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What to eat in Chau Doc, Vietnam

What to eat in Chau Doc, Vietnam

What to eat in Chau Doc, Vietnam

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    1. Chau Doc rice noodle soup with fish

    Chau Doc rice noodle soup with fish is locally referred by BUN CA CHAU DOC, has a special flavor which is totally different from others and will leave an impressive memory by its taste. To make the soup in the Chau Doc style is not too difficult. First, fish is clean, sliced, and fried until it looks crispy and slightly yellow. Another ingredient is rice noodles at the medium thickness putting in a big bowl. The stock is rather light and has some dill on the water. At times, you can find the stock with more ingredients, such as tomatoes or some pieces of pineapples floating on the water. The chewy fried fish is perfect when being placed in the scrumptious stock; it deserves to be tried.

    Price: VND 15,000 - VND 30,000

    Famous restaurant: No 105 Phan Dinh Phung street, Chau Phu B ward, Chau Doc city, An Giang province

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    2. Tung Lo Mo

    Tung Lo Mo looks like beef sausage – a unique dish with the strange taste of the Cham people in An Giang Province. The reason for such sausage made from beef but pork is that the Cham people are Muslims who are not allowed to eat pork. For a long time, the Kinh people (the majority of Vietnamese are Kinh people) also love making and enjoying different types of beef sausage. As for how to make the food, the locals will choose beef without fat and sinew, grind it, and remove the bad smell from it in wine and ginger. Then, mix this lean beef with fat according to the rate of 2:1 and add rice to the mixture (it is a point to distinguish Tung lo mo from other normal beef sausages). Some spices will enhance its flavor.

    Price: VND 400,000/kg

    Location: market or Cham village

    4. Thot Not Cake

    Thot Not Cake is known as one of the famous desserts in Chau Doc city, An Giang province for Mekong Delta day trips. Thot not is a common tree in An Giang province and Cambodia; it also means Palmyra or palm used to get palm sugar. The locals use it to make thot not cake. The sweetness of the cake is light and easy to enjoy, so it is indeed preferred by lots of foreign tourist to this region. It is easy to find where to sell this kind of cake. Just walk along the streets or in the market, and you can find small food stalls where the vendors cry out for their cakes.

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    5. Fish Sauce Hot Pot

    Locally referred to Lẩu Mắm - A specific hot pot of salted fish with the aromatic flavor of salted quintessence very fragrant, made from skillful hands and spent many fussy stages. The broth in the hotpot is really special and tangy because it is made from the fish sauce. The main ingredients are different types of fish in the Mekong Delta. Chau Doc hot pot of salted fish is a synthesis between water cooking with field cuisine. It’s truly vegetable heaven, fish underwater. Fresh fish types being net fish from the river of Hau eating together with vegetable types from nature right on this land.
    If someone sets foot to Chau Doc, although it is the first time, don’t forget to enjoy Chau Doc hot pot

    Price: VND 50,000 - VND 200,000/person

    Recommended restaurant: 108 Trung Nu Vuong Street, Ward 08, Chau Doc city, An Giang province

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