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Weather & Best time to visit Con Dao, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to visit Con Dao, Vietnam

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    Con Dao island weather information

    Con Dao Island in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, but it is located offshore, about 92 nautical miles from Vung Tau. The location of Con Dao is considered very beautiful, one side overlooking the sea, the others are surrounded by majestic mountains.

    This location is also near the equator, so it has a tropical climate. Con Dao is divided into 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season and dry season. Rainy season falls begins from May to September of the year. The dry season from October to April next year. This time on Con Dao the weather is dry, you will not encounter the sudden rain makes it difficult to travel around the visit.

    All about Con Dao Island, Vietnam:

    The average temperature of Con Dao is about 27ºC. The hottest days can be up to 31ºC. However, because of the location on the island near the sea, it is very pleasant by the sea breeze and trees. The rain lasts about 1 hour and the time remaining in the weather is still beautiful sunshine.

    Month Average Temperature (ºC) Average Rainfall (mm)
    January 25 20
    February 25 10
    March 27.2 10
    April 28.3 40
    May 28.9 130
    June 27.2 190
    July 27.8 220
    August 27.8 230
    September 27.2 250
    October 26.7 200
    November 27.2 160
    December 25.6 70

    Best time to visit Con Dao island

    One of the interesting things about wildlife and nature is its unpredictability, as you never know precisely what you are going to see. Due to this, from year to year, there may be small variations in the timings of naturally occurring events. The time given here are based on historical patterns and experiences.

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    The best time to travel to Con Dao is considered from March to September. Although there are big waves during October to February, this is the dry season so it is usually sunny, also an ideal time to visit Con Dao.

    Besides, you can also visit Con Dao from March to September because the beach is quiet. You will feel free to swim, kayaking, coral reef diving and explore islands in Con Dao.

    October to February is the time that has northeast’s wind. At this time, Cong Son Bay has big waves but the sea at the west and southwest is still quiet. So that you can visit Dam Trau beach or hire a boat to explore Tre Lon and Tre Nho islands. Addition, you can walk, ride a bike to contemplate the best scene of Con Dao

    23 Jan 2020
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