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Where to stay in Co To Island, Vietnam

Where to stay in Co To Island, Vietnam

Where to stay in Co To Island, Vietnam

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    1. Resorts in Co To Island

    Co To Island has plenty hotels and resorts in all range, like these following:

    Coto Life mini resort - An eco-friendly destination in Co To island, Vietnam

    Price: VND 1,000,000 – 1,400,000/night;

    Address: Hong Van beach, Dong Tien, Co To

    Contact: (+84) 988 722 688

    Fanpage facebook here

    Every room is designed as 100% nature wood bungalow which roofed with grass. It located on a side of forest and view to Hong Van beach so you can watch the sunrise in your bed. Each room is 30 m2 large with tempered glass door and 2 windows. They have a wooden restaurant serves VND 150.000 diet set or order from a given menu. In addition, you can order a small BBQ party of 20 dishes, free wine in the beach for VND 350,000 – 500,000.

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    The price for a night is VND 1,000,000/bungalow for regular day and VND 1,400,000/bungalow for weekend and holiday. You will get free breakfast and pick up from the wharf.

    2. Hotels and guesthouses in Co To island, Vietnam

    Green Co To Hotel - The only hotel that owns a beach in Co To island

    Rate 4.5/5 7.0/10 8.9/10

    Price: VND 600,000 – 900,000/night

    Address: Love beach, Dong Tien, Co To island

    Contact: (+84) 904 099 399



    • Provide electric car to return the town
    • Private beach
    • Pick up from the dock
    • Cancellation policy

    A 26 rooms hotel located at Dong Tien hamlet, this is the only hotel in the whole island that has a private beach. It was built for a relaxing, tranquil vacation with friend and family. Thus, it is pretty far from the port (1,8 km) to avoid the noise and pollution of boats and ship. They provide electric car service if customers want to go back to town or go to local fish market. The price is VND 10,000/trip. Furthermore, Green Co To Hotel built their own café, restaurants, BBQ party and many team building activities.

    If your trip was canceled because of bad weather, your deposit will be restored and when bad weather made you can’t go home, half of the room charge will be reduced.

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    Thanh Mang Hotel - A convenient place in the center of Co To island:

    Price: VND 450,000 – 700,000/night

    Address: Center of Co To town, Co To island

    Contact: (+84) 1236 916 414



    • Currency exchange

    The opposite of Green Co To Hotel, Thanh Mang Hotel lies right in the center of Co To town, where you can blend into the peaceful regular day life of local citizen. Especially they provide currency exchange service that will be very helpful if you carry not enough cash.


    From the center of the town, you can easily move to every destination on the island.

    Tuyen Tam guesthouse - A fine accommodation near the wharf

    Price: VND 400,000 – 600,000/night

    Address: Nam Hai Co To town, Co To island

    Contact: (+84) 1636 410 510



    • Beach BBQ
    • Vehicle hiring
    • Provide boat to small Co To and other islands
    • Provide tour

    Located at Sector 3, Co To town, 300 m far from the sea and 800 m far from the wharf, the customers can easily come to Tuyen Tam guest house. The guest house includes 6 rooms with full of convenient equipment. Besides, they provide beach BBQ, hiring motorbike service and small Co To trips.



    3. Homestays in Co To island, Vietnam

    Besides hotels, resorts and guesthouses, you can try out homestay. It is local’s house that they allow tourists to hire to stay. Homestays are cheaper and the equipment is fine enough. If you choose homestay, you can ask them to cook your meal. Locals can choose the best food with the finest price and their cooking isn’t worse than any restaurant chef. Furthermore, if you want to buy some fresh seafood back to the mainland, who could be better to help you than a local that you stay with?

    Because the island usually lost electricity in the weekend, you might want to choose homestay which is near to the sea, the hot of summer will become easier.

    Below is a list of some homestays in Co To island:


    Name Address Phone number
    Ha Le Homestay Sector 4, Co To town, Co To island (+84) 974 690 875
    Phuong Ngoan Homestay Sector 2, Co To town, Co To island (+84) 943 730 730
    Khac Pha Homestay Nam Dong hamlet, Dong Tien, Co To island (+84) 1682 894 977
    Hoang Khuong Homestay Truong Xuan, Dong Tien, Co To island (+84) 1694 793 866
    Duc Khanh Homestay Sector 4, Co To town, Co To island (+84) 975 791 676
    Mai Tuong homestay Sector 4, Co To town, Co To island (+84) 986 316 552
    22 Jan 2020
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