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12 Places to visit in Da Nang, Vietnam

12 Places to visit in Da Nang, Vietnam

12 Places to visit in Da Nang, Vietnam

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    1. Han river bridge – A symbol of Da Nang, Vietnam

    This is an attraction that you should not miss when you travel to Da Nang. The bridge is specially designed in which the center of the bridge can split and rotate 90o along the vertical axis of the bridge. This action is to create a way for vessels to dock. But this is not the only attraction. Han River Bridge is also a popular check-in place due to the shimmering lights in the bridge combined with the lights from the city.

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    The activity occurs at 1:00 – 2:00 A.M from Monday to Friday and at 23:00 – 24:00 on weekend so don’t miss it. 

    2. Dragon bridge – Did you ever see a bridge that breathes fire?

    Another interesting designed bridge in Da Nang. It looks like what it is called – a dragon. The head of the dragon is shaped like the model of the dragon in Ly Dynasty and the tail is stylized from lotus. It was recognized as one of the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world by Viralnova in 2014 due to not just interesting design but the light system and the ability to breathing fire and water. The breathing fire and water show are held on Saturday and Sunday night at 21:00.  If you want to admire this event, you should get to the bridge early because it is very crowded.

    3. My Khe Beach – One of the top 6 the world most beautiful beaches in Da Nang, Vietnam

    My Khe Beach was voted to be one of the 6 most beautiful beaches in the world by American Economic Review Forbes magazine and top 10 Asian beaches in 2010 by Australian Sunday Herald Sun. Besides swimming, there are many activities like Kayak sailing, surfing, glider, etc. The most charming moment of My Khe Beach is sunrise, when you can feel the fresh air of the morning, watching the sun rises up from the horizon and orange the whole sky.

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    4. Sun World Da Nang Wonders – The biggest entertainment center in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Located in the midst of Da Nang, the entertainment complex of Sun World Da Nang Wonders has become one of the most attractive places in the city with interesting designs, unique decorations, music performances and modern games for all kinds of age, from thrilling games to games for the kids.

    When you get tired, you can visit Ngu Hanh Culinary Space with hundred of dishes of Vietnamese cousin at an affordable price.

    When the sun goes down, you can admire the gorgeous night in Da Nang from the 115 m high view at Sun Wheel Da Nang, which is one of the top 5 highest wheels in the world.

    The all-in price for an adult is VND 200,000 – 300,000
    The all-in price for a kid is VND 150,000 – 200,000
    Address: No. 1, Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang

    5. Son Tra Peninsula – Where the most memorable experiences wait for you

    a. Linh Ung Temple – The blessing of Da Nang, Vietnam

    Linh Ung temple is the newest, biggest and the most beautiful among three Linh Ung temples in Da Nang. This temple is 10 km far from Da Nang in Northeast. The highlight here is the statue of Guanyin Buddha is considered as the highest in Vietnam. The statue is like a blessing for the peace, happiness, stable weather and prosperity for the people in this city.

    b. Tien Sa Beach – The pristine hiding in Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang, Vietnam

    Located 10km far from the central city, Tien Sa Beach lies independently in the North of Son Tra Peninsula with wild and quiet sceneries. This is where you can blend with nature, with turquoise water, white sand, and sunlight. Tien Sa Beach is an ideal destination for a wonderful vacation.

    c. The Black Stones – The Ideal location to run away from modern life

    Hiding on the Northside of Son Tra Peninsula, the Black Stones has its own way of pristine. There are many big, black stones lying interspersed or stacked to create interesting shapes. In addition, some rocks gather around and create small ponds. These ponds are usually very transparent with light waves which are very suitable for swimming. If you are on tour, they may have fishing and scuba diving activities

    d. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – High-quality resort for a fancy vacation in Da Nang

    Located in the North Beach of Son Tra Peninsula, InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort has been visited by many celebrities in the world. They said this construction is the crystallization of Vietnamese culture lying in every design. The high-quality and diversity services are what people think about every time this resort is mentioned.

    6. Ngu Hanh Mountains – Marble Mountain, Da Nang 

    Ngu Hanh Mountains is the name of five individual rock mountains located 11 km far from Da Nang in Southeast. Inside these mountains are interesting caves and sacred temples. Five mountains represent five basic elements of the universe, which are fire, water, earth, wood and metal.

    The Thuy Mountain (water), which is 100 m high, is the most attractive place. There is an elevator that carries you to the top or you can walk on the stone steps, visit the interesting temples and caves in this mountain, admire the beauty of the sunlight streak through the ravines inside these caves. Huyen Khong cave is considered as the most beautiful cave in this mountain.

    The Guanyin Buddha festival occurs annually on February 19th in the moon calendar at Thuy Mountain.
    The price for visit Thuy Mountain is VND 40,000. The price for a two-way ticket of the elevator is VND 30,000 (VND 15,000 for one-way one).

    7. Ba Na Hill – A literary European space in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Ba Na Hill Tourism area located at Nui Chua Peak, Ba Na Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful mountains in Da Nang. This is one of the attractive tourist destinations, attracting millions of tourists every year. The weather in this location is always cool and France style construction that makes you feel like you are really in a European town. To get there, you need to get in the cable car at 1,400 m high, watching the whole city from above.

    Ba Na Hill has hotels, resorts and modern entertainment center that offer you the best vacation ever. You can go to Le Jardin d’Amour garden for the beautiful check-in photos, experience the France architecture at France Village, admire the majestic of nature at Toc Tien waterfall or enjoy the thrilling games at Fantasy Park.

    The price for an adult is VND 650,000 and VND 300.000 for a kid

    8. My Son Sanctuary – The ancient sacred place of a lost kingdom in Da Nang, Vietnam

    My Son Sanctuary is an ancient sacred area of Cham people, which belonged to the ancient Champa Kingdom. This is the center of Hindu in Indochina with typical architecture, statue designs and the gods they worship. Here you can admire the prosperity of an ancient kingdom from a cultural perspective.

    9. Hoi An Ancient Town – Turn back in time to the 17th century in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Hoi An was once the crowded international port, the meeting place of the Japanese, Chinese and Western merchant ships during the 17th and 18th centuries. Hoi An Ancient Town is an old quarter of Hoi An at that time which has been restored nearly completely lies on the bank of Thu Bon River. Houses in this quarter were designed as the traditional architecture from the 17th century. Besides the value of architecture, Hoi An also keeps many cultural values in the daily life of Hoi An people with traditional customs, religious activities, folk arts, and cultural festivals.

    10. Hue the Imperial City – Finding out how a king lived in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Hue Imperial City is the capital of Nguyen Dynasty in 143 years from 1802 to 1945. The palace of Nguyen Dynasty has been recognized as a World Culture Heritage by UNESCO. The palace includes more than 100 constructions in an area of 520 ha. Inside the area also has many gardens, ponds, large stones and stone bridges to harmonize Feng Shui. Some of the highlights that you shouldn’t miss are Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Can Chanh Palace, Thai Binh Tower, etc.

    The price to visit Hue Imperial City is VND 150,000/adult
    You can also visit the tombs of Nguyen Dynasty’s kings. They reflect not just the art in Nguyen Dynasty but the characteristic of the king himself. The ticket price is VND 40,000 – 100,000/adult.

    To read more detail about traveling to Hue the Imperial City, click here.

    11. Cham island – a world Biosphere Reverse in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Cham island is a group of 8 small islands that connected with the prosperity of the ancient Hoi An International Port. In this island, there are many relics of Sa Huynh, Champa, Dai Viet culture with ancient buildings of Cham and Vietnamese people hundreds of year ago. This island is a part of Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, a world Biosphere Reverse recognized by UNESCO with diverse flora and fauna, coral reefs, especially seafood and the resource of Salangane’s nests.

    Cham island is a completely non-plastic bag so remind yourself to not carry any in your luggage.
    You can travel to Cham island by speedboat which cost VND 150,000/one-way ticket
    Address: Tan Hiep, Hoi An, Quang Nam, 15 km from Cua Dai beach

    12. Hai Van Pass – Conquering the longest pass of Vietnam in Da Nang, Vietnam

    Hai Van Pass is 500 m high (compares with the sea level) and 20 km long. This pass, in many centuries, is the wall that blocks the influent between the culture of the North and the one in the South. But still, it is the one separates the tropical monsoon climate of Southern Vietnam and the sub-tropic climate of the North. You can feel the fresh cool air when getting into the clouds cover on the top of the mountain.

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