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Places to visit in Co To Island, Vietnam

Places to visit in Co To Island, Vietnam

Places to visit in Co To Island, Vietnam

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    1. Cau My stones - The majestic of nature in Co To island

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    A perfect combination of the ocean, the rock and the sky located at the south of the island. It’s a sedimentary rock system had been eroding for thousands of years and each rock layer have a different color make it a pure natural masterpiece. From the cliff, you can witness the most beautiful sunrise and sunset than anywhere else in the island. The prefect time to visit Cau My stones is June, when the tourists haven’t too crowded yet, you are able to enjoy the pristine beauty of Co To and the majestic of the ocean.

    2. Hong Van beach - The most beautiful beach in Co To island


    The most beautiful beach in Co To island. The water is turquoise, transparent and quiet. Where you can freely blend into nature. There are many activities occur in this location like Co To park – where you can try many different awesome activities, BBQ party and sleepover in the beach. Watch the sunset in the beach is a romantic ideal. You can feel the fresh air when the last sunlight disappears behind the water, a purple romantic sky and the tide goes down, shows the smooth white sand to the horizon.

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    3. Co To lighthouse - A panoramic view of Co To island


    Located 70 m higher than sea level, Co To lighthouse is the highest peak in the island, where you can have the view over the whole island. It is one of more than 30 “night sea watching eyes” across the sea territory of Vietnam. This is another place that you can enjoy a wonderful sunset and sunrise.

    Officers in the light house are usually lack of water. You can be surprised when finding out how they fixed it.

    4. Van Chay beach - The most peaceful beach in Co To island


    Van Chay beach lies in the Northwest of the island, 6 km far from Co To town. Here you can totally avoid the rush of modern life and spend time with family and friend. Unlike Hong Van, water in Van Chay is more energetic with 2 - 3 m high waves. You can hire equipment for snorkel driving, watching the variety of marine life. Or you can hire a playground to play volleyball with your companies. Stay in the beach overnight to watch the sunrise is also an interesting choice to consider.

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    5. The road of love - An ideal destination for couples in Co To island 

    A 2km road lies in the middle of the island, 100 m far from the center of Co To town. The entire road is tiled with red bricks, both sides are 2 lines of poplars whispering in the wind and further is the coastline. A romantic atmosphere pours around make it a perfect place for couples.

    6. Small Co To island - Experience the wild on an island


    A military island that has no resident. Small Co To is truly an isolated island. You can hire wooden boat from Co To island to arrive small Co To after 30 minutes. This island owns the most beautiful beaches in the entire archipelago. You can hire equipment to watch the wonderful marine life in here. You can collect shellfishes in the beach when the tide goes down and cook them. In addition, spend a night in a wild island is pretty cool. But make sure that you prepared everything necessary.

    One more, nothing in this island is artificial yet so it’s your duty to keep it that way. Clear your trash and protect the forest.

    22 Jan 2020
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