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Best places to visit in Ca Mau

Best places to visit in Ca Mau

Best places to visit in Ca Mau

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    Ca Mau Floating Market

    Floating market is a cultural feature of the western region, including Ca Mau. So when comimg to Ca Mau, visitors do not forget to visit this unique boat market. Ca Mau Floating Market is located on Ganh Hao River, in ward 8 of the city center. This is an exchange place of three rivers: Tien river, Hau river, and Trem river. Therefore, it is an ideal location, convenient for trade by the river. Main products are agricultural products and vegetables. You will experience the feeling of sitting on the boat swaying on the creek full of fun, witnessing and join the experience of buying goods between floating boats.

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    Cape Ca Mau National Park

    Cape Ca Mau - the land of the Fatherland, where the landmark GPS coordinates 0001 is the goal of conquest of many travelers love. Located about 100 km from Ca Mau city, to get to Dat Mui, visitors have to take high-speed train 3 hours from the pier in the sea. At this place visitors will visit the landmark National Coordinates, sea and forest view, visit the simulation of resistance villages and admire the symbol of Ca Mau.

    U Minh Ha National Park

    Located in the U Minh forest system with an area of 8,000 hectares, the forest is recognized as the old forest, the large biosphere reserve of the Mekong Delta, which is the common roof of countless flora and fauna. With the typical wetland ecosystem and upland forest on peatland, U Minh Ha plays an important role in protecting and restoring values of landscape, ecological environment and biodiversity.

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    Ngoc Hien Bird Yard

    Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary is 130 hectares, is known as one of the largest natural Bird Yard in Vietnam. Here have Bay Hap river flows through, creating a rich, lush vegetation all year round. It is home to many bird species. Especially, some of which have been included in the Red Book. Every evening, in a red sunset sky, a flock of thousands of birds flickered fly back and this scenery is really amazing.

    Hon Khoai Island -  The most beautiful island in the southwestern region

    Hon Khoai Island is considered to be the most beautiful island in the southwestern region. It is famous for its clear blue water with many different colors and shapes. Visitors can explore the fauna of the island with over 1000 species of birds. Especially, at the top of the island, there is a beautiful lighthouse. Watch the sunset and horizon in Hon Khoai Island will definitely awesome.

    Hon Da Bac Island

    Hon Da Bac Island located 50 kilometers from Ca Mau city, in the area of Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. This is the common name of a cluster of large, small rocks on an area of 6.43 hectares. This is a large island consisting of many small islands located close to each other such as Hon Ngo island, Da Ly island and Da Bac island. Here, you can experience the wonderful moments when fishing shrimp, squid or delicious seafood.

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    Where to eat and must-try food in Ca Mau Things to buy as gifts in Ca Mau

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