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How to get around Chau Doc

How to get around Chau Doc

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    1. Getting around Chau Doc by local transport ‘xe loi’

    ‘Xe Loi’ looks like a cycle but the driver will sit on the bicycle in front of you instead of behind. This is the most unique and interesting experience in getting around Chau Doc. However, it is used for near route, the price depends on negotiation with the owner of the vehicle according to the distance, just about VND 10,000. The Xe Loi drivers are so friendly with good English.

    2. Getting around Chau Doc by Motorbike

    Chau Doc is really easy to get a motorbike and is not a touristic place like My Tho or Can Tho. It is also a small city very easy to stay in and relax. Motorbikes are available for rent through most guesthouses and cost VND 100,000 - VND 150,000 for a day. You can go around see the Mekong life, the rice field, Khmer old pagodas...

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    3. Getting around Chau Doc by Taxi

    Brand Phone Price
    Mai Linh Taxi (+84) 2963 922 266 VND 17,000/km
    Hoang Long Taxi (+84) 2963 688 688 VND 15,000/km
    Duc Thanh Taxi (+84) 2963 852 403 VND 12,000/km

    4. Getting around Chau Doc by boat

    Boats to Chau Giang district (across the Hau River) leave from two points: ve­hicle ferries leave from Chau Giang ferry landing located opposite 419 Street of Le Loi smaller, more frequent boats depart from Phu Hiep ferry landing without exact address, you can ask the local for the details.

    Vehicle levies to Con Tien Island depart from the Con lien ferry landing (Ben Pha Con Tien) at the river end of Street of Thuong Dang Le; you can catch boats to Chau Giang and Phu Chau (Tan Chau) from the Ben Do Quoc Doanh ferry landing on Street of Gia Long, opposite the post office.

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    Private boats (VND 80,000 for a couple of hams), which are rowed standing up, can be hired from either of these spots and are highly recommended for seeing the floating houses and visiting nearby Cham minority villages and mosques. Motorboats (VND 100,000 per hour) can be hired in the same area.

    22 Jan 2020
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