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Best things to do in Ca Mau

Best things to do in Ca Mau

Best things to do in Ca Mau

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    Shopping on Ca Mau Floating Market

    Travelling to Mekong Delta without attending floating is a missing an interesting part. As the same to step on Ca Mau, the tourists should pay a visit and shopping on floating market together with going to the famous places for sightseeing. The Ca Mau floating market is located at the end of Ganh Hao river which is in the center of Ca Mau. It is a bustle as other floating markets in the Western area.

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    There are hundreds of big and small boats with full of goods which used for a bargain and make exchange deals in there. Like other floating markets,  Ca Mau floating market are used to exchange a variety of products including food-stuff and necessary tools. After all, beauty and typical features of Mekong Delta rivers still attract the tourist to set foot on Ca Mau floating market even if just for a short period of time.

    Tourist can shop in this market to have very cheap deals and enjoy the life of local people here.

    Watch sunset or horizon in Hon Khoai Island

    Hon Khoai is one of the most charming islands in Ca Mau. It is the biggest island surrounding by 5 pretty islands. The tourist will be impressed by the natural and glamorous beauty of Hon Khoai. On the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is a lighthouse built by the French in the late of the nineteenth century and it is rewarded as a historic monument. 

    Nothing is better than watching the sun go down and the horizon from here. Those beautiful images will forever in your memory.

    Explore the forest in U Minh Ha National Park

    U Minh Ha National Park is one of three core zones of Ca Mau Cape World Biosphere Reserve. In U Minh Ha, visitors can rent a boat to go along interlacing canals or walk through the forest. Also,, visitors can fish by themselves or ask local people to help spread the net to catch fish. At night, you will rest in cool houses in the forest and enjoy specialties here such as barramundi, pineapple fish, squid, crab, shrimp, tiger. 

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    Travelling and discovering mangrove forests is expected to be a memorable experience for visitors to the southern forest land.

    Set food in Cape Ca Mau National Park

    This is a tourist thing you will definitely do in Ca Mau. Cape Ca Mau is the southernmost point in Vietnam, one side is the East Sea and the other is the Gulf of Thailand. In Cape Ca Mau, you can easily visit the national landmark, the boat symbol of the land. Surely this will be an interesting tourist attraction in your trip.

    To Cape Ca Mau, in addition to taking pictures at the bow, landmark coordinates, you can climb the observation tower to see the land strip of the country. Once you are satisfied with the scene with the unique photos, you can go to seafood restaurants on the sea to enjoy the delicious dishes of Ca Mau such as salted crab salads, turtle roasted salt, baked pepper sauce, etc. Delicious dishes will make your trip more interesting.


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