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3 Amazing Festivals in Da Nang

3 Amazing Festivals in Da Nang

3 Amazing Festivals in Da Nang

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    If you are planning for a Da Nang adventure tour in someday; in order to make your trip more fabulous, you should come to special occasions when there are some annual traditional festivals here. Travelling on festivals would give you some interesting explorations and understandings about the culture life of Da Nang people. Let’s look through some of remarkable festivals in Da Nang that you should not miss in your trip.

    1. Quan The Am Festival

    Quan The Am is the significant festival representing for the tradition of religious belief – Buddhism occasion. Hold continuously in three days 17,18, 19 in February each year (following to lunar calendar) at Ngu Hanh mountain in Da Nang city, this festival is aimed to pray for a prosperous year with all the best fortunes and happiness for the society as well as personal wishes for family.

    The festival with many cultural series of buddhist events attract lots of visitors

    This event is also the time for Buddhist people to look for the peace in their mind and incline to the good in life.

    The festival is designed with two main parts: festival with many series of Buddhist etiquettes and folk event with a diversity of traditional activities such as such as singing folk songs, playing chess, sculpture or dropping lanterns on river…or enjoying calligraphic paintings at the art exhibition.

    Learning the unique culture in one Buddhist festival and involving in exciting activities besides enjoying the stunning view of Ngu Hanh Mountain are things to do in Da Nang that you must list in your plan.

    2. Danang International Fireworks Festival

    The festival is organized yearly in two days in March on the occasion of Da Nang’ Independence Day or in National Day (30/4 & 01/05). The first firework show was organized in 2008, and shortly attracted a huge number of visitors coming to Da Nang on this occasion, including international tourists.

    Sparkling Dan river a firework performance from italy producer in 2011​​​

    This event is also the most expecting festival in year, so if having Da Nang adventure tours in this time, you may get a chance to observe the bustling city in night with many colorful fireworks lighting up on the sky, sparkling under the striking lights of the city. It is such an infatuated view that you must contemplate once in your life.

    Besides, there are many cultural events in the festival like Food Festival, Gala Night, Street Festival, etc…that you could never experience in others apart from Da Nang.

    3. Cau Ngu Festival (also known as Ca Ong Festival)

    Another culture & heritage of Da Nang is the Cau Ngu Festival – the largest event of fishermen here. All fisherman wish to have a safe and successful trip after each offshore fishing, so they hold this festival yearly as the occasion to pray for a peace of fisherman life and show their gratitude to the merit of Ca Ong. 

    ​​​​​​People in coastal areas are preparing for the funeral speech in ca ong festival

    Usually occurring after Lunar New Year, the festival is organized in two days with 2 main parts: the ceremonial offerings to “Ca Ong” (actually mean “dolphin” but fishermen would like to use the special word to show their respect to this fish because they believe it as the mascot in the sea) and the event with many folk activities of fishing villages like canoeing race, swimming, tug of war, etc…

    However, only territorial waters have this festival such as Thái Quang, Xuân Hà, Hòa Hiệp… so you must check carefully the schedule as well as the coastal provinces reserving this tradition on your Da Nang motorbike tours.

    Source: Saigon Riders 

    08 Jun 2020
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