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How to get to Co To island from Hanoi

How to get to Co To island from Hanoi

How to get to Co To island from Hanoi

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    1. Getting to Co To by shuttle bus from Hanoi

    If you use transportation services, remember to remind the staff that you want to get down at Van Don T-junction. The trip takes about 5 hours. Once you get there, you can catch a bus of hail a cab to arrive Cai Rong port. Motor taxi is a good choice when you have light luggage to arrive at the port for VND 60,000. If you choose a bus, get down at Van Don post office and walk 1.5 km to Cai Rong port. The price for the bus is VND 5,000 - 8,000/person.

    All about Co To Island, Vietnam:

    There are some shuttle buses will take you right to Cai Rong port:

    • Gia Phu – Cai Rong: contact number: (+84) 985 795 888
    • Van Don Xanh Limousine: contact number: (+84) 2033 991 991 

    Or you can catch coaches to Cua Ong, Mong Cai, Cam Pha. The prices are from VND 100,000 – 130,000 (US$ 5 – 7).


    Brand name Route Contact
    Kumho Viet Thanh My Dinh – Cam Pha (+84) 968 360 022
    Hong Van My Dinh – Cua Ong (+84) 976 721 966
    Dai Phat Gia Lam – Mong Cai (+84) 983 651 728
    Quy Ngoc Gia Lam – Cam Pha (+84) 913 266 197
    Thao Thieu Giap Bat – Mong Cai (+84) 913 578 413
    Hoang Long Nuoc Ngam – Cua Ong (+84) 2253 920 920

    See more in here.

    • If you get to the port late and there is no more trip left, just take a rest in Van Don to prepare for the next day trip. These are some hotels and guesthouses near Cai Rong port:
    • Phuong Thao guest house

    Phone number: (+84) 2033 793 888 

    Benefit: 50 m to Cai Rong port 

    Price: VND 120,000/night in winter and VND 250,000 – 450,000/night in summer.

    • Van Nam hotel 

    Phone number: (+84) 948 146 399 

    Price: VND 200,000/night in regular day.

    • Thai Hoang hotel 

    Phone number: (+84) 2033 793 383

    • Viet Linh hotel 

    Phone number: (+84) 2033 793 898 

    • Van Don Bay hotel

    Phone number: (+84) 2033 991 199 

    *Travel tip: Never forget to ask for the prices before hiring a room.

    2. Getting a boat to Co To island, Vietnam

    You can choose whether wooden boats or speedboats:

    Wooden boats are slow (3 hours) and usually to transport commodities. If you like to relax and have some fun in the sea, consider this option. Wooden boats leave the wharf to Co To at 7:00 A.M from Monday to Friday, at 13:00 P.M on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; it returns to Cai Rong at 7:00 A.M from Monday to Sunday, at 13:00 P.M on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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    The price is VND 110,000/person/trip. (US $7)

    Manh Quang wooden boats contact: (+84) 912 263 597

    Speedboats are much faster (1 hour). There are boats leave Cai Rong port from 6:00 amA.M to 17:00 pmP.M every day. The price is VND 200.000VND/person/trip (US$ 10).

    Contact list for booking:


    Brand name Time to start from Cai Rong Time to start from Co To Contact
    Manh Quang 8:00 - 14:00 8:00 - 13:30 Phone number: (+84) 912 263 597 Email:
    Kalong 6:00 - 12:15 9:00 - 13h30 Phone number:(+84) 1697 886 886 Email:
    Havaco 6:00 - 17:30 7:00 - 16:30 Phone number: (+84) 946 193 193 Email:
    Nguyen Viet 5:30 - 16:30 7:35 - 15:30 Phone number: (+84) 987 989 888

    You better get on the boat 30 minutes early to pick the best seat.

    The price may change during tourist season.

    In case of bad weather, all trips are restricted.

    One more thing, the sea doesn’t always peaceful and the water beyond the bay doesn’t meek. Thus, unless you had already been in the ocean before, you better prepare for seasickness with medicines and citrus peels.

    3. Getting to Co To island by private vehicle

    You can hire a motorbike or a car to arrive the wharf. Even though only motorbike can go with you to Co To island. The price for carrying your motorbike is VND 90.000 - 100.000. You can also leave your motor at the parking plot for VND 50.000/day.

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    Start from Hanoi, you may use QL5B/ĐC04 (221 km) highway to arrive Quang Ninh after about 4 hours 30 minutes: Enter 1A highway through Linh Nam street. After that, turn into QL5B/ĐC04 highway and then turn left into highway 10. Keep moving and turn right to get on highway 18. Now you are in Cam Thinh. Turn to Ly Thuong Kiet, through Cua Suot and Ly Anh Tong. Cai Rong port lies at the end of Ly Anh Tong street.

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