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Things to do in Co To Island, Vietnam

Things to do in Co To Island, Vietnam

Things to do in Co To Island, Vietnam

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    1. Swimming in the beach of Co To island, Vietnam

    Co To owns plenty of charming beaches: Hong Van beach, Vang Chai beach, Bac Van beach, etc. The water is clean, slight wave and the bottom is shallow so you can freely swim without worrying. When you are tired, you can lie on the smooth white sand or join in a BBQ party with friends and family.

    During tourist season, there are many activities occur on the sea like Kayak sailing, Snorkel driving or Paragliding at Co To park. The ticket’s price is VND 250.000, allow you to play every game in the park without limit

    The beaches are crowded in tourist season but later, it becomes so quiet, so peaceful. This is why some people choose to visit Co To in the winter. Of courses, it is too cold to swim, but what they need is standing before the secluded ocean, hearing the voices of the sea and feeling their soul flies to the sky.

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    2. Squids fishing in the night

    Co To island is famous as a major inhabited place of squids and the special unique taste of squids that you can’t find in anywhere else. Squids fishing all night and enjoy the fished will become one of the most memorable experience for tourist.

    You can ask for the information of squids fishing from any local. They will lead you to a fishermen village which has traditional of squids fishing for decades in Dong Tien commune. According to a skilled fisherman, fishing squids is art. Because the fisherman has to understand everything about squids or he shall empty hand.

    When go fishing, you have to stay on a small boat, sailing about 1 km off-shore and fishing whole night long. If you come with friend and family, you can ask the fisherman to take a break, grill what you have fished, take a beer and party in the middle of the sea. The delicious taste and flavor smell of grilled squids, the cool of ocean and the cheer of working make this’s the most memorable experience you might have in life time.

    Even though, beware of bad weather. Big wind and high wave can turn your experience into nightmare. Thus, you should ask for fishermen’s opinion before set sail to the sea.

    3. Discovering an off-the-beaten-track island: The small Co To

    Located 1 km far from the major Co To, small Co To owns the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago. This is a military island and completely no resident.

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    The first impression is the perfect pristine, like the first day Robinson Crusoe in his island. White sand spread out around the island like a pearl necklace, around is the transparent turquoise water pouring the island, make it a beautiful charming picture. You can find here a lot of shellfish like barnacles or scallops. Burn some wood and grill them all, and you can slowly enjoy your “delicious” result. Small Co To is such a heaven for people who love adventure.

    And then when the night falls, you can sleep over on the island, to experience a night in the wild. If you sleepover, you will have to prepare tent by yourself and other necessary stuff. Be careful and think twice because if there is any trouble happened, you have your own.

    Tourist can hire wooden boats to get to small Co To island after 25 - 30 minutes. Each boat can carry 12 people. It cost VND 600,.000 – 800,.000/trip


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