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Ben Tre is called the Coconut Kingdom of Mekong Delta, which is 85 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the Southwest. Ben Tre has an extensive network of rivers and canals with four major rivers that divide the territory into three parts: An Hoa island, Bao island, and Minh island.

Country Vietnam
Region Southwest
Capital Ben Tre city
Acreage 2359.5 km2
Population 1,262,000 people



Located in Southwest region, Ben Tre has monsoon tropical weather which is divided into two different seasons are dry season and rainy season. However, Ben Tre is out-range of the influence of monsoon so this place has quite high and stable temperature.  

1. Rainy season (from May to November)

The temperature in this season is stable at 27oC with high precipitation. This is when the fruits turn ripe and the proliferation of annoying insects like flies and mosquitos. Remember to bring sunscreen and anti-mosquito cream to protect yourself.


2. Dry season (from December to April)

The temperature fluctuations from 21oC to 27oC with nearly no rain at all from January to March. The precipitation in this season takes from 6% to 8% of total precipitation in the year. during this time, you should not visit Ben Tre because of the lack of fresh water.


To see weather forecast of Ben Tre, click here

3. Best time to travel in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta

Because some specialties in Ben Tre are seasonal, the best time to visit Ben Tre is in the summer (from June to August) when most of the fruits in Ben Tre turn ripe and there are many tourism activities occur. You can enjoy the tasty fruits, experience the “miet vuon” culture and learn more about the brave spirit of Ben Tre people.


Furthermore, you can visit Ben Tre when there are festivals. It reflects not only the culture of the Ben Tre people but the interesting stories that you may have never heard before.

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1. Getting to Ben Tre from Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Tre is 85 km far from Ho Chi Minh City and it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to arrive.

a. Getting to Ben Tre by shuttle bus from Mien Tay station, Ho Chi Minh City

You can find the shuttle bus to Ben Tre in Mien Tay station in Ho Chi Minh City. Price is around VND 80,000 – 110,000.


Brand name Departure time Rating* Price (VND) Contact
Dong Khoi 11:30 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 80,000 (+84) 908 398 181
Hoang Khai 7:00 – 15:00 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 70,000 (+84) 903 061 101
Thao Chau 5:00 – 9:30 ⭐⭐⭐ 67,000 (+84) 903 337 600
Minh Tam 4:45 ⭐⭐ 110,000 (+84) 283 8306 106
Tan Thanh Thuy 5:45 ⭐⭐⭐ 110,000 (+84) 283 9232 377
Kim Hoang 5:00 – 22:00 ⭐⭐⭐ 110,000 (+84) 283 9242 424

* Rating is referred from

If you want to book a ticket, please click here

b. Getting to Ben Tre from Ho Chi Minh City by private vehicle

There are two different ways from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre. You can choose whether motorbike or car for your journey

  1. The first path starts from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, you will move toward Binh Chanh. Then, at the overpass at Binh Thuan intersection, turn to Highway 1 and keep straight tho Ben Luc bridge and Tan An bridge, it is about 30 km long. Now you are in Tan An city, Long Giang province. Keep moving straight to and My Tho City through Tan An City. From My Tho city, you will head to Highway 60, then move toward Rach Meu bridge for 13 km more and you will be in Ben Tre city.The first path gets through many beautiful places that are really interesting but it may take a little bit longer to get to Ben Tre because you have to cross over 2 large cities.
  2. The second path is when you did not turn into Highway 1 at the overpass at Binh Thuan intersection but go straight to Ho Chi Minh – Trung Luong highway. After following that highway for 50 km, turn right to Highway 1A and keep moving until you are in My Tho city then you move like in the first path. This path can save you time because you will spend more time on the highway.

2. Getting to Ben Tre from Hanoi

If you are in Hanoi, the easiest way is arriving in Ho Chi Minh first and then moving to Ben Tre.

a. Getting to Ho Chi Minh city by airplane from Hanoi


There are a number of flights to Ho Chi Minh city from Noi Bai airport every day.

  • Vietnam Airlines is the first aviation company in Vietnam. It is considered as the best services quality as well as the most expensive. The price for a one-way ticket from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city is from VND 2,700,000 to VND 5,500,000.
  • Vietjet Air is another popular brand with an economical price. The price for a one-way ticket of this route is VND 900,000 to VND 2,870,000.
  • Jetstar Pacific has the price lies between these two above, which is from VND 1,240,000 to VND 3,660,000.

If you want to book tickets, please click here

b. Getting to Ho Chi Minh city by train from Hanoi

You can jump on a Thong Nhat train from Hanoi to get to Ho Chi Minh city. Thong Nhat train starts from Hanoi station every day, the first trip starts at 6:00 and the last trip starts at 22:00. The price of a ticket in average is US$ 60, traveling time is 21 hours. Notice that train ticket cannot be purchased outside of Vietnam.


If you want to book tickets, please click here

c. Getting to Ho Chi Minh city by shuttle bus from Hanoi


There are many buses arrive in Ho Chi Minh from Hanoi. You can find most of them in Nuoc Ngam station. These buses are going to carry you to Mien Dong station in Ho Chi Minh city after 36 – 45 hours, then you have to move to Mien Tay station to catch a shuttle bus to Ben Tre.

Brand name Departure time Departure at Price of a one-way ticket (VND) Rating* Phone number
Hoang Long 07:00 Nuoc Ngam station 620,000 ⭐⭐⭐ (+84) 2253 920 920
Mai Linh 11:00 Nuoc Ngam station 750,000 ⭐⭐⭐ (+84) 283 939 3939
Nam Quan 07:00 My Dinh station 800,000   (+84) 976 555 577
Thu Khuyen 08:00 Giap Bat station 800,000 ⭐⭐ (+84) 913 105 330

* Rating is referenced from

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If you have the private vehicle, enough health and want to travel across Vietnam, driving from Hanoi to Ben Tre is an interesting option. You will be free to enjoy the beautiful in every land you go through. 


1. Hiring a motorbike in Ben Tre, Mekong Delta

You can hire a motorbike in many places in Ben Tre with a suitable price. Below are some contacts you can consider:

Brand name Price (VND) Address Contact
Amione 100,000 – 200,000 National Road 60, Son Dong, Ben Tre (+84) 932 290 291
365 Bike ≥80,000   (+84) 909 995 175
  100,000 – 200,000 No. 181, Binh Thanh hamlet, Binh Phu, Ben Tre (+84) 949 771 728
Bao Duyen 100,000 – 200,000 No. 28D, An Thuan, My Thanh An, Ben Tre (+84) 2759 817 366

* Passport is required for foreigners to hire a motorbike.


Some places will deliver motorbike to the station for you so you won’t necessary to find them. Be free to ask whether they provide this service or not.

2. Getting around Ben Tre by taxi

Taxis in Ben Tre are not expensive, the price in average is VND 13,000 – 17,000 per km. Here are phone numbers of some taxi brands in Ben Tre so you can call when you can’t find any around

Name Phone number
Phu Cuong taxi (+84) 2753 820 197
Dong Khoi taxi (+84) 2753 818 888
Happy taxi (+84) 2753 777 777
Mai Linh taxi (+84) 2753 878 787



1. Forever Green Resort – High-quality services for a wonderful trip in Ben Tre

Located in Ben Tre city, this is a high-quality resort follows the concept “return to nature”. Forever Green Resort offers 4 stars services, guarantees to satisfy all desires of customers. They also own a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a sauna massage.


Rate 3.5/5 7.7/10 7.8/10


  • Free breakfast
  • Cancellation policy
  • Tax receipt available

Price: VND 2,100,000 for a Deluxe Twin room
Address: Phu Khuong, Phu Tuc, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre
Phone: (+84) 2753 618 618

2. Jardin du Mekong Homestay – Blending with nature in Ben Tre

A simple eco-friendly lodge with thatched roofs and terraces. There is a garden, a living room, a working table, bed nets, private bathrooms and free toiletries. You can go fishing and pick fruits in the garden when you stay here. This is one of the worthiest places in Lach market.


Rate 4.5/5 9/10 9/10


  • Breakfast included
  • Dinner
  • Cancellation policy
  • Pay cash at check-in

Price: VND 1,450,000 for a two people size bungalow and VND 1,890,000 for family size one
Address: Song Doc, Hoa Nghia, Lach market, Ben Tre
Phone: (+84) 903 149 696

3. Charming Countryside Homestay – Medium price, best services in Ben Tre province

A typical cozy countryside-style homestay that satisfied every customer that came. They offer a free parking site, free fishing, and bike hiring service. Their restaurant is considered as to have a diverse menu and delicious dishes.


Rate 4.5/5 9.3/10 9.2/10


  • Free breakfast
  • Free parking site
  • Bike hiring service

Price: VND 983,000 for a double room and VND 1,475,000 for a family size room
Address: No. 208D Hamlet 4. Nhon Thanh, Ben Tre

4. Mango Home Riverside – An ideal destination in Ben Tre

A boutique resort lies in the lush vegetation on the bank of Ham Luong river. This is the only high-quality hotel in Giong Trom district, an area which is untouched by commercial tourism in the pristine outskirts of Ben Tre. Mango Home Riverside offers not just memorable experiences but the peace in the mind and the happiness when being with family and friends.


Rate 4.5/5 8.5/10 8.7/10


  • Breakfast included
  • Tax receipt available
  • Cancellation policy

Price: VND 884,000 for a Superior room and VND 1,260,000 for a Suite one
Address: Nghia Huan hamlet, My Thanh village, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre
Phone: (+84) 967 683 366

5. Ham Luong Hotel – A convenient destination in Ben Tre

Located on the bank of Ben Tre River, 500 m far from Ben Tre museum, customers can go to Ben Tre station lies 3 km away and go to Tan Son Nhat airport from which is 72 km far. The hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and sunbath terraces.


Rate 3.5/5 7.6/10 7.6/10


  • Free breakfast
  • Tax receipt available
  • Book without credit card

Price: VND 500,000 for a Superior twin room and VND 820,000 for a Suite one
Address: Nghia Huan hamlet, My Thanh village, Giong Trom district, Ben Tre
Phone: (+84) 2753 560 561

6. Ben Tre Oasis Hotel – A cozy accommodation

Located on the bank of Ben Tre River, Ben Tre Oasis Hotel is a family-run accommodation with English speaking staff. They have an outdoor swimming pool and a poolside bar.


Rate 4.5/5 8.4/10 8.3/10


  • Free breakfast
  • Pay cash at check-in
  • English speaking staff

Price: VND 630,000 for a Twin room and VND 950,000 for a Family size one
Address: No. 151, My Thanh An, Ben Tre
Phone: (+84) 2752 467 799


1. Ben Tre museum – Where the history is told again in Ben Tre city

A building was built in France style with characteristic arches, roof tiles, brick walls, and many windows were carved dragon head or lion head. The front of the building views to Ben Tre river, the back views to Cach Mang Thang Tam street, which is one of the most crowded streets in Ben Tre city. The building was used first as the government headquarters of Ben Tre province from French colonial era till the liberation day. Now, this construction is used for exhibiting more than 3000 artifacts, photos, and films about the resistance of Ben Tre people against the rule of colonial government. In addition, Ben Tre museum has an outdoor exhibition area for large-scale artifacts like aircrafts, canons, and bombshells.


Address: No. 146, Hung Vuong street, district 3, Ben Tre city  

2. Quy island – The charming nature in Ben Tre

Lies along Tien river, 23 km far from Ben Tre city is one of the most famous destinations in Ben Tre – The Quy island. This place is peaceful and quiet: no towers, no buildings, just people with simple lifestyle base on nature. You can enjoy the juicy self-picking fruits right in the garden and then when you’re tired, just take a cup of hot honey tea, listening to Don Ca Tai Tu – an intangible cultural heritage of mankind – to feel the peace of this land.

Quy-island-ben-tre-2018Đờn ca tài tử performance. Source:

Enjoy the beauty of nature in Quy island while traveling around by boat will be one of the most memorable experiences in Ben Tre.

3. Phung island – The most famous island in Ben Tre

Phung island is designed as a green oasis in the middle of Tien river. It is one of the typical tourist destinations in Mekong Delta. Here where you can explore the unique “miet vuon” lifestyle of the locals. There are many activities such as fishing, catching fish by hand, sailing, swimming in the river, etc. This island also contains the relict of the Coconut religion in an area of 1,500 m2, attracting a lot of visitors.


4. The tomb of Nguyen Dinh Chieu – An ideal destination for culture explorers

Nguyen Dinh Chieu is a patriot, a talented writer and an excellent doctor. He is the author of “Luc Van Tien”, a heroic story was written by poem has become a huge influence on local people’s culture.

On July 1st every year, people hold a festival aims to remember him with many activities. They perform scenes of “Luc Van Tien” or hold a cooking contest, tugging, duckling, etc.


To read more about Nguyen Dinh Chieu here

Address: An Duc commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre, Vietnam

5. Dong Khoi village – Where the heroes of Ben Tre fell

Located at Dinh Thuy commune, Mo Cay district, Ben Tre, 15 km far from Ben Tre city. This is one of the first places which revolted against the colonial authority in 1960 and now it is where we keep the evidence of a chaos era.


This is where you learn about the staunch revolutionary spirit, indomitable of people of Ben Tre during the war period

6. Lach market flowers garden – One of the biggest flower market in Ben Tre


Lach market flowers garden is where gathers many of beautiful flowers and bonsais. There are many famous artists in shaping, bending plants, make it more diverse in many different shapes.

Address: Cai Mon village, Cho Lach commune, Ben Tre, Vietnam

7. Vam Ho bird sanctuary – The bird’s paradise in Ben Tre

Vam Ho is a mangrove forest with many wild plants and 84 different kinds of bird. In Vam Ho, you are able to see the flock of stocks, or bitterns fly in the sky, listen to the cuckoos call the herd, the sounds of crow pheasant somewhere in the jungle. When you are tired, you can lie back on the hammock swaying under the shade and breathe the fresh air of Ba Lai river.

Van Ho-Sanctuary-ben-tre-2018Source:

Address: Tan Qui hamlet, Tan My commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre

8. Lang Be tourist area – The games complex of Ben Tre, Vietnam

This destination offers you a whole day of activities and fun with a number of games like skating by coconut leaf, monkey bridge, riding a bike through the monkey bridge, moving on the ropes, etc. You should invite friends and family to go with to enjoy the game because most of the games in here require teamwork.


Address: No. 81B/6B, An Khanh, Chau Thanh, Ben Tre.

9. Minh island – One of the most prosperous islands of Ben Tre

It is one of the three islands that make Ben Tre province. There are 2 famous historic destinations on the island which is the House of Huong Liem and the Snake Temple. The House of Huong Liem was built in late XIX century in Dai Dien commune. If you look from the outside will feel like it is France style, but the inside it is Hue Royalty style.

The Snake temple is hiding some interesting mystery stories.


Besides two destinations above, you can go to Thach Phu district to explore the food heaven in here with so many delicious dishes of seafood.


1. Phu Le village festival, Ben Tre, Vietnam


Phu Le village festival is held in “Dinh Phu Le”, at Phu Khuong hamlet, Phu Le commune, Ba Tri district, Ben Tre. This annual festival is held twice a year. The first time is called Ky Yen, occur from March 18th to March 19th in moon calendar (late in April or early May) to pray for a good weather in the new year. The second time called Cau Bong, occur from November 9th to November 10th (early December) to wish for a good harvest season.

You will learn a lot of knowledge about the culture of the “Coconut kingdom” as well as the culture of people in Southwest region.

2. The whale festival, Ben Tre, Vietnam


Coastal people from Quang Binh to the South worship the whale, including Ben Tre. Therefore, this is one of the biggest festivals of the year. The festival is held on June 16th in moon calendar (late July or early August) in every “Dinh” in Binh Dai commune and Ba Tri commune. During the festival, fishermen from the whole region gather to participate in, make it’s so crowded and bustle.


1. Coconut candy – The specialty of Ben Tre


You can’t talk about Ben Tre without mention of Coconut candy. The best Coconut candy is produced in Mo Cay district. It is soft, tasty, greasy smell and slightly sweet in a unique way that you can’t find it anywhere else. Making coconut candy is an art, with the secret recipe is only transmitted in the family.

They use the combination of coconut and other fruits like durian and peanut to create a more flavorful candy that will leave your mind unforgettable experiences.

You can experience the coconut candy production in Chau Thanh ecological tourism, Ben Tre or visit Thanh Long coconut candy factory in Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city.

2. Coconut wine – The Ben Tre’s ecstatic liquid that won’t let you down


It is another specialty of Ben Tre. Unlike other wine, drinking coconut wine won’t make you get drunk but just a little groggy and something special in the throat. The wine is cool sweet with coconut flavor. Ask the local or your accommodation staff to buy the genuine coconut wine.

3. “Banh Trang My Long” – The coconut “banh da”

You’ve already known “Banh Da” right? “Banh Trang My Long” is nearly similar to it except that it is made from coconut. There are three kinds of Banh Trang My Long: the special one is made from copra, milk, and egg; the other has copra but no milk and the last one has milk but without copra.


You can try the genuine “Banh Trang My Long” at My Long market: 885 Provincial Road, My Thanh, Giong Trom, Ben Tre

4. Flat banana – Another way enjoy banana

The selected banana must be the green Siamese banana that has just turned into yellow. A banana after being sliced across will be baked on coal fire for 5 minutes. Then they take it out, put into a plastic bag and flatten it, then put it on the flame again until the banana turns into yellow. It is served with coconut milk. The scent of banana and coconut milk will make you interested. This dish is quite hard to find, you can only meet it with vendors. The price is VND 10,000/8 pieces.


Address: No. 311B, Dong Khoi boulevard, Phu Khuong ward, Ben Tre city

5. Skin roll – It tastes better than in your imagination

The bacon after being removed skin will be fried, add spices and be mined. The skin will be boiled and cut into 5 cm long, thin pieces. Then they mix them together, add more spices and roll it by rice paper with noodle, herbs and maybe onions. It is served with fish sauce, onion, and chili.


Try this dish at No. 59, Le Loi, Ward 2, Ben Tre City

6. Crab porridge – A simple dish shall make you remember it


The crab in the rice field will be processed to take the meats, and organs to cook the broth. The way it is cooked is just like normal porridge with rice, fishes, meats, mushrooms, shrimps and especially bitter herbs.

Address: The row restaurants on Highway 60 bypass, the city of Ben Tre.

7. “Banh Xeo”: with rice snail – The seasonal specialty you can’t miss


This kind of Banh xeo is the specialty of Phu Da island, Ben Tre because it is one of very rare place where rice snail habitat grows. Because it depends on the growth of rice snails, Banh xeo with rice snail is served in May – June, when the snails are in the best condition.

Address: Phu Da island, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre.


1. Ben Tre’s juicy fruits


It would be very pity if you return from Ben Tre without buying some famous delicious fruit such as mangosteen, durian and coconut. Carry them around may be heavy but your family and friend shall love it.

You can find this in every local market

2. Coconut candy – The specialty of Ben Tre


The main component is copra and maltose. It is what made the reputation of Ben Tre. This is nearly what you have to bring home when you go to Ben Tre.

Address: National road 60, Mo Cay town, South Mo Cay, Ben Tre

3. Coconut handicrafts – The best reminder about Ben Tre


Coconut has become an integral part of Ben Tre’s life. People in Ben Tre use everything from the coconut tree in their life. Therefore, bring home the amazing handicrafts made from coconut is the best souvenir to remind you how wonderful this land is.

You can find these gifts in the local market.


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