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Top things to do in Con Dao Islands

Top things to do in Con Dao Islands

Top things to do in Con Dao Islands

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    Explore “the hell on the earth"

    Con Dao was an archipelago with more political prisoners than the population. There are 11 prisons, of which Phu Hai is the largest prison. For over 100 years, about 20,000 Vietnamese have been imprisoned and sacrificed in what is known as the "the hell on the earth". According to records, the guards often use various forms of torture both physically and mentally for the prisoner. 

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    There have a lot of historical monuments has made traveling in Con Dao become more meaningful. These monuments are Con Dao Museum – a place preserving many ancient artifacts and photographs from the French colonial period, Phu Son Prison, Tiger Cages and Hang Duong cemetery.

    Spiritual tourism is still a new concept but has become one of the special attractions of Con Dao tourism. When seeking spiritual travel in Con Dao, people seek to find peace and find human values by respect for the soldiers who lay down in this land to protect the peace of their country.

    Diving and admiring the coral

    As one of the exciting activities in Con Dao, diving is always the best choice for tourist when exploring this place. Con Dao includes a lot of smaller islands such as Tai island, Tre island, Trung island, Cau island, etc Which all have the most beautiful, colorful coral reefs with the highest density in Vietnam. Tourists can contact the providers of snorkeling tour to have the equipment and learn diving from professional divers. It will be an impressing experience in your life. 

    Sea fishing - An interesting activity when traveling to Con Dao.

    The sea of Con Dao is in the South China Sea. Therefore, the species of sea animals are diverse and plentiful, promising extremely interesting fishing trips. The ideal location most chosen for this activity is Nhat beach near the famous Shark Cape of Con Dao. The moment sitting fishing will be the most relaxing moment of your trip.

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    Watching the green turtles laying their eggs

    Watching the green turtles laying their eggs is such a unique type of thing to do in Con Dao to experience. If you want to experience this, it will be a quiet night but nervous and unforgettable on Bay Canh island. You will witness the Chelonia mydas sea turtles dug a hole to be the egg nests and laying their eggs.

    Tourists will be guided how to watch the turtles laying eggs and learn the habits of sea turtle. It’s not just only that, the wonderful thing is that you also have a chance to let the little turtles go back to the sea with your own hands..

    Immersing yourself in the sea water on Dam Trau beach

    Dam Trau is one of the most beautiful beaches in Con Dao with golden sand, clear blue water, and the sunshine. 4 kilometers away from the center of the town to the northwest, this will be an ideal travel destination and camping site. Most of the travel companies choose to visit Dam Trau beach when having tours to Con Dao.

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