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Ca Mau – The south pole of Mekong Delta, Vietnam is growing. Coming to here Mau, there are many specialties, taking pictures with national coordinates, Mui Ca Mau symbols … will be an unforgettable experience. The article will provide you with interesting experiences when traveling to Ca Mau.

Ca mau Vietnam
Source: saigontourist.net

Ca Mau is the southernmost province of Vietnam, located 370 km from Ho Chi Minh City, 180 km south of Can Tho. In the north, adjacent to Bac Lieu province, Kien Giang province, the others are adjacent to the sea. Ca Mau is the topmost land of Vietnam in the South with beautiful features of the typical state of the Mekong Delta. It is a young land, newly discovered over 300 years.

Coming to Ca Mau you will have the opportunity to wander in the canals of the hill, also known as the atmosphere of U Minh Ha forest with huge forests, deep blue eyes to attract the beauty of the wild. Outside, Ca Mau is also the only place on the coast that can see the sunrise on the South China Sea and dive in the west sea.


1. Weather in Ca Mau, Mekong Delta

In the Mekong Delta, the climate is characteristic of monsoon tropical areas near the equator with two distinct seasons: the rainy season (from May to November) and the dry season (from December to October).  The rainfall in Ca Mau has an average of 165 rainy days a year, with 2,360 mm.
The average annual temperature is 26ºC. In particular, the highest average temperature in the year is in April, about 28ºC, the lowest average temperature in January, about 25ºC. The weather is quite hot and humid. Therefore, when traveling Ca Mau, visitors should carefully prepare sun protection costumes such as hats, dresses, sunglasses … to protect health from the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Average Temperature (ºC)Average Rainfall (mm)

2.  Best time to travel to Ca Mau, Meking Delta

Ca Mau weather is sunny but not hot and still quite fresh and cool from the wind blowing from the sea. Therefore, visitors can visit any time of the year. However, the best time is in the dry season, is from November to April, because the landscape and ecosystem are quite distinctive.

If you visit Ca Mau in the rainy season, this will encounter long rains, heavy rains, can sometimes rain all day. Because of the weather, traffic will be difficult, so sightseeing activities are also affected. In particular, Ca Mau has an intermittent river system, if this season comes, the water in the rivers will rise and the flow of water will not be convenient for transportation by the river. However, Ca Mau tourist in rainy season is also an exciting experience.

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If you plan to travel  Ca Mau in the dry season, the sun can rise to 37-38ºC, dry weather, canals begin to dry up, dry fields. Ca Mau tourism at this point you will be participating in exciting activities such as bee eating, catch hamsters, slap fishing …
Remember that the rainy season in here from May to November but the most concentrated rain in July to October. So that if you visit Ca Mau this occasion, you should prepare the appropriate.


1. How to get to Ca Mau

On the way to Ca Mau you can go by airplane, other car or personal means. For you in the North and Central Vietnam can go by plane or train to the center of Ho Chi Minh City and continue to move to Ca Mau. For those in the South can move along the domestic routes to Ca Mau from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau or Can Tho to Ca Mau.

a. Getting to Ca Mau by airplane – Easiest and the most convenient way

The flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau and vice versa now only Vietnam Airlines.  There are only 1 to 2 trips a day, so the time is quite limited. Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to there takes 45 minutes. The cost is only about 30 US$  to 60 US$ /ticket can fluctuate in holidays.

How to book an air ticket to get to Ca Mau?
You should buy air tickets to Ca Mau at the ticket agents to enjoy the savings rates. Or you can visit the website http://phongbanve.vn/ for advice and assistance ticket booking from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau.

Advantages and disadvantages of getting to Ca Mau by air?
There is no denying the convenience of flying. It is the most comfortable means of transportation. Flight time is too short to save time. However, the only disadvantages make you consider is an expensive ticket. The money you must pay for an air ticket is much more expensive. But the relax you have is deserve. 

b. Getting to Ca Mau by shuttle bus

Cheaper and also convenient option to go to Ca Mau and is the shuttle bus. From Tan Son Nhat Airport or Saigon Railway station to the Western Bus Station is so far. If you travel from the North or Central to Ho Chi Minh City, you can move to the bus station by taxi or bus. The ticket price from Ho Chi Minh City is about 10 US$ /ticket

How to book a bus ticket to get to Ca Mau?
Most of the routes to Ca Mau are located at the West Bus Station. Therefore, you can go directly to Mien Tay Bus Station to buy a ticket.

Mien Tay Bus Station

  • Address: 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, An Lac Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phone: (+84) 838 776 594.
  • Website: bxmt.com.vn.

Many quality car beds for you to choose, the price is flexible and varies from time to time. Time to drive back to Ca Mau about 7 – 8 hours. Some reputation bus company you can choose:

  • Phuong Trang bed car: (+84) 838 309 309
  • Kumho: (+84) 838 338 180
  • Phuong Thao Car: (+84) 838 353 495
  • Van Thuan car: (+84) 835 020 363

Advantages and disadvantages of getting to Ca Mau by shuttle bus?
The bus will save more money for you but the waiting time is longer. And it also has non-stop ride so it hard for you to take pictures of scenery. But it is still a comfortable option.

c. Getting to Ca Mau by motorbike – An interesting experience

You can go motorbike to Ca Mau, it is the means to help you have many experiences on the way. The distance from Ho Chi Minh – Ca Mau is 380 kilometers far distance. From Ho Chi Minh, it can be derived in two directions from Phu Lam roundabout (District 6) or District 7 (Trung Luong expressway). Common Routes:

  • Ho Chi Minh City (National Highway 1A) – Tan An – Trung Luong – Can Tho – Bac Lieu – Ca Mau
  • HCM City – Trung Luong – Vinh Long – Bac Lieu – Soc Trang – Ca Mau
  • HCM City – Tan An – My Tho – Ben Tre – Tra Vinh – Chau Doc – Ca Mau

How to rent a motorbike?
Some reputable motorcycle rental in Saigon:

Bao Long Store(+84) 908 188 130 -  (+84) 918 198 07954B Phan Huy Ich, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Vi Na Sat Company(+84) 903 939 220 -
(+84) 937 929 220
No. 19 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Vy An(+84) 946 666 566263 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

All are priced at 3 US$ to 4 US$ per day. Be aware that when traveling by motorbike, you must carry all vehicle documentation like a driver license, vehicle registration, and also passport with the foreigner. Besides, you must comply with road safety regulations such as helmets, gloves, glasses, vehicle speed, etc for your safety.

Advantages and disadvantages of getting to Ca Mau by motorbike?
Drive by a motorbike is cost saving and you have the opportunity to see the two sides of the road. It will be an incredible experience. In recently, Vietnamese young people tend to have a lot of trips by motorbike to enjoy all of the fantastic scenery along the road. But the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau is quite far. Therefore, if you do not have long distance motorbike experience, it is not a good idea for your safety.

2. How to get around Ca Mau

a. Getting around Ca Mau by renting a motorbike or renting a car

When traveling to Ca Mau, you can rent a car or a motorbike. You can contact your hotel for rent. Most of the hotels have the service to rent a car for you. If not, you can look around your hotels. The renting car store all over the place for you to choose. The cost is about  3 US$ to 4 US$ per day. When renting a car you need to have a citizen ID or passport, provide them with your phone number and the hotel you are staying in.

b. Getting around Ca Mau by taxi

If you can not ride a motorbike or you do not like travel by your own means, taxi is the best choice. The only thing you must do is take a taxi and sit in the taxi, enjoy the beautiful sceneries. There are 02 taxi companies operating in Ca Mau city:

NameType of taxiAddressPhone
Taxi Huong Sen4 seats119 Ly Thuong Kiet - Ward 6 - Ca Mau City.(+84) 780 382 6826
Taxi Ca Mau4 seats and 7 seats01 Ly Bon - Ward 4 - Ca Mau City(+84) 780 383 7837

c. Getting around Ca Mau by canoe and boat

The typical scenery you meet in Ca Mau is the river and clouds, blue sky. Therefore, transportation between some locations in Ca Mau is canoes and boats. You can easily rent boats, canoes by day at the wharves. Ask more renters to save money.


Ca Mau City is developing more and more. Therefore, the hotel and restaurant system has also developed. There are many accommodations to stay depending on the type of travel that you go. As a tourist, you can find budget hotels for only 5-9 US$ per night. In contrast, to luxury services will be much more expensive but the services are quite professional and excellent quality.

1. Muong Thanh Luxury Ca Mau Hotel – One of the top luxury hotels in Ca Mau

Ca Mau
Source: truonghongtravel.com

Muong Thanh Luxury Ca Mau Hotel is one of Delta Mekong 5-star hotels strategically located in Ca Mau Administration & Political Center. With the architecture from the master to the interior designed in the style of European luxury, class combined classic, delicate, Muong Thanh Luxury Ca Mau promised to bring guests relaxation moments through the excellent service experience.

Source Tripadvisor.com Booking.com Agoda.com
Rating 4.5 stars 8.4/10 7.9/10

Address: Unit C3A – Ca Mau Administration & Political Center, Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Vietnam.

Phone: (+84) 290 222 8888
Website: www.luxurycamau.muongthanh.com
Email: info@camau.muongthanh.vn
Reference price: 43 US$ /night

2. International Hotel – Convenient hotel in Ca Mau

International Hotel is located in the center of Economics, Politics, Culture of Ca Mau on Avenue Phan Ngoc Hien from the airport, bus station, train station about 5 minutes by motorbike. The hotel offers a wide range of room services for guests at various rates to meet all kinds of needs so visitors do not have to fret about the price. In general, the hotel is designed with simple criteria but still thoughtful, convenient with airy space, clean and comfortable.

Source Tripadvisor.com Booking.com Agoda.com
Rating 2 stars 5.8/10 5.6/10

Address: 179 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ward 6, Ca Mau, Vietnam

Phone: (+84) 290 3666 666
Website: hotels84.com/camauhotels/international-hotel.html
Email: quoctehotel@yahoo.com.vn
Reference price: 13 US$ /night

3. Anh Nguyet Hotel – Modern hotel in Ca Mau

Ca Mau Vietnam
Source: agoda.com

Located in the heart of City Center, Anh Nguyet Hotel is an ideal spot from which to discover Ca Mau. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the place has to offer. This modern hotel is in the vicinity of popular city attractions and popular attractions. The hotel’s recreational facilities, which include garden are designed for escape and relaxation. Nguyet Hotel is a smart choice for travelers to Ca Mau.

Source Tripadvisor.com Booking.com Agoda.com
Rating 3 stars 8.6/10 5.6/10

Address: 207 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ca Mau, Vietnam

Phone: (+84) 0780 356 7666
Website: anhnguyethotel.com/
Email: anhnguyethotel@yahoo.com
Reference price: 36 US$ /night

4. Dong Anh Hotel – As warm and cozy as your home

Ca Ma Vietnam
Source: dulichcamau.net

Dong Anh Hotel, located in the heart of the city with the front facing the busiest center of Ca Mau city, Tran Hung Dao Street, will be an ideal stopover for all visitors for commercial purposes. With all the dedication and thoughtful service, this place is sure to bring the most relaxing moments and most pleasurable for visitors. Come, feel and let your emotions sublimate with Dong Anh Hotel.

Source Tripadvisor.com Agoda.com
Rating 3.5 stars 7.6/10

Address: 25 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 5, Ca Mau, Vietnam

Điện thoại: (+84) 0780 357 6666
Website: www.donganhhotel.com.vn
Email: donganh@donganhhotel.com.vn
Reference price: 16 US$ /night

5. Thanh Nhan 1 Hotel  – Warm and intimate space

Ca mau Vietnam
Source: dulichcamau.com

Thanh Nhan 1 hotel is one of the famous hotels in Ca Mau by warm and intimate space. It gives the person a sense of closeness, peace of mind as they are at home. Besides, this is also a hotel known for reasonable price, affordable for all travelers to choose Thanh Nhan 1 as a resort. In addition, when coming to Thanh Nhan 1 Hotel, visitors are satisfied by the professional, considerate, thoughtful, and dedicated staff of this place.

Source Booking.com
Rating 5.6/10

Address: 129B Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hamlet 7, Ward 6, Ca Mau City

Phone: (+84) 780 356 5112
Web: hotels84.com/camauhotels/thanh-nhan-1-hotel.html
Email: thanhnhanhotel@gmail.com
Reference price: 12 US$ /night


1. Shopping on Ca Mau Floating Market

Ca Mau
Source: dalattrip.com

Travelling to Mekong Delta without attending floating is a missing an interesting part. As the same to step on Ca Mau, the tourists should pay a visit and shopping on floating market together with going to the famous places for sightseeing. The Ca Mau floating market is located at the end of Ganh Hao river which is in center of Ca Mau. It is a bustle as other floating markets in the Western area.

There are hundreds of big and small boats with full of goods which used for a bargain and make exchange deals in there. Like other floating markets,  Ca Mau floating market are used to exchange a variety of products including food-stuff and necessary tools. After all, beauty and typical features of Mekong Delta rivers still attract the tourist to set foot on Ca Mau floating market even if just for a short period of time. Tourist can shop in this market to have very cheap deals and enjoy the life of local people here.

2. Watch sunset or horizon in Hon Khoai Island

Ca mau
Source: laikatourist.com

Hon Khoai is one of the most charming islands in Ca Mau. It is the biggest island surrounding by 5 pretty islands. The tourist will be impressed by the natural and glamorous beauty of Hon Khoai. On the highest peak of Hon Khoai, there is a lighthouse built by the French in the late of the nineteenth century and it is rewarded as a historic monument.
Nothing is better than watching the sun go down and the horizon from here. Those beautiful images will forever in your memory.

3. Explore the forest in U Minh Ha National Park

Ca Mau
Source: uminhpark.com

U Minh Ha National Park is one of three core zones of Ca Mau Cape World Biosphere Reserve. In U Minh Ha, visitors can rent a boat to go along interlacing canals or walk through the forest. Also,, visitors can fish by themselves or ask local people to help spread the net to catch fish. At night, you will rest in cool houses in the forest and enjoy specialties here such as barramundi, pineapple fish, squid, crab, shrimp, tiger.
Traveling and discovering mangrove forests is expected to be a memorable experience for visitors to the southern forest land.

4. Set food in Cape Ca Mau National Park

Ca Mau
Source: advmotorcycletours.com

This is a tourist thing you will definitely do in Ca Mau. Cape Ca Mau is the southernmost point in Vietnam, one side is the East Sea and the other is the Gulf of Thailand. In Cape Ca Mau, you can easily visit the national landmark, the boat symbol of the land. Surely this will be an interesting tourist attraction in your trip.

To Cape Ca Mau, in addition to taking pictures at the bow, landmark coordinates, you can climb the observation tower to see the land strip of the country. Once you are satisfied with the scene with the unique photos, you can go to seafood restaurants on the sea to enjoy the delicious dishes of Ca Mau such as salted crab salads, turtle roasted salt, baked pepper sauce, etc. Delicious dishes will make your trip more interesting.


1.Voles fried with chili – An amazing dish

Before you shout out “No way”, it is one common dish that you can find in most of the Mekong Delta is voles or hamster. I am sure that it is an amazing dish that you will never forget when you eat. Among recipes to make the cuisine, fried voles with hot chili are one of the best options.
If you still consider, remember that the voles will be cleaned and seasoned by the professionals, and then they will be fried in the big fire while the chef will not stop stirring until the voles are yellow. Do not be worry, just try it, it will be awesome.

The best place for you to enjoy the amazing dish is in the middle of Southern U Minh forest. The price is about 3 US$ . Recommended restaurants for you is Bon Phuong Restaurant, located in 375, Hamlet 1, Tac Van Commune, Ca Mau.

2. Stone crab roast with salt – One of the valuable specialty

Stone crabs can be made into a variety of attractive dishes, but the most attractive is still roasted salt crabs. When the roast is finished, the crab will turn red, the meat is white, soft, slightly tough but sweet and eaten. This is considered one of the valuable specialty in Ca Mau.
If you go to Ca Mau and want to eat this dish, you can enjoy the stone crab in restaurants under Ganh Hao Bridge. Or else, Old street restaurant in 239 Phan Ngoc Hien Street, Ward 9, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau is also the best choice. This dish have the price about 7 US$ 

3. Pupae salad – Known as the best dish of Ca Mau

Pupae salad is known as the best dish of Ca Mau. It is not eaten as a fish salad, after harvest it will be roasted with spices. When eaten with herbs, green banana, you will feel the smell and fat of the pupae. In addition, you can also eat a few other dishes are also made from bee puppies such as roasted bee noodles, fried bee noodles, bee porridge …
Pupae salad is often served at restaurants in the U Minh Ha forest area because honey bees in the U Minh Ha forest are fat and delicious.

4. Ba Khia – A traditional food in Ca Mau

Ba Khia is one more a traditional food in Ca Mau. Not only the local people but also the visitors love this food much. Ba Khia’s shape is almost the same as the crab but the texture and texture of the meat is very different, suppose is more delicious. These are often eaten by salt or boiled with lemongrass.
If you want to eat Ba Khia, come to Rach Goc in July, August on the lunar year. One of the best seafood restaurant is Quat Mo Seafood Restaurant in No. 14 Bui Thi Truong Street, Ca Mau.


1. Ca Mau Floating Market

Floating market is a cultural feature of the western region, including Ca Mau. So when come to here, visitors do not forget to visit this unique boat market. Ca Mau Floating Market is located on Ganh Hao River, in ward 8 of the city center. This is an exchange place of three rivers: Tien river, Hau river, and Trem river. Therefore, it is an ideal location, convenient for trade by the river. Main products are agricultural products and vegetables. You will experience the feeling of sitting on the boat swaying on the creek full of fun, witnessing and join the experience of buying goods between floating boats.

2. Cape Ca Mau National Park

Ca Mau
Source: vietnamtourism.website

Cape Ca Mau – the land of the Fatherland, where the landmark GPS coordinates 0001 is the goal of conquest of many travelers love. Located about 100 km from Ca Mau city, to get to Dat Mui, visitors have to take high-speed train 3 hours from the pier in the sea. At this place visitors will visit the landmark National Coordinates, sea and forest view, visit the simulation of resistance villages and admire the symbol of Ca Mau.

3. U Minh Ha National Park

Ca Mau
Source: vietnamtravel.guide

Located in the U Minh forest system with an area of 8,000 hectares, the forest is recognized as the old forest, the large biosphere reserve of the Mekong Delta, which is the common roof of countless flora and fauna. With the typical wetland ecosystem and upland forest on peatland, U Minh Ha plays an important role in protecting and restoring values of landscape, ecological environment and biodiversity.

4. Ngoc Hien Bird Yard

Ca Mau
Source: voiatours.com

Ngoc Hien Bird Sanctuary is 130 hectares, is known as one of the largest natural Bird Yard in Vietnam. Here have Bay Hap river flows through, creating a rich, lush vegetation all year round. It is home to many bird species. Especially, some of which have been included in the Red Book. Every evening, in a red sunset sky, a flock of thousands of birds flickered fly back and this scenery is really amazing.

5. Hon Khoai Island 

Source: ahomevietnam.com

Hon Khoai Island is considered to be the most beautiful island in the southwestern region. It is famous for its clear blue water with many different colors and shapes. Visitors can explore the fauna of the island with over 1000 species of birds. Especially, at the top of the island, there is a beautiful lighthouse. Watch the sunset and horizon in Hon Khoai Island will definitely awesome.

6. Hon Da Bac Island

Ca Mau
Source: langmanmientay.com

Hon Da Bac Island located 50 kilometers from Ca Mau city, in the area of Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. This is the common name of a cluster of large, small rocks on an area of 6.43 hectares. This is a large island consisting of many small islands located close to each other such as Hon Ngo island, Da Ly island, and Da Bac island. Here, you can experience the wonderful moments when fishing shrimp, squid or delicious seafood.


Visit Ca Mau, you can buy some delicious dishes as gifts. You can buy honey in U Minh forest, Ba Khia,  dried shrimp, dried fish, seafood on Ca Mau for relatives and friends. The above is the specialty Ca Mau should buy as gifts that you can not ignore.


  • Before traveling, whether, by any means, you should book a two-way ticket to avoid the case of solding out.
  • When traveling by boat or canoe, wear a life jacket to ensure your safety.
  • You should prepare your shoes if you want to go to U Minh Ha forest to explore. Also, allergy medication, personalized medicine, some fast food must be prepared.

With beautiful sceneries and wild landscape, Ca Mau is the land with both idyllic countryside and the depth of mountains and forests. Do not miss out if you have the chance to explore this mysterious land to learn more about natural life and admire the unique landscape. The above is the complete guidebook Ca Mau travel experience from A to Z fully we share with you. Hope that it can help you know everything to visit Ca Mau and wish you have an interesting trip in your whole life.

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