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5 amazing places you should travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

5 amazing places you should travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

5 amazing places you should travel in Cao Bang, Vietnam

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    Ban Gioc Waterfall

    From the Vietnamese perspective, the Ban Gioc Waterfall includes both main and secondary waterfalls with a total width of 208 m.  Ban Gioc waterfall is divided into two parts: the southern part is called the High Waterfall, this is a waterfall because of the small amount of water. The Low Waterfall is the main waterfall located on the northern border of Viet Trung.

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    Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall in the waterfalls on a border between countries (after the Iguazu Falls between Brazil - Argentina, Victoria Falls between Zambia - Zimbabwe and Niagara Falls between Canada and the United States. ). Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia.

    Ban Gioc Waterfall is a famous tourist attraction, which was voted one of China's six most beautiful waterfalls in 2005. In addition, People's Daily and China Central Television have also evaluated Ban Gioc Falls as one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in China.  Ban Gioc Waterfall has also entered the art of painting with special paintings and photography. In addition to tourism and art, the waterfall also has hydroelectric potential. In addition, in Vietnam, there are also claims that Ban Gioc waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in the country.

    To discover Ban Gioc waterfall entirely, most tourism companies usually make the tour: Ba Be lake - Ban Gioc waterfall. 

    Ba Be lake - Ban Gioc waterfall tour information

    • Time: 3 days 2 nights
    • Transport: Shuttle bus
    • The average price: About VND 2,300,000
    • General benefits: Explore one of the most beautiful natural mountain lakes in the world and visit the 4th largest waterfall in 10 largest waterfalls in the world located between the two countries border. Besides, you can discover the cultural beauty of ethnic minority Tay, Nung ... 
    • For more information, please click here

    Pac Bo Relic

    Pac Bo relic is a historical relic of national revolution - especially in Vietnam, in Pac Bo village, Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, Cao Bang province, 55 km north of Cao Bang city. The relics include Uncle Ho memorial house; Coc Po (the local name means "head"); Lung Lan cave; Ngom Vai cave, the platform where Uncle Ho worked; Ly Quoc Su's house; Mr. La Thanh's house and so on.

    All about Cao Bang, Vietnam:

    On February 8, 1941, when returning home, Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in Coc Bo cave and named the stream in front of the cave as "Lenin Stream" and the mountain has this cave "Carl Marx". Before 1979, Coc Po Pond was about 15m wide.

    The origin of the stream was a large stream flowing from the rocky mountains whose source is the northern side of this mountain and in Chinese territory. During the China -Vietnam border war in 1979, Chinese troops blasted the Coc Po cave. Today, Coc Po is partially restored to serve tourists.

    Phuc Sen Forging Village 

    Phuc Sen Forge Village is located in Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen District, Cao Bang Province. This place has been famous throughout the country with the traditional forging tools, closely associated with the life of the Nung people, and has become a cultural feature of this land.

    Phuc Sen's forging had existed more than 1,000 years ago, in the form of hereditary children until today. There are about 150 family smelters, spreading in 6 hamlets. The special thing in the Phuc Sen forging village is that the craftsmen are manual craftsmen, mainly based on old experience, from choosing raw materials, machining steel to applying their own know-how to create products., such as knives, scissors, hoes, sickles ... of good quality.

    Nguom Ngao Cave

    According to Tay, "Nguom" is "animated", "Ngao" is "tiger"; "Nguom Ngao" means tigers. Nguom Ngao Cave is divided into three main areas: quaternary quarters, central area and treasure area. Nguom Ngao has an extremely beautiful beauty created by the layers of stalactites splendid, yellow. Colored stalactites are from the high arch hang down with many beautiful shapes reflecting shimmering light.

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    When entering the cave, visitors will feel extremely interesting in the image of limestone, shimmering stone like the shape of sparkling, sparkling as the first scene. You can easily see such images as human figures, forest trees, animals, ... On the whole, all are created by nature to create a wonderful and miraculous scene.

    The temperature in the stable always from 18 - 25°C. You always have a cool feeling in summer and feel warm in winter.

    Cao Bang Markets

    Cao Bang has 12 districts. Particularly, the market in the city is held every day, while in the districts and communes, the markets meet in session, every five days a lunar calendar.

    For mountainous people, the markets are integral parts of everyday life. With them, in addition to the purchase of goods, the markets are also the places to meet information exchanges, emotional exchanges, dating places of men and women villagers.

    The highland mountain markets are simple, few types of goods but express the unique culture of each region.

    At the market, the goods brought to the market by the people are mainly products of the mountains or their products such as corn, rice, vegetables, honey, mushrooms, ear mushrooms, buffaloes, cows ... And most of the items are not produced such as oil, salt, needles, noodles, lights, noodles ... and some household items.

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