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What to eat in Cat Ba Island

What to eat in Cat Ba Island

What to eat in Cat Ba Island

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    Salt Roasted Sea Crab – Cua Rang Muoi

    Sea crabs can be found at any coast religion; however, each region has their own ways to cook the crabs. There are various ways to cook crab like crab hot pot, crab soup, steamed crab with sauce, etc. If you visit Cat Ba or Hai Phong city, you will have a chance to enjoy roasted crab with salt. It is the combination of sweetness and salt sweetness and salty taste, which makes a brand new experience for those who try it.

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    Cat Ba Rice Vermicelli with Shrimp – Bun Tom

    This noodle dish is made of fresh shrimps, some fishcakes, tomatoes, green onion, a little lemon juice and bone broth. This Bun Tom is a elegant combination between the sweetness of the broth and the sour taste of lemon juice, along with the juicy shrimp. Try it with some salad and a punch of chilli and I’m certain you will never forget this incredible taste.

    Seahorse crab: Limunoid - Sam

    This kind of crab is probably the most popular dish here which has the sea flavor: strong, fresh,delicious and unique. They are skillfully cooked in many ways to create different flavors such as, salad, sweet and sour stir-fried limuloid legs (chân sàm xào chua ngọt), limuloid stir-fried with lemongrass and chili (sam xào xả ớt), fried limuloid eggs (trứng sam chiên giòn), steamed limuloid (sam hấp), fried limuloid (sam bao bột rán), limuloid stir-fried with vermicelli (sam xào miến)

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    Pacific Geoduck – Tu Hai

    Pacific Geoduck is a species of very large and edible clam living in the saltwater environment. It has a considerable nutritional value and special taste. Although this dish is not as popular as other seafood, its fresh flavor will still amaze you. The locals in Cat Ba cook this special seafood in many ways such as making salad, cooking porridge, grilling with fat, onions, pepper, garlic, nasal nose, but the most delicious is steamed geoduck, which keeps the sweet taste of food.

    Squid – Muc Ong

    You can easily find this dish in almost every restaurant of Cat Ba. Squids are one of the most favorite and famous food here because of its tenderness and sweetness. The most popular way to cook this kind of seafood is to steam.

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    Mantis shrimp – Be Be

    As pretty typical seafood in Cat Ba island, this kind of shrimp is very attractive and delicious because of its tenderness and unique flavor. Mantis shrimp or Be Be can be cook into various dishes such as Mantis shrimps fried with butter and garlic, Mantis shrimps steamed with beer, Mantis shrimp vermicelli. All of them are really must-try dishes and believe me, they will not disappoint you.


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    Recommendations for a wonderful Hanoi food tour Places to visit in Cat Ba Island

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    Recommendations for a wonderful Hanoi food tour Places to visit in Cat Ba Island

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