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What to eat in Ben Tre, Vietnam

What to eat in Ben Tre, Vietnam

What to eat in Ben Tre, Vietnam

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    1. Coconut candy – The specialty of Ben Tre

    You can’t talk about Ben Tre without mention of Coconut candy. The best Coconut candy is produced in Mo Cay district. It is soft, tasty, greasy smell and slightly sweet in a unique way that you can’t find it anywhere else. Making coconut candy is an art, with the secret recipe is only transmitted in family.

    They use the combination of coconut and other fruits like durian and peanut to create a more flavorful candy that will leave your mind unforgettable experiences.

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    You can experience the coconut candy production in Chau Thanh ecological tourism, Ben Tre or visit Thanh Long coconut candy factory in Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city.

    2. Coconut wine – The Ben Tre’s ecstatic liquid that won’t let you down

    It is another specialty of Ben Tre. Unlike other wine, drinking coconut wine won’t make you get drunk but just a little groggy and something special in the throat. The wine is cool sweet with coconut flavor. Ask the local or your accommodation staff to buy the genuine coconut wine.

    3. “Banh Trang My Long” – The coconut “banh da”

    You’ve already known “Banh Da” right? “Banh Trang My Long” is nearly similar to it except that it is made from coconut. There are three kinds of Banh Trang My Long: the special one is made from copra, milk and egg; the other has copra but no milk and the last one has milk but without copra.

    You can try the genuine “Banh Trang My Long” at My Long market: 885 Provincial Road, My Thanh, Giong Trom, Ben Tre

    4. Flat banana - Another way enjoy banana

    The selected banana must be the green Siamese banana that has just turned into yellow. A banana after being sliced across will be baked on coal fire for 5 minutes. Then they take it out, put into a plastic bag and flatten it, then put it on the flame again until the banana turns into yellow. It is served with coconut milk. The scent of banana and coconut milk will make you interested. This dish is quite hard to find, you can only meet it with vendors. The price is VND 10,000/8 pieces.

    Address: No. 311B, Dong Khoi boulevard, Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city

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    5. Skin roll - It tastes better than in your imagination

    The bacon after being removed skin will be fried, add spices and be mined. The skin will be boiled and cut into 5 cm long, thin pieces. Then they mix them together, add more spices and roll it by rice paper with noodle, herbs and maybe onions. It is served with fish sauce, onion and chili.

    Try this dish at No. 59, Le Loi, Ward 2, Ben Tre City

    6. Crab porridge - A simple dish shall make you remember it

    The crab in the rice field will be processed to take the meats, and organs to cook the broth. The way it is cooked is just like normal porridge with rice, fishes, meats, mushrooms, shrimps and especially bitter herbs.

    Address: The row restaurants on Highway 60 bypass, the city of Ben Tre.

    7. “Banh Xeo”: with rice snail - The seasonal specialty you can’t miss

    This kind of Banh xeo is the specialty of Phu Da island, Ben Tre because it is one of very rare place where rice snail habitat grows. Because it depends on the growth of rice snails, Banh xeo with rice snail is served in May – June, when the snails are in the best condition.

    Address: Phu Da island, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre.


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