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Ha Long is surrounded by Ha Long City, Cam Pha City and Van Don District in Quang Ninh Province. Halong has been recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage. Coming to Halong Bay, tourists can sail on the bay to see a variety of limestone islands and with majestic shale structures. Some highlights include Halong Bay, Con Coc Island, Ti Tung Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, and Bai Tu Long Bay. Ha Long was also voted as one of the 7 new natural wonders of the world. You will be a lot more interesting and memorable with a Halong Bay cruise tour. However, even if your vacation is long or short, finding out the best Halong Bay cruise for your holiday is not an easy job.

halong bay cruise
Ngoc Vung Island
Source: halongtourvietnam.org

In order to help you find out the most suitable cruise and have the best time for your holiday, this article would like to give you some Halong Bay cruise recommendations. Our advice about Halong Bay cruise all depends on the itinerary, the most exclusive features and the overall rate from some reliable travel websites such as Agoda.com, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor. Halong Bay cruises can combine with different forms of land and air travel tour. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the stunning and breathtaking Vietnamese landscape from the sky. After that, you will have a closer look at the scenery of Halong Bay, with blue water and majestic ranges of the limestone mountain, witness every sight and sound you could wish for.


Here are the routes that cruises are allowed to exploit in Halong Bay:

Route 1: Thien Cung (Heaven Palace) cave – Dau Go cave – The dog islet, Ba Hang floating village, Dinh Huong islet, Male-female chickens islet. Ticket Price: VND 250,000/ person
Route 2: Soi Sim beach, Titop beach, Sung sot (Surprising cave), Me Cung (The maze) cave, Bo Nau cave, Luon tunnel, Trong (drum cave), Trinh Nu (Virgin) cave, Dong Tien (Angel spot) lake. Ticket Price: VND 250,000/ person
Route 3: Cua Van floating cultural center, Tien Ong (Old buddha) cave, Ba Ham lake, Ba Men temple, Ang du islet. Ticket Price: VND 200,000/ person
Route 4: Co (Grass) cave, Thay (Master) cave, Cong do area, Cap La cave, Vung Vieng floating village. Ticket Price: VND 200,000/ person
Route 5: Thiên Cung (Heaven Palace) cave – Dau Go cave – The dog islet, Ba Hang floating village, Dinh Huong islet, Male-female chickens islet. Ticket Price: VND 200,000/ person
Source: genesiscruise.com


Top VIAJES (Top Travel), the Spanish magazine specializing in tourism, cuisine, luxury resort … once described the cruise Paradise Cruises as a floating hotel and gave it the name “Dream Yacht”. Paradise Cruise Halong Bay has also been awarded the annual Gold Award 2012 – 2013 from Agoda based on customer satisfaction and the level of attraction as well as Excellent service Award voted by travelers around the world on Tripadvisor.

1. Featured facilities of Paradise Halong Bay Cruise

Paradise Cruise includes 3 types of cruise, so that you can choose the most suitable one for your delighted: Paradise Luxury, Paradise Elegance, and Paradise Peak.

Paradise Luxury is a traditional wooden yacht which is a harmonious combination of modern, luxurious and ethnic charm. The interior of the ship is completely wooden, giving a feeling of warm and classic charm, but still, ensure complete comfort for visitors. Elegant dining space, a varied menu of drinks and dishes are the perfect choice for warm banquets. Guests can also be immersed in the magnificent scenes of the limestone mountains and the clear blue waters of Ha Long Bay at the spacious, well-equipped sunbathing area. In particular, the yacht has an international standard spa. Guests will have the most impressive experience on this luxurious cruise Halong Bay.

halong bay cruise
Source: halongbaycruise.vn

Paradise Elegance – a yacht with steel structure combined with contemporary style and pure Vietnamese style, is really a masterpiece in Halong Bay. Featuring a piano bar, spa, butler service, and numerous dining options, Paradise Elegance promises to give an impressive experience and amazing excursions.

Paradise Peak is the most luxurious yacht in Halong Bay, with elegant classic wood design combined with modern facilities. Each cabin on the ship owns a spacious private balcony or living area, a private jacuzzi, and a separate butler. Everything on the yacht is designed perfectly, with full amenities such as a spa, library, gym, excellent menu and premium wines, Paradise Peak offers a standard of luxury for the Halong cruise.

2.  Halong bay itinerary of Paradise Cruise

With Paradise Cruise, guests can choose  2 days 1 night or 2 nights 3 days cruise on the yacht and visit the bay. Travelers who choose 2 nights 3 days on Paradise Luxury, Paradise Elegance or Paradise Peak will be taken to Paradise Explorer – another yacht of the cruise on the 2nd day. Guests will enjoy lunch on the Paradise Explorer while continuing to explore the exciting sights on the bay. Please note that schedules may vary according to requirements of the port and transportation conditions. If there are any changes, there will be alternative similar places of interest instead.

3. What’s on your Paradise Halong Bay cruise package?

Depending on the ship of Paradise, you will experience different packages. The most basic ship is Paradise Luxury, starting from $201 with a welcome drink and afternoon tea, free water in your cabin, regular beverage on board, cooking demonstration when you enjoy meals and Tai Chi session, finally onboard insurance. Paradise Elegance has a bit higher price, about $220 and the same package as one of Paradise Luxury, except live music on the ship.

The highest and most exclusive ship of Paradise Cruise in Halong Bay is Paradise Peak. With the price starting at $660, it has a unique and impressive package for guests with private butler service, various types of beverage including local beer, selected wines, soft drinks. A lot of activities on the ship for guests such as a sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi, fitness room, library. Visitors can also take part in kayaking on Halong Bay Also, a minibar is included on the board. Moreover, cooking demonstration, afternoon tea, and Tai Chi session, and onboard insurance are also on this package.

4. Paradise Halong Bay cruise reviews

Paradise Halong Bay Cruise has received a lot of good reviews from their customers. Most of them had a memorable experience with the cruise. Besides the tasty and well-designed food, they are impressed by the staff’s service, which is really professional. Staff is very friendly enthusiastic. One thing that customers enjoy the most is the way the staff cares about the customers from the very little things such as some bottles of water when their customers go sightseeing, bath towels when they go swimming, or small bags to preserve private high-tech things such as camera, phone when kayaking. All of these have made their trip.

Source Agoda.com Tripadvisor.com Booking.com
Rate 9.3/10 5/5 9.1/10

5. Why choosing Paradise Halong Bay cruise?

Paradise cruise offers visitors a variety of experiences: explore the beauty of Halong Bay with s special schedule designed, or choose to enjoy and relax on the train. Traveling with Paradise Cruise, you can freely admire and enjoy the majestic beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Also, from welcoming guests to taking guests back, the Paradise Cruises team will always provide the most comfortable experience for travelers. With a professional but friendly style, each visitor is welcomed very warmly. The cruise tries their best to make customers feel as comfortable as being at home.

6. Paradise Halong Bay Cruise Contact

Address: Room 201, Floor 2, Hanoi Tower, 49 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel: (+84) 24 3941 6666
Hotline: (+84) 906 099 606
Email: info@paradisecruise.com 
Website: paradisecruise.com


L’Azalée Cruise Halong is a traditional wooden boat cruise around Halong Bay, which is one of the most favorite cruises with tourists. With an impressive architecture and delicate decoration, L’Azalée Cruise Halong is always giving visitors the opportunity to have the best time to relax in Halong Bay.

1. Featured facilities of L’Azalee Cruise

Each room in L’Azalee Cruise Halong has wooden floors and a private bathroom with shower, as well as free toiletries. In-room windows feature bay and mountain views. Baggage storage facilities are available at the 24-hour front desk. Also, customers can sunbathe on the spacious deck of the ship. Many activities in the cruise including kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing. Also, Vietnamese and international meals are served at the dining area. A variety of beers, cocktails, wines as well as other beverages are available for guests to request at the bar.

2. Halong bay itinerary of L’Azalee Cruise

halong bay cruise
Source: lazaleecruises.vn
halong bay cruise
Source: lazaleecruises.vn

These above are two main routes of L’Azalee Cruise. Also, this cruise also cooperates with Hai Au Aviation, a seaplane company which provides flights from Halong Bay to Hanoi, so that visitors can choose to combine this with the cruise and take a flight to enjoy the breathtaking view of Halong Bay from above, which will be an amazing and unforgettable experience.  

3. What’s on your L’Azalee Cruise package?

Many exciting things are waiting for you in the packages of L’Azalee Cruise. They are really various, to get to the yacht, you can choose to add the flight with seaplane Hanoi – Halong Bay OR Halong Bay – Hanoi to your package. There is an alternative way is that, you can take the shuttle bus on the route Hanoi – Halong Bay OR Halong Bay – Hanoi. Also, to begin the trip, you will have 4.5 hours exploring Halong Bay with L’Azalee Classic Cruise. The welcome drinks are always ready when you come to the ship. After that, you can enjoy a Vietnamese-style buffet lunch. Each room has wooden floors in the yacht and a private bathroom with shower, toilet and free toiletries. In-room windows feature bay and mountain views. Guests can sunbathe on the spacious deck. Water activities including kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing are provided by L’Azalee Cruise Halong. Also, Vietnamese and international meals are served at the dining area. A variety of beers, cocktails, wines as well as other beverages are available for guests to request at the bar.  It’s will be a lot exciting when you discover Halong Bay with your family.

4. L’Azalee Cruise reviews

halong bay cruise
Source: pinterest

There are a large number of customers were satisfied with their trip with L’Azalee. They all enjoyed the food, professional service, various activities and relaxing moment on the deck. The staff here, according to customers, are very friendly, attentive and experienced. At Tripadvisor.com, a lot of customers recommended this cruise.

Source Agoda.com Tripadvisor.com Booking.com
Rate 8.9/10 5/5 8.1/10

5. Why choosing L’Azalee cruise?

Private space relaxation and unforgettable experiences are the main things that L’Azalee cruise would like to give their customers. There are a lot of areas on the deck where visitors can sit and enjoy the peace, enjoy the bay view and relax. Moreover, it will be even more exciting if it is a family vacation, as you can share a lot of peaceful moment with your family members on the cruise. You can all enjoy the magic feeling when watching the sunset of Halong Bay on the deck among the immense waves or catch the sunshine of the day on the vast sea. It is what you will experience when staying on the boat L’Azalee.

6. L’Azalee cruise Contact

Address: Floor 11, 70-72 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Hotline: +84 906 237 899
Tel: +84 24 3825 5342
Email: online.sales@lazaleecruises.vn
Website: lazaleecruises.vn


If you are waiting for something extraordinary and a truly impressive experience in Halong Bay, this will be your perfect choice. Following the success of the yacht in Nha Trang, Emperor Cruises has launched a new ship on Bai Tu Long Bay. This is the first vessel to offer a full-service package, dedicated staff, and limousine service.

Inspired by King Bao Dai, the last king of Vietnam, this masterpiece is designed in the 1930s style, where visitors can discover Vietnam culture, history, art, cuisine. This is a royal masterpiece and a valuable heritage of the nation. Every guest is served as a king and queen in a luxurious, delicate space where every detail is taken good care of.

1. Featured facilities of Emperor Cruise

Emperor is a night vessel with 8 cabins with a capacity of 16 guests. All 8 cabins in the yacht are all suites with private balcony, panoramic sea view with private staff. Emperor with a well and unique designed space promise to give you absolutely comfortable feelings.

A continental and buffet breakfast is served daily. Guests have free use of the jacuzzi and sauna. Fishing is one of the activities that you can participate in while staying at Emperor Cruises Ha Long.

2. Halong bay itinerary of Emperor Cruise

Emperor Cruise Halong Bay will take you to the journey exploring the pristine Bai Tu Long Bay, discovering the natural beauty and rustic life of the locals. Visit some nearby caves, kayaks, meet fishermen and enjoy a memorable lunch and relax on a secluded beach. This is an opportunity for visitors to hide in a safe place, find the peace and return to everyday life with a completely new and refreshing spirit.

3. What’s on your Emperor Cruise package?

halong bay cruise
Source: Agoda

The Emperor will offer three main packages for visitors: day cruise, 2-day cruise: Be a king for one night, and 3-day cruise: Emperor Getaway. Especially, Emperor Cruises will introduce paintings exhibition by famous artist Pham Luc, who has the nickname “Picasso of Vietnam”.

In order to give customers the best experiences in Halong Bay, Emperor Cruise has a very various and impressive package for customers. Guests will be provided with a free movie screening and art exhibition by artist Pham Luc. Also, you can try King costumes to take photos on the board. Unlimited massage and enjoying classical music on the board with Guitar, Violin, Piano are also provided. Free beverage including Wine, Beer, Cocktails, Mocktails, Fruit Juices, etc … are not limited throughout the journey. The meals in a day include a set menu lunch, an ala-carte dinner, a breakfast, and a buffet lunch with 2 days 1 night cruise, or 2 lunch, 1 à la carte dinner, 1 seafood BBQ dinner, 2 breakfast, 1-morning buffet with 3 days 2 nights cruise.

4. Emperor Cruise reviews

Guests coming to Halong Bay were really impressed by the royal architecture combined with the elegance of the old Indochina in Emperor Cruise. Each room is decorated and designed differently. Another plus point of Emperor Cruise is its food, which is well designed and has an excellent but elegant taste. Also, the staff is super professional and helpful, who will help you enjoy the whole trip. All in all, Emperor Cruise received a lot of good reviews from their customers.

Source Agoda.com Tripadvisor.com Booking.com
Rate 9.8/10 5/5 9.7/10

5. Why choosing Emperor cruise?

halong bay cruise
Source: justluxe.com

The high-end service of Emperor Cruise is totally different from other night cruises on Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, in private space as well as high-grade facilities. Guests will experience a full package, and all services on board are included in the program. There will not be any extra cost to pay for the package you choose. With its first five star service in Vietnam, the Emperor deserves to be on the list of any luxury traveler.

With Emperor Cruise, you can admire the wonderful landscape of Bai Tu Long Bay. On the journey of exploring the bay’s most pristine destinations, visitors can relax comfortably not only by the comfort of their suites, but also by the way that Emperor Cruises Halong Positively contributing to the environment through the storage of wastes, the environmentally friendly engines, and by being socially responsible, including beach cleaning.

6. Emperor cruise Contact

Address: No.3, Alley 65 Van Bao Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 24 3927 3475
Fax: (+84) 24 3927 3476
Email: hanoi@emperorcruises.com
Website: hemperorcruiseshalong.com


Bhaya Classic – the largest and oldest ship on the Gulf. Inspired by the natural beauty and unique traditional culture of Vietnam, the Bhaya Classic cruise is designed harmoniously with the advanced facilities and equipment. Combined with professional services, dedicated and experienced staffs, Bhaya Classic Cruises will bring to visitors a memorable experience on Ha Long Bay.

1. Featured facilities of Bhaya Classic Cruise

Bhaya Cruises features luxury oriental yachts in Halong Bay. Boats include air-conditioned cabins and a restaurant. Bhaya offers a variety of boat activities including Vietnamese cooking classes, or guests can join Morning Tai Chi session on the sundeck or visit the spa for a relaxing massage. Water activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.

Bhaya cabin rooms have a ceiling fan and a fridge. Private bathrooms come with shower facilities. The room is equipped with a window for natural light and views of the sea and the islands as the boat sails around Halong Bay. Also, Vietnamese and international buffet meals are served at the Dining Room. Guests can enjoy cocktails at The Topside Bar while enjoying the sea breeze or watching the sunset.

2. Halong bay itinerary of Bhaya Classic Cruise

halong bay cruise
Source: bhayacruises.com
halong bay cruise
Source: bhayacruises.com

The above is 2 days and 3 days itineraries in Halong Bay of Bhaya Cruise. Guests will be taken around the bay to contemplate the amazing views of krasts limestones in the bay. Many sightseeing points such as caves, floating villages are on the itinerary.

3. What’s on your Bhaya Classic cruise package?

Joining Bhaya Cruise, visitors can kayak through limestone caves to discover the spectacular stalagmites and stalactites inside. After that, they can stop for a swim in the azure waters and lay back on one of the secluded beaches scattered throughout the bay. Moreover, an experience about the life of fishermen in some floating fishing villages surrounded by krasts limestone will also include in a trip. Last but not least, visitors will enjoy traditional Vietnamese cuisine and a lot of activities onboard, such as Masterchef competition or fishing, etc.

4. Bhaya Classic cruise reviews

Almost every customer who joined the Bhaya Cruise were satisfied with their trip. They all had the same impression about the cruise: Beautiful decoration, staff service is quite enthusiastic and thoughtful, who always took care of the passengers and the safety of the trip on every journey. The food is good and polite.

Source Agoda.com Tripadvisor.com Booking.com
Rate 8.7/10 5/5 9.1/10

5. Why choosing Bhaya Classic Cruise, Halong Bay?

halong bay cruise
Source: zangtour.com

Bhaya Classic offers a unique culinary experience, well-designed journey along with clean and comfortable rooms. Guests can also be supported visa procedures, hotels in Hanoi and transportation from Hanoi to Ha Long. With Bhaya Classic, our staff will assist you with every little detail of your journey.

Also, when choosing the Bhaya Classic cruise, visitors can expect a completely different experience. Not only enjoy the impressive beauty of Halong Bay, but visitors also have the opportunity to learn more about the unique culture of Vietnam.

6. Bhaya Classic Cruise Contact

Email: sales@bhayacruises.com
Address: 47 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Hanoi
Tel: (+84) 24 3944 6777
Website: bhayacruises.com


halong bay cruise
Source: cruiserhalong.wordpress.com

If your trip has a limited time with a smaller budget, the most perfect choice for you would be a day trip. In almost every cruise, you’ll be picked up at around 8:00 AM from your hotel in Hanoi’s Old Quarter or other picking up places depends on the cruise company, then travel by shuttle bus or minivan from 3.5 to 4 hours to Halong, so you will reach Halong Bay at nearly noon. After enjoying lunch on the boat while cruising the islands and islets, you will join in one or two excursions, such as kayaking or visiting a cave in the afternoon. After that, you will leave Halong Bay for Hanoi at about 5:00 PM and come back to Hanoi at 9:00 PM.

If you want to experience more of this beautiful bay, overnight cruise option is better for you,  especially the 3 days package. You will take part in various excursions, on the cruise, all of them are made to give you a better understanding of the UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as interesting activities on the board. Enjoying the sunrise among the deep blue water while doing Tai Chi session the sun deck, taking a Vietnamese cooking class, relaxing with a spa treatment or simply enjoy a cocktail at happy hour. After the dinner on board, you can relax with a movie or experience interesting squid fishing with the locals.

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