to reach an agreement before sitting down on the pillion.

    Another interesting thing about motor-taxi is that the drivers are like a live map. They know every corner, every road like the back of their hand. You don’t have to worry about getting lost if traveling with them. In addition, you can ask them for a suggestion in case of having no idea where to go or what to eat.

    Getting around Dalat by motorbike

    Traveling to Vietnam, the country of the motorcycle, what a pity it will be if you don’t try riding a motorbike. With a motorbike, you can reach anywhere you want in the city. You can travel anytime you like and don’t have to depend on anyone. Let’s rent a motorbike for a couple of dollars and thread your way through the city. Dalat is a popular destination; therefore, almost all points are located exactly on the online map. However, to prepare for the worst, remember to bring an offline map with you. Take into consideration that you fill up the fuel before starting the trip.

    Thao Vy Motorbike Rental Shop
    Address: No. A13, Nguyen Khuyen, Ward 05, Dalat City
    Tel: (+84) 63-398-8699
    Hotline: (+84) 919-331-288
    Price: VND 80,000 – VND 130,000
    Open: 07:00 – Close: 23:00

    Minh Khang Motorbike Rental Shop
    Address: No. 5A, Thu Khoa Huan, Ward 01, Dalat City
    Tel: (+84) 633-747- 858
    Hotline:  (+84) 938-205-070
    Price: VND 70,000 – VND 170,000
    Open: 07:00 – Close: 23:00

    23 Jan 2020
    3 ways to get to Dalat from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other cities Top things to do in Con Dao Islands

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    3 ways to get to Dalat from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other cities Top things to do in Con Dao Islands

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