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Where to eat and must-try food in Ca Mau

Where to eat and must-try food in Ca Mau

Where to eat and must-try food in Ca Mau

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    Voles fried with chili - An amazing dish

    Before you shout out “No way”, it is one common dish that you can find in most of the Mekong Delta is voles or hamster. I am sure that it is an amazing dish that you will never forget when you eat. Among recipes to make the cuisine, fried voles with hot chili are one of the best options.

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    If you still consider, remember that the voles will be cleaned and seasoned by the professionals, and then they will be fried in the big fire while the chef will not stop stirring until the voles are yellow. Do not be worry, just try it, it will be awesome.

    The best place for you to enjoy the amazing dish is in the middle of Southern U Minh forest. The price is about US$ 3. Recommended restaurants for you is Bon Phuong Restaurant, located in 375, Hamlet 1, Tac Van Commune, Ca Mau

    Stone crab roast with salt - One of the valuable specialty

    Stone crabs can be made into a variety of attractive dishes, but the most attractive is still roasted salt crabs. When the roast is finished, the crab will turn red, the meat is white, soft, slightly tough but sweet and eaten. This is considered one of the valuable specialty in Ca Mau.

    If you go to Ca Mau and want to eat this dish, you can enjoy the stone crab in restaurants under Ganh Hao Bridge. Or else, Old street restaurant in 239 Phan Ngoc Hien Street, Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau is also the best choice. This dish have the price about  US$ 7

    Pupae salad - Known as the best dish of Ca Mau

    Pupae salad is known as the best dish of Ca Mau. Pupae salad is not eaten as a fish salad, after harvest it will be roasted with spices. When eaten with herbs, green banana, you will feel the smell and fat of the pupae. In addition, you can also eat a few other dishes are also made from bee puppies such as roasted bee noodles, fried bee noodles, bee porridge…

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    Pupae salad is often served at restaurants in the U Minh Ha forest area because honey bees in the U Minh Ha forest are fat and delicious.

    Ba Khia - A traditional food in Ca Mau

    Ba Khia is one more a traditional food in Ca Mau. Not only the local people but also the visitors love this food much. Ba Khia’s shape is almost the same as the crab but the texture and texture of the meat is very different, suppose is more delicious. These are often eaten by salt or boiled with lemongrass.

    If you want to eat Ba Khia, come to Rach Goc in July, August on the lunar year. One of the best seafood restaurant is Quat Mo Seafood Restaurant in No. 14 Bui Thi Truong Street, Ca Mau. 


    22 Jan 2020
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    Best things to do in Ca Mau Best places to visit in Ca Mau

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