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Places to visit in Ben Tre, Vietnam

Places to visit in Ben Tre, Vietnam

Places to visit in Ben Tre, Vietnam

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    1. Ben Tre Museum – Where the history is told again in Ben Tre city

    A building was built in France style with characteristic arches, roof tiles, brick walls and many windows were carved dragon head or lion head. The front of the building views to Ben Tre river, the back views to Cach Mang Thang Tam street, which is one of the most crowded streets in Ben Tre city. The building was used first as the government headquarters of Ben Tre province from French colonial era till the liberation day. Now, this construction is used for exhibiting more than 3000 artifacts, photos, and films about the resistance of Ben Tre people against the rule of colonial government. In addition, Ben Tre museum has an outdoor exhibition area for large-scale artifacts like aircrafts, canons, bombshells.

    All about Ben Tre, Vietnam:

    Address: No. 146, Hung Vuong street, district 3, Ben Tre city  

    2. Quy island – The charming nature in Ben Tre

    Lies along Tien river, 23 km far from Ben Tre city is one of the most famous destinations in Ben Tre – The Quy island. This place is peaceful and quiet: no towers, no buildings, just people with simple lifestyle base on nature. You can enjoy the juicy self-picking fruits right in the garden and then when you’re tired, just take a cup of hot honey tea, listening to Don Ca Tai Tu – an intangible cultural heritage of mankind - to feel the peace of this land.

    Enjoy the beauty of nature in Quy island while traveling around by boat will be one of the most memorable experiences in Ben Tre.

    3. Phung island – The most famous island in Ben Tre

    Phung island is designed as a green oasis in the middle of Tien river. It is one of the typical tourist destinations in Mekong Delta. Here where you can explore the unique “miet vuon” lifestyle of the locals. There are many activities such as fishing, catching fish by hand, sailing, swimming in the river, etc. This island also contains the relict of the Coconut religion in an area of 1,500 m2, attracting a lot of visitors.

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    4. The tomb of Nguyen Dinh Chieu – An ideal destinatiom for culture explorers

    Nguyen Dinh Chieu is a patriot, a talented writer and an excellent doctor. He is the author of “Luc Van Tien”, a heroic story was written by poem has become a huge influence on local people’s culture.

    On July 1st every year, people hold a festival aims to remember him with many activities. They perform scenes of “Luc Van Tien” or hold a cooking contest, tugging, duckling, etc.

    To read more about Nguyen Dinh Chieu here

    Address: An Duc commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre, Vietnam

    5. Dong Khoi village – Where the heroes of Ben Tre fell

    Located at Dinh Thuy commune, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre, 15 km far from Ben Tre city. This is one of the first places which revolted against the colonial authority in 1960 and now it is where we keep the evidence of a chaos era.

    This is where you learn about the staunch revolutionary spirit, indomitable of people of Ben Tre during the war period

    6. Lach market flowers garden - One of the biggest flower market in Ben Tre

    Lach market flowers garden is where gathers many of beautiful flowers and bonsais. There are many famous artists in shaping, bending plants, make it more diverse in many different shapes.

    Address: Cai Mon village, Cho Lach commune, Ben Tre, Vietnam

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    7. Vam Ho bird sanctuary – The bird’s paradise in Ben Tre

    Vam Ho is a mangrove forest with many wild plants and 84 different kinds of bird. In Vam Ho, you are able to see the flock of stocks, or bitterns fly in the sky, listen to the cuckoos call the herd, the sounds of crow pheasant somewhere in the jungle. When you are tired, you can lie back on the hammock swaying under the shade and breathe the fresh air of Ba Lai river.

    Address: Tan Qui hamlet, Tan My commune, Ba Tri district, Ben tre

    8. Lang Be tourist area – The games complex of Ben Tre, Vietnam

    This destination offers you a whole day of activities and fun with a number of games like skating by coconut leaf, monkey bridge, riding a bike through the monkey bridge, moving on the ropes, etc. You should invite friends and family to go with to enjoy the game because most of the games in here require teamwork.

    Address: No. 81B/6B, An Khanh, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre.

    9. Minh island – One of the most prosperous islands of Ben Tre

    It is one of the three islands that make Ben Tre province. There are 2 famous historic destinations on the island which is the House of Huong Liem and the Snake Temple. The House of Huong Liem was built in late XIX century in Dai Dien commune. If you look from the outside will feel like it is France style, but the inside it is Hue Royalty style.

    The Snake Temple is hiding some interesting mystery stories.

    Besides two destinations above, you can go to Thach Phu district to explore the food heaven in here with so many delicious dishes of seafood.


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    Where to stay in Ben Tre, Vietnam Major annual festivals in Ben Tre, Vietnam

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