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Lenin Stream: Unique relics site of Pac Bo, Cao Bang

Lenin Stream: Unique relics site of Pac Bo, Cao Bang

Lenin Stream: Unique relics site of Pac Bo, Cao Bang

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    Origin of Lenin Stream

    Located in Cao Bang province, Lenin Stream is next to Pac Bo cave and at the foot of Cac Mac (Karl Max) Mountain. In the past, Lenin Stream was known as Khuat Giang Stream or Suoi Troi (Sky Stream).

    lenin stream


    After 30 years of leaving the country in search of a way to save the nation, on February 8, 1941, Uncle Ho came back to Vietnam and visited Cao Bang. He chose Cao Bang as a base for the North Vietnamese revolutionaries. Later, Cao Bang is marked as the cradle of the Revolutionary Movement. 

    When Uncle Ho saw the stream, he was impressed by the beauty and clarity of it. “I have this great idea. This stream here is really beautiful and clear, just like turquoise. As it has its upstream starting from here, we should name it Lenin Stream. The giant mountain behind should be called Cac Mac (Karl Max).” This stream’s name acts as a reminder that Lenin political philosophy is the root of the Revolutionary Movement.

    What’s special about Lenin Stream?

    The beauty of Lenin Stream always impresses the visitors. It has a unique color of emerald green. Different from other streams, Lenin Stream is no... mainstream. While others are clear and kind of transparent in some ways, Lenin Stream has a vivid and attractive color of bright green. This distinctive feature has captured the hearts of many tourists.

    lenin stream


    The air here is undoubtedly fresh and cool. Take a deep breath and you will feel so relaxed and peaceful. This is truly a perfect getaway from the dusty, noisy and bustling city. Here, you can fully immerse yourself in nature and forget all of the pain. 

    When should we visit Lenin Stream?

    Many locals and experienced tourists recommend that September to October is the best time to visit Lenin Stream. In these 2 months, the weather of Cao Bang province is simply great. It is not too hot or too cold. The temperature is just perfect to go sightseeing at Lenin Stream. 

    On the other hand, July and August might be the least suitable time to visit this stream. The water flow is reported to be strong and fast at this time. Due to that phenomenon, Lenin Stream might not be as opaque as usual. It might disappoint you not to witness the emerald green of this stream. 

    How to get to Lenin Stream?

    Lenin Stream is about 50 km North from Cao Bang City. In order to get to this destination, you have to travel by car or motorbike. 

    Going to Cao Bang from Hanoi 

    There are many buses and coaches travelling between Hanoi and Cao Bang. From Hanoi, you can depart from Giap Bap, My Dinh or Nuoc Ngam Bus Station to catch a bus to Cao Bang City. It takes 7-8 hours from Hanoi to the center of Cao Bang City. The bus ticket ranges from VND 100.000 - VND 200.000/ person/ turn. If you travel in large groups, renting a private car might be more comfortable and convenient. 

    lenin stream


    If you are the adventurous type, you can ride your motorbike from Hanoi to Cao Bang. The trip will be long and tiring. But the scenery is surely worth it, making this an one-of-a-kind road trip you will never forget. However, the road to Cao Bang can be a little zigzag and dangerous. Only choose this kind of transportation when you are experienced in riding motorbikes with a license.

    Transportation to Lenin stream

    Lenin Stream is a part of the Pac Bo relics site. To travel to Lenin Stream from Cao Bang center, you can ride a motorbike. There are plenty of places for renting motorbikes in Cao Bang city center. You can rent by hour or day with the price of about VND 100.000 - 200.000. There are many beautiful scenery on the way. You can ride a bike while admiring the beauty of nature.

    If you cannot ride motorbike or worry that you might get lost in Cao Bang, there are other options such as taxi and motorbike taxi. There are many motorbike taxis around bus stations and tourist attractions. You can easily catch one.  

    Tourist attractions around Lenin Stream

    Lenin Stream belongs to the Pac Bo historical site. This site is located in Truong Ha Commune, Ha Quang District, Cao Bang City. With many interesting historical stories, this place is often associated with the famous Vietnamese leader - President Ho Chi Minh. Pac Bo historical site is a memorial place of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Movement in 1945. 

    Besides Lenin Stream, there are 2 natural and historical spots including Pac Bo Cave and Cac Mac Mountain. 

    Pac Bo Cave 

    Pac Bo Cave is a very special historic site of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Movement. Here marked many important milestones of the Anti-French Resistance War in Vietnam. President Ho Chi Minh used to live and work here.

    pac po


    The area of Pac Bo Cave is only 80 m2. The entrance to the cave is so small that only one person can fit it. After entering the cave, there is a small sentence “08/02/1941” (8 February, 1941) carved by Uncle Ho. This is the date when he first came to Pac Bo Cave. He and many other officials worked at the Pac Bo Cave to direct and lead the August Revolution. 

    Although Pac Bo Cave seems to be small, it is actually airy. A special feature of this cave is that people inside the cave can see others outside the cave but people outside cannot see what is happening inside. 

    Cac Mac Mountain

    cac mac moutain


    Cac Mac Mountain has a perfect location where the trees are dense and good to hide. The person standing inside can easily look at the outsider, but the person outside cannot see into the bush. That is why Cac Mac Mountain not only has a great value of history but it is also an amazing tourist attraction. 

    At the foot of Cac Mac Mountain and outside Pac Bo Cave, President Ho Chi Minh used to cook his daily meals. Following the path along Lenin Stream, travelers can also explore his bamboo and guava garden where he boiled leaves as a drink. With the impressive cliffs and natural greenery, Cac Mac Mountain is worth a visit of yours. 

    28 Apr 2020
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