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Weather & Best time to travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Weather & Best time to travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

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    Weather in Cao Bang

    In general, Cao Bang has a mild climate. With subtropical humid climate, the terrain is windy and directly affected by the cold air from the north. However, the temperature of Cao Bang has never dropped below 0°C, almost in the winter in the province without ice (except for some mountainous areas with ice in winter).

    Summer is characterized by hot, humid, high temperatures averaging from 30 – 32°C and low average from 23 – 25 °C. Temperatures do not rise to 39 – 40°C. In winter, due to the high altitude of the province of Cao Bang, it has a temperate climate similar to temperate, a low average temperature of 5-8°C and a high average of 15-28°C, especially on December, January, and February. The temperatures can be lowered around 6 – 8°C, low humidity, dry air. Spring and autumn are not clear; the weather is erratic. Spring is usually sunny, while autumn is cool.

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    The highest temperature (°C) The lowest temperature (°C)
    January 18 10
    February 19 12
    March 23 16
    April 27 19
    May 31 23
    June 32 24
    July 32 24
    August 32 24
    September 31 22
    October 24 19
    November 27 15
    December 20 11


    Best time to travel in Cao Bang

    Every season in Cao Bang has a different beauty; but, people having Cao Bang travel experience self-sufficiently recommend traveling in August – September, November – December and in the new year.

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    a. Cao Bang in autumn (from August to September)

    Perhaps this is one of the best times of year to travel to Cao Bang. It is not too rainy, cold, or hot to travel. Cao Bang welcomes visitors with its majestic beauty, such as the blue waterfall of Ban Gioc waterfall, Lenin spring and Pac Po cave. Coming here, visitors will feel like going to a paradise resort, a dream of not only the charming scenery but also peaceful people. Besides, traditional local dishes are also extremely rich and unique.

    b. Cao Bang in flowers season (from November to December)

    If you like to go to Cao Bang to see flowers, you can go there at the end of the year around November. This is the Bucket wheat flower season (equivalent to Bucket wheat flowers in Ha Giang).

    c. Cao Bang in the new year

    If you like seeing snow, you should travel in the winter (from the end of the previous year to early next year). At this time in the Pia Forest. The temperature is lowered, so this phenomenon is likely to happen. Combined with the schedule from Cao Bang to Lang Son (along That Khe), you travel to Mau Son tourism, where almost every winter has snow.

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