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Best 4 types of food you must try in Cao Bang, Vietnam

Best 4 types of food you must try in Cao Bang, Vietnam

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    Seven - flavor grilled duck 

    It is said that this is a delicious dish in this highland. Duck here is so delicious that it is spiced with marinated 7 separate dishes of the forest. The duck after filming with honey to have colored skin, the golden cockroach cockroaches. Meat is sweet, soft but not too fat or tough. Biting it, people have to chew slowly to enjoy all the sweetness of wild honey mixed with the fat of the oil, the taste of ducklings dabs on the tip of the tongue.

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    Ants' eggs sticky rice

    Ants' eggs sticky rice is a familiar dish associated with the childhood of the mountainous children in the north. If you have the opportunity to enjoy it once you, will never forget the unique taste of this dish. The egg-scent of the sweet-smelling antiperspirant of the sticky rice, the fat of the onions and the smell of the egg yolks when chewing, will have a small explosion in the mouth is very fun and interesting.

    Spring, around late March and early April lunar month, when wet weather is the appropriate condition for the ants to reproduce. To get the pretty eggs with rice seeds to cook the food, people have to search for ants' eggs very fast because they will expand soon.

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    Not all ants' eggs can be eaten, as not all ant eggs are large enough and enough to make the dish. People often choose the eggs of black ants to nest on high trees in the deep forest, because only the eggs of this ants are large enough, fragrant and sweet enough to stimulate the taste of the fastidious diners.

    Canarium sticky rice

    Sticky rice is considered the most obvious item of Tay people. Autumn is also the season to harvest canarium here. This dish is very simple but aromatic, fleshy, fat.

    To be a nutritious dish, cooking secret of the Tay people here is also important. A sticky rice dish with very simple ingredients, including glutinous rice balls mixed with canarium, then there will be no white rice that will change the color pretty nice. To have a good time for the Tay people here, the color of canarium is also the color of rich land with the desire to have a good harvest.

    Trung Khanh chestnuts

    Trung Khanh chestnuts dish is a specialty of Cao Bang mountainous forest with a very unique flavor that does not appear anywhere. Seeds have a thick coat. If you boil, steam or bring in the oven, you will find chestnuts is a very natural, sweet smell. In addition to snacks that appeal to visitors, the Chongqing people usually cook them with pork chops and mushrooms to make a meal. This dish has a very special taste, extremely delicious. The seeds only appear in August, September.

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