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What to eat in Co To Island, Vietnam

What to eat in Co To Island, Vietnam

What to eat in Co To Island, Vietnam

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    1. Nail-shaped shellfish - The specialty of Quang Ninh province


    It sounds weird from the name, right? Its body is slim and long look like a finger and so are the shells. When you visit this charming island, remember to add this dish in your order. You will find it sweet and crispy flavor. Nail-shaped shellfish can be caught in every season in the year but mainly at the early rain season (from May to June) when the taste is most delicious. There are different dishes this shellfish can be used to cook, you can ask the local people for the recipe.

    The price of Nail-shaped shellfish in local seafood market is VND 140.000 – 180.000/kg

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    2. Jellyfish salad - A healthy, delicious dish from Co To island


    From January to March in moon calendar (usually from February to April in normal calendar), the off-shore water of Co To island bright up in the night, it’s time to catch jellyfish. Jellyfish salad is crispy, juicy and the cool feeling melts in the mouth. The jellyfish after be processed and gotten through boiling water, will be chopped into pieces. Then it will be mixed with other ingredients like papaya, small torn boiled chicken, herbs, lemon, etc. make its flavor is soar and sweet. This dish is very good for your stomach.

    3. Grilled oysters - Grilled in Vietnam style in Co To island


    Co To island is a suitable habitat of oyster. Therefore, oysters on this island have their own unique flavor. Oysters can be cooked into different dishes but in my point of view, grilled oyster is the best. Oysters after processing, they put in it a little oil then grill. When the meat turns yellow, add some scallions and peanuts and serve. Be careful to avoid overcooked, it will spoil oyster’s flavor and texture.

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    4. Sea cucumber - A healthy diet in Co To island


    Holothurian in Co To island charmed tourist in a different way. Sea cucumber is famous due to its nutrition elements. This food has really less lipid and no cholesterol. Sea cucumber’s meat is crispy, sweet and especially easy to absorb the flavor of ingredients.  Therefore, depending on the recipe of the dish, holothurians are ready to blow your mind with its wonderful flavor.

    5. Sa Sung - The natural gift in Co To island, Vietnam


    Sa Sung looks like giant worm hiding under the sand. It is a natural sweet ingredient for soup on a totally different level. Sa Sung meat is soft and sweet. Sa Sung fried with onion is a special dish of Co To. Dried Sa Sung is popular too. You need to quick fry it and eat with chili sauce, take a beer and you are in heaven.


    Fresh Sa Sung is in the best condition in only 2 hours after be caught, so you can find it easily in Co To seafood market for VND 50,000-70,000/kg. Dried Sa Sung is much expensive, about VND 1,000,000/kg

    6. Be Be - The mantis shrimps of Co To island

    This kind of shrimp was called in some places as the mantis shrimp. Its meat is tough and sweet. You might want to try Be Be steamed with beer and Be Be fried with salt. Be Be steamed with beer is the best way to keep all the flavor and nutrition. The meat becomes really sweet and has the smell of beer. Add some salt, lemon and mustard and you find it in your mind forever.


    Be Be is a wonderful ingredient for the noodle broth. You definitely have to try it.

    Be Be can be found during the year and doesn’t expensive. Be Be dried is a wonderful gift for your family.

    7. Abalone - Nutritious dish in Co To island, Vietnam 


    Abalone in Vietnam is very rare. They can be found only in some place such as Co To island (Quang Ninh), Bach Long Vi island (Hai Phong) and Khanh Ninh (Khanh Hoa). It is one of the most royalty dishes that for a long time only be served for the king. Abalone is a very nutritious food which increases “man’s power”, prevents cancer, and many more. There are many dishes from abalone like abalone soup with mushroom, grilled abalone, fried abalone and abalone gruel.

    9. Sea urchin - Don’t miss this dish when you were in Co To island


    Sea urchin is a dangerous creature when living, but a healthy delicious dish on the table. The meat is sweet, feeling cool and crunchy. There are 3 main dishes of sea urchin, which are grilled sea urchin, gruel sea urchin and raw sea urchin.

    Sea urchin have long and sharp quills in the outside. The hardest time when processing sea urchin is remove all of its quills. It’s painful and cost a lot of time. When sea urchin becomes a tennis ball, chop it in the middle and remove all the organ. The meat is very less, stick on the skin like a star is the most value of this animal.

    10. 1-day dried squids - The specialty of Co To island, Vietnam


    Squids season in Co To is from April to July. The flesh squids after be caught will be processed and dried under the sun for a day. The special environment in Co To makes these dried squids a unique taste, sweet and tough but soft.


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